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Top 10 Weird Celebrity Phobias

VO: Rebecca Brayton
Script Written by Kurt Hvorp. You never know what’ll scare the pants off a person – even if it's something bizarre. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Weird Celebrity Phobias. For this list, and across the wide spectrum of celebrities, we’ve found and ranked the oddest and most irrational of fears held by popular figures – ranging from actors and actresses to musicians and even television personalities. Special thanks to our users for submitting the idea on our Suggestion Tool at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Weird Celebrity Phobias

You never know what’ll scare the pants off a person – even if it’s something bizarre. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 weird celebrity phobias.

For this list, and across the wide spectrum of celebrities, we’ve found and ranked the oddest and most irrational of fears held by popular figures – ranging from actors and actresses to musicians and even television personalities. We’re excluding any phobias that are common or seemingly rational phobias, such as Howie Mandel’s fear of germs.

#10: Reptiles
Britney Spears

For someone so willing to perform with a python ‘round her shoulders, Britney’s not so brave around other reptilian species. The long-time pop star has discussed her reflexive fear of lizards and reptiles in the past, claiming that she can’t even think about a komodo dragon without freaking out. We’ve heard of being unsettled by animals, but not even being able to think about them? That’s a bit extreme.

#9: Butterflies
Nicole Kidman

So tiny, and yet so menacing. It’s possible famed actress Nicole Kidman thinks this way, as she has an established case of lepidopterophobia – or in layperson terms, a fear of butterflies. Nicole’s struggles with these winged devils supposedly began in her youth, where she would go to elaborate means to avoid a large butterfly that might happen to be sitting on her front gate. Despite spending time with butterflies at the American Museum of Natural History, Nicole remains unsettled by them.

#8: Cemeteries
Sarah Michelle Gellar

Irony knows no bounds, it seems. As the titular star of the series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, Sarah Michelle Gellar had battled more than a few undead characters in her time... which makes it amusing that her greatest fear is being in a cemetery. Specifically, she fears being buried alive in a grave, something which came to pass against her wishes while filming an episode of “Buffy”. While we understand her misgivings, the fact remains that her phobia stands in humorous opposition to the persona she typically displays.

#7: Swimming Pools & House Plants
Christina Ricci

Ms. Ricci has found herself in more than a few odd roles, but it’s her fears that might be more notable. For one thing, Christina has an issue with swimming pools: she believes that should she swim in a pool, a shark will be released and will try to attack her. The actress has also gone on record stating her disdain for house plants, finding them dirty and therefore repulsive. There are just some things that can’t be made up.

#6: Orlando Bloom

Like most people suffering from a phobia, this hunky leading man panics when the object of his fear gets anywhere near him. And what is it that sets him off? Pigs. You know, cute little curly tailed piggies like Babe? Sounds like it’s a pretty serious phobia too, because apparently he ran away screaming when one got loose on the set of his film “Kingdom of Heaven.” Hopefully his agent doesn’t try to set him up for a live-action “Animal Farm” remake…

#5: Antique Furniture
Billy Bob Thornton

Speaking of odd things, try to wrap your head around this. Billy Bob Thornton has quite the reputation: he’s won 27 assorted awards and been nominated for 67 in total, he makes at least one film per year, and he’s pursued a musical career on the side. Oh, and he isn’t fond of old furniture. Apparently, Thornton has a particular issue with furniture made before 1950 – he’s unable to even be in the same room as such antique items. Though he does seem to have made his peace with the fear.

#4: Mirrors
Pamela Anderson

There’s not wanting to seem self-absorbed, and then there’s this. Canadian-American actress Pamela Anderson, known for starring on the show “Baywatch” and in the film “Barb Wire”, has something of a limitation – she’s uncomfortable around mirrors. Perhaps something about her appearance pushes her buttons, which would explain why she also avoids watching herself on TV. When you’re leaving rooms and having people shut televisions off to avoid your own image, you know it’s an honest-to-goodness phobia.

#3: Revolving Doors & Tunnels
Matthew McConaughey

This is a combination we couldn’t have predicted. Mr. McConaughey, an award-winning actor on television and in film, has a pair of grievances that appear rooted in a desire not to get trapped in tight spaces. He’s not exactly fond of revolving doors, but he takes greater issue with driving through tunnels; Matthew has commented about a 10-foot blind spot that occurs when people enter a tunnel, finding it personally unsettling and potentially a hazard.

#2: Dark Water
Natalie Wood

Is there a line we need to draw with this one? The late Natalie Wood found great success as a film actress, but there was a lingering negative thought hanging over her head: a fear of dark water. For years Natalie dreaded going into water, even being uncomfortable with her own swimming pool. It didn’t help that Natalie’s mother was said to have predicted Natalie would die in such water – a prophecy that was unfortunately proven true.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- Thunder
- Googling Herself, Getting Arrested, Cynics, Earwigs & Sea Urchins
Taylor Swift
- Sunshine, Bright Colours & Children
Woody Allen

#1: Chewing Gum & Balloons
Oprah Winfrey

Being an icon and inspiration, it would make sense that Oprah Winfrey has perhaps the oddest of phobias. First and foremost, she suffers from chiclephobia, the fear of chewing gum; as a child, Oprah was so disgusted by her grandmother saving gum in a cabinet that she instituted a no-gum policy at her workplace. Oprah is also less-than comfortable with balloons, finding that the popping sound is too much like gunshots for her liking.

Do you agree with our list? What odd celebrity phobia caught your eye? For more brow-raising Top 10s published daily, be sure to subscribe to

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