Top 10 Celebrities With Sex Addictions



Top 10 Celebrities With Sex Addictions

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You really can have too much sex; just ask these ultra-frisky famous faces! Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 celebrities with sex addictions! For this list, we've looked at celebrities that have actually admitted to sex addiction, have undergone some sort of sex addiction rehab, and/or have been recognized as a sex addict in the public eye.

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Top 10 Celebrities With Sex Addictions

You really can have too much sex; just ask these ultra-frisky famous faces! Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 celebrities with sex addictions!

For this list, we’ve looked at celebrities that have actually admitted to sex addiction, have undergone some sort of sex addiction rehab, and/or have been recognized as a sex addict in the public eye. We are not including porn-stars, however!

#10: Eric Benét

Halle Berry’s former husband, in the early 2000s Eric Benét was living out many a male fantasy! But, that dream turned into an A-list nightmare when Benét was found to have cheated on Berry, and subsequently checked into a 35-day sex rehabilitation course! Benét has largely said that he doesn’t consider himself a sex-addict however, and that he only checked into rehab in an attempt to save his marriage... Whatever his reasons, it didn’t work, as Berry and Benét split in October 2003.

#9: Kari Ann Peniche

A former Miss United States Teen turned Playboy model, Kari Ann Peniche has since become a staple reality TV personality, and an occasional TV presenter. Peniche appeared in the second season of “Sober House”, the third season of “Celebrity Rehab”, and the first season of “Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew” – a series she was involuntarily discharged from, for failure to comply with the rules! Sex appears to be just one of Peniche’s manyaddictions, as her case routinely defeats TV doctors!

#8: Tom Sizemore

Known predominantly as an A-list supporting actor, Tom Sizemore starred in “True Romance”, “Natural Born Killers” and “Heat” during the early-‘90s’ peak of his career. Modern TV audiences, however, likely recognize Sizemore from various stints in celebrity rehab shows! The subject of a 2005 sex-tape scandal (an amateur clip in which Sizemore also claims to have bedded Paris Hilton…), the actor has been described as a ‘walking libido’! Addicted to almost everything at one time or another, Sizemore’s life story is anything but smooth!

#7: Kanye West

Never one to shy away from controversy, Kanye West is self-confessed sex-obsessed. A sex and porn addict for most of his adult life, the rapper has regularly revealed how his libido just hasn’t learned the meaning of restraint! West has summarized his situation by saying; ‘I just want to do it all the time… Like four times a night. And then in the morning.’ Still unashamedly self-important, however, he also mused, ‘Those addictions and afflictions are what make me a great artist…’ That Kim Kardashian’s a ‘lucky’ girl..!

#6: Jesse James

Few adulterers incite as much hatred as Jesse James did when he cheated on ‘America’s Sweetheart’, Sandra Bullock! A scandal that broke just days after Bullock won an Oscar for “The Blind Side” – and lovingly thanked her husband during the acceptance speech – James immediately checked into rehab. During an infamous ABC Nightline interview, he blamed an abusive upbringing for his infidelities… But then he quickly moved on… First to celeb tattooist Kat Von Dee, and then to pro drag racer, Alexis DeJoria. For James, there are just not enough women in the world!

#5: Michael Douglas

Probably the most A-list personality to make today’s countdown, Michael Douglas was making headlines as a celebrity sex addict before there even really was such a ‘thing’ as sex addiction! First labelled as an addict in the early-90s, the often erotic actor has spent the latter part of his career defending his frisky reputation. However, his bizarre comments in 2013 linking tongue cancer to excessive oral sex, helped stir the storm once again. Douglas has since rephrased his meaning, but he remains sex addiction ‘Patient Zero’ for the press!

#4: Tiger Woods

Though not quite the clubhouse leader on this list, Tiger Woods’ reputation as a womanizer is already almost as legendary as his golf game! In 2009, ‘He was unfaithful. He had affairs. He cheated.’, and then he checked himself into rehab! Woods’ then-wife, Elin Nordegren, eventually filed for divorce in 2010, after an apparently endless series of extra-marital affairs was made public. Tiger’s sporting critics sometimes cite the scandal as a turning point in his playing career as well, with Woods failing to win any Major Championship since!

#3: Charlie Sheen

Modern audiences probably know Charlie Sheen best for his much-publicized 2011 ‘meltdown’… However, underneath the unpredictable façade, Sheen entertained an entirely systematic sex addiction. The actor has been less vocal than some when speaking about the condition, but his stats don’t lie! He’s reportedly bedded over 5000 women, and he has confessed to spending $53,000 on sex workers. As sure a sign of sex addiction as you’re ever likely to get, it’d take way more than ‘two and a half men’ to fornicate that frequently, under anything close to normal circumstances!

#2: Russell Brand

Everything about British comedian Russell Brand is excessive… His hair, his style, his hyperbolic language, his various attempts at various types of rehabilitation! Brand has been branded a womanizer before, and with good reason! During the early stages of his career he was overtly sex-obsessed – so much so that even a marriage to sex-icon Katy Perry couldn’t curb his promiscuity! In recent years however, Brand has sought to help others in light of his own shortcomings… To some, his more recent rants are hypocritical. To his supporters, though, he’s a changed man!

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- Nicole Narain
- Amber Smith
- Steve Phillips
- Billy Bob Thornton
- Duncan Roy

#1: David Duchovny

We’ve all heard of ‘method acting’, but perhaps David Duchovny, star of Showtime’s “Californication”, takes that idea a little too far… In the show, Duchovny plays sex-obsessive, Hank Moody. However, the actor’s as irrepressibly lustful off-screen as he is on it! In 2008, he checked himself into rehab for sex addiction, amid the breakdown of his marriage to Téa Leoni. Fast-forward to 2016, Duchovny is reprising one of his most iconic roles as the X-Files’ Agent Mulder, but unlike the glory days of the ‘90s, now, his ‘truth is out there!’

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