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Top 10 Celebrities Who Are In Love With Themselves

These celebrities just can’t get enough of themselves; don’t you think they would be full of themselves by now? Well if vanity is a sin, then these celebrity narcissists are some of the biggest sinners in the game! Taylor swift and narcissism: she just can’t seem to shake it off when it comes to self-admiration, just like her celebrity colleagues Mariah Carey, Tom Cruise, Paris Hilton and her sex tape shenanigans, Donald Trump and his presidential run, Miley Cyrus and her almost naked music videos, and don’t get us started on Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West. Maybe Justin Bieber took his own song to heart, and Love Yourself is actually aimed at the Bieber? Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the most narcissistic of them all?

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Top 10 Celebrity Narcissists

All hail the kings and queens of vanity. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Celebrity Narcissists.

For this list, we’re focusing on egocentric famous people who place special importance on their roles in society and who are known for making outlandish statements about themselves. Note that this is in all good fun and not meant to offend anyone; nor is it meant to be a legitimate psychiatric diagnosis.

#10: Mariah Carey

Since the release of her debut album in 1990, this R&B songstress has sold over 200 million records, and, for better or worse, she has been established as a legitimate diva of pop music. It’s not that Mariah Carey overemphasizes her relevance or sexuality like her contemporaries; it’s how she carries herself and speaks to others that have people believing she thinks very highly of herself. This millionaire also has a tendency to refer to other human beings as “darling,” for some unknown reason. Then there’s the fact that it’s been reported that Mariah plans to open a “Mariah Carey Museum,” and let’s not forget about her bewildering appearance on the Home Shopping Network in 2011.

#9: Taylor Swift

Through no fault of her own, much of this celebrity’s success can be tied directly to social media. And whereas a young Mariah Carey never had to deal with online trolls, Taylor Swift is all too familiar with negative Internet vibes. But the fact that she appears to have had quite a few celebrity ex-boyfriends suggests that she also seems well aware of the spotlight. According to reports, Calvin Harris went so far as to blatantly refer to Swift as a narcissist who is self-absorbed and puts herself first; this coming after she dumped the DJ and hooked up with Tom Hiddleston. To be fair, Taylor certainly uses her fame for plenty of good, but numerous outlets have not only pointed out her narcissistic behavior, but have also questioned why it continues at such a hyperactive level.

#8: Tom Cruise

Since the early ‘80s, this controversial actor has experienced a unique level of fame, and part of it comes from his much-discussed personal life and public appearances. For example, one cannot simply go on “The Today Show” and assert intellectual dominance over the branch of medicine known as psychiatry. But that’s what Tom Cruise did. The world has seen him jump on Oprah’s couch just over the idea of a new girlfriend, and he’s also conveyed a troubling attitude when his opinions are criticized. His association with the Church of Scientology only highlights his egocentric behavior, notably with the infamous Scientology video in which Cruise details why, in fact, he’s so important to the world.

#7: Charlie Sheen

Like Tom Cruise, this interesting man can be categorized as a narcissist, even if the end result might be slightly different. As a product of 1980s Hollywood, and actor Martin Sheen’s marriage to Janet Templeton, Charlie has long been public about his role in the world. And yes, perhaps drugs and health problems influenced a few of his more bizarre outbursts. But like so many Hollywood narcissists with fame, money and adoring fans, Sheen gives the impression that anything, or anybody, is available to him. And while that may not always be true, some of his previous public statements on personal and professional relationships reveal someone perhaps more concerned with himself than others.

#6: Lindsay Lohan

In the early 2000s, this would-be superstar was derailed by her own narcissism and addictions. Lindsay Lohan was a promising actress, a recognized sex symbol and fully understood her influence on others. But while some established celebrities can survive Hollywood scandals, LiLo hit rock bottom just as social media was blossoming. Therefore, her public fiascos and drug-fueled train wrecks weren’t only documented in print, they were documented by TMZ and further propagated by Facebook, Twitter and so on. And although celebs are allowed to make mistakes, Lohan often deflected public scrutiny by making self-serving statements, thus justifying the criticism and perceived narcissistic behavior.

#5: Justin Bieber

It can be hard growing up in the public eye, especially when you’re essentially one of the first YouTube stars. Yet the narcissistic behavior of Justin Bieber extends back even to his younger days. Nowadays, the problem that most people seem to have with Biebs isn’t his fame or status, but the posturing and prototypical bad millennial behavior. And then there’s his bizarre visit to the Anne Frank Museum and his assertion that the Holocaust victim “would have been a Belieber.” Some will argue that Bieber’s actions are reflective of his childhood, or lack thereof. And we have to admit there have certainly been moments that speak volumes about his apparent detachment from societal norms.

#4: Paris Hilton

Like our two previous entries, this socialite experienced a new level of fame with the advent of social media. But even before the emergence of YouTube in 2005, Paris Hilton was already a recognized name as the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton thanks to a sex tape. When it comes narcissism, well, it was her willingness to appear on reality television that exposed her unique way of thinking. And it’s her oblivious nature that rubs people the wrong way, along with the manner in which she often conducts herself. Over the years, Paris has appeared ready for the spotlight, but not always ready for confrontation or public scrutiny about her self-important ways.

#3: Donald Trump

It would take a unique person to remain oblivious to the egocentric ways of Donald Trump. In fact, many people have been saying that Donald is a textbook example of a narcissist. As a business mogul that has achieved extraordinary wealth, it’s safe to say that he probably knows a thing or two about manipulation. And his controversial public statements typically toe the line between performance and pure narcissism. It’s speculated that Trump feels entitled, and that his vision of humanity comes from his outlandish ego. He can be dismissive on a personal level, while the way in which he puts forth his ideas and statements gives the impression that he has utter belief in his success and his correctness.

#2: Kim Kardashian

In terms of pop culture and social media influence, there’s no other female celebrity quite like Kim Kardashian. Well, except maybe her younger sister Kylie. But it’s not how Kim achieved her fame that gets people all worked up; it’s the self-confidence movement that she so gleefully supports. Her assets extend far beyond the financial, and she’s keen on showing the world her natural form. But like fellow reality star Paris Hilton, Kim’s time in the spotlight, especially on reality TV, in combination with her upbringing, appears to have warped her view of reality. And while it can be easy to judge Kim for her actions, her selfie book and relationship with Kanye West are just further examples of her brand of 21st century narcissistic behavior.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.
- Farrah Abraham
- Miley Cyrus
- Naomi Campbell

#1: Kanye West

Born in Atlanta but raised in Chicago, this producer-turned-rapper has paid his dues in the world of hip-hop. And, of course, confidence is key in the rap game, whether it be in the studio or on a public stage. But there is arguably no one more famous for whining, ranting and flat-out proclaiming him or herself to be a genius in the early 21st century than this guy. At times, Yeezy can be eloquent and persuasive, so much so that one may actually forget about his past history of narcissistic behavior. And then there are the moments where Kanye West puts so much emphasis on his intelligence and potential that he loses sight of the world around him. This further causes him to react negatively to any evidence of his egotism that’s been put forth, while also serving to support its very existence.

Do you agree with our selections? Who do you think is the biggest celebrity narcissist? For more elitist Top 10s published daily, be sure to subscribe to

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