Top 10 Unlikely Celebrity Friends
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Top 10 Unlikely Celebrity Friends

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Who woulda thought these guys and gals would be pals? Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Unlikely Celebrity Friends. For this list, we're looking at the friendships between two seemingly distinctly different celebrities that may've caused people to drop their jaws in amazement. We're excluding celebrity couples though, as we're only looking at platonic friendships.

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Top 10 Unlikely Celebrity Friends

Who woulda thought these guys and gals would be pals? Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 unlikely celebrity friends.

For this list, we’re looking at the friendships between two seemingly distinctly different celebrities that may’ve caused people to drop their jaws in amazement. We’re excluding celebrity couples though, as we’re only looking at platonic friendships.

#10: John Stamos & Howard Stern

One was the star of a cute family sitcom called “Full House” and spokesperson for Project Cuddle. The other is a crude, infamous radio personality known for his controversial behavior. Yet here they are, tight as can be. The two have been great friends since John Stamos appeared on Howard Stern’s show in 1991, with Stern even naming his dog Bianca Romijn-Stamos after the “Full House” star and his ex-wife. Maybe this king of controversy has a soft spot after all. Or maybe Uncle Jesse is a little more rebellious than he lets on. Who knows? Does it matter?

#9: Gwyneth Paltrow & Jay Z

Picture Gwyneth Paltrow for a second. Does she really seem like the type of person that would hang out with Jay Z? Well, if you think no, then you’re wrong. The fancy, somewhat irritating Paltrow is extremely close to rapper Jay Z and his wife Beyoncé, and Paltrow is actually quite the hip hop enthusiast. Fine, don’t believe us. Her children, Apple and Moses, call Jay-Z “Uncle Jay” because of the respective families’ close ties, and Moses has even expressed a desire to become a rapper in the future.

#8: Rihanna & Jim Parsons

In another odd pairing involving an actor and a famous musical artist, we’ve got Jim Parsons and his adorably awkward personality being meshed Rihanna’s cool girl persona. However, looks can be deceiving (which, as you know, this whole list proves). The two met while doing voice-work for the animated movie “Home” and were constantly seen goofing around together during press conferences to promote the movie. He also told Jimmy Fallon that he obnoxiously belts out the wrong lyrics to her songs just to annoy her. If that isn’t a great and adorable friendship, we don’t know what is.

#7: 50 Cent & Bette Midler

Yes, that is THE 50 Cent. And yes, that is THE Bette Midler. Oh, you don’t know who Bette Midler is? She is a successful actress and singer from that movie that always has your mother crying when she watches it. Might be before your time. Anyway, as much as the two personalities would seem to clash, they make it work, with Midler stating that 50 “made life worth living” after they met at a charity auction. 50 even stated that collaborating with Midler would be “really hot.” Now that is one song that the world needs to listen to.

#6: David Beckham & Snoop Dogg

To be fair, we’re pretty sure anyone could be friends with Snoop Dogg, even your grandmother - the “old fashioned” one. He just seems like such a fun, chill dude. His friendship with the most famous soccer player in the world is well documented. David Beckham befriended Snoop after moving to America, and they often get together for friendly football games. Snoop even reportedly plays his new music for Beckham for criticism and feedback, even before his record company gets to hear it. However, there is no word yet on if they share Snoop’s stash of jazz cigarettes.

#5: Zach Braff & Harry Styles

While this one doesn’t seem to clash so much in terms of the personalities of the celebs involved, it is definitely jarring to think that an independent filmmaker and a boy band member could be such good friends. Zach Braff became interested in getting to know the One Directioner after he discovered that Harry Styles was following him on Twitter, which in turn led to one of Twitter’s most well-known friendships. The pair has also been spotted eating dinner together, and Harry has attended film festivals to support Zach’s films.

#4: Eminem & Elton John

Eminem has always received flack for his apparent homophobic attitude and for his crude songs in which that attitude is seemingly enforced. However, this was quickly put to rest when he and the openly gay Elton John collaborated on Eminem’s “Stan” for the Grammys. A solid friendship easily developed, and Eminem quickly went to Elton for support when he was trying to get clean from his pill addiction. It’s amazing that two completely different musical artists could find common ground, and even more so that it developed into such a personal and emotional connection.

#3: Mel Gibson & Britney Spears

The age gap between these two is enough to make this friendship seem at least a little odd, but their seemingly opposite personalities sets it over the edge. Unless you count their respective breakdowns, they certainly don’t have much in common, as one is a Hollywood icon and the other is a factory-produced pop star. Maybe that’s all that was needed to secure a friendship, as Britney Spears and Mel Gibson are often seen out and about, and even went to Costa Rica on vacation together. With the amount of hate that they’ve received this millennium, you can’t blame them for wanting to get away with someone else that knows what they’re going through.

#2: Courteney Cox & Ed Sheeran

The famous red-headed singer crashed at the “Friends” star’s house for three months while he wrote his next album, with his only payment for the room and board being chores, like cleaning up and making tea. No, that’s not a British joke; he actually made tea. In fact, Ed Sheeran introduced Courteney Cox to his buddy and her now fiancé Johnny McDaid of Snow Patrol. Sheeran is even penciled in to officiate the marriage. Doesn't matter who you are, you have to admit that Sheeran seems like one cool guy.

Before we blow your minds with our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.
- Joan Rivers & Judge Judy
- Russell Brand & Helen Mirren
- P. Diddy & Ashton Kutcher
- John Mayer & Bob Saget

#1: Dennis Rodman & Kim Jong-Un

Huh? Yep, that’s right: Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong-un have a great friendship, which, to the western world, makes it seem like pro basketball player is pretty much the only person on the planet to be Kim’s friend. After being offered a trip to North Korea by documentary producers thanks to Kim’s Chicago Bulls obsession, Rodman quickly befriended the supreme leader. Rodman has publicly discussed holding Kim’s baby, giving his daughter a Rodman jersey, going sailing on a yacht with him, and even called the North Korean an “awesome guy.” This has gone over about as well as you’d expect in America, with many people berating Rodman for his words and actions, but hey, who hasn't palled around with a presumed dictator every now and again?

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