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Top 10 Fallout Enemies

VO: Dan Paradis
Script written by Sadie Perkins Toss a little radiation into a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and suddenly everything wants to kill you. Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Fallout Enemies. For this list, we’ve compiled enemies from only the headlining titles in the Fallout series. Mods and spin-off games are not included. Special Thanks to our users "Derp_Criminal2" "crusher" & "mac121mr0" for suggesting this topic on our Interactive Suggestion Tool at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Script written by Sadie Perkins

Top 10 Enemies from the Fallout Series

Toss a little radiation into a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and suddenly everything wants to kill you. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our top ten enemies within the Fallout series.

For this list, we’ve compiled enemies from only the headlining titles in the Fallout series. Mods and spin-off games are not included.

#10: Mole Rats

We’re kicking this list off with a staple of the series, one that’s been gnawing at the ankles of Vault dwellers for decades now. The products of crossing a lab rat with Kodiak bear, mole rats are as vicious as they are ugly. Equipped with razor sharp claws and tusks, the mole rats preferred method of attack is to attempt to bite and slash at their opponent, inflicting a surprising amount of damage in a short time. They are usually found roaming in groups of three to four in the East Coast or Mojave Wasteland.

#9: Feral Ghouls

As ghouls that have lost the ability to reason, feral ghouls are extremely aggressive and prone to attacking without provocation. We know you’re thinking it, so let’s just get it out of the way: yes, they’re basically zombies. They are known to group together in dark, damp places, though they are fully capable of traveling out in sunlight. Incredible speed and a blood-curdling scream make a fight with a feral ghoul a mental one as much as it is physical, often with more than one ghoul to fend off at a time.

#8: Mirelurks

Mirelurks evolved from the horseshoe crabs of the Chesapeake Bay area, preferring to spend their time in or around water. Still somewhat resembling their crab cousins, they sport a thick shell which protects them from some of the heaviest weapons available. Lacking a weak spot save for a small area in their face, Mirelurks are aggressive, territorial, and difficult to outrun. However, if defeated, their meat is extremely nutritious, and only slightly radioactive – everyone knows you can’t go to Maryland without eating a bit of crab.

#7: Centaurs

Good god the horror – stay the hell away from me! If ever you needed living proof of the horrors of radioactivity, look no further than the Centaur? Grotesque mishmashes of formally human body parts, centaurs occasionally serve as guard dogs for their Super Mutant masters, though sightings of this are rare. They’re often found in extremely radiated areas, as they are drawn to radiation and suffer no harm from it. Primarily using a long range, radioactive saliva gob attack, close quarters combat is desperate and messy.

#6: Sentry Bot

A proverbial tank on wheels, sentry bots are heavily armed, heavily armoured, and a formidable foe in any sort of fighting situation. Slow moving powerhouses, they can be found patrolling important locations as guards, or at times trundling through office buildings. One of the most serious threats within the series, stumbling across one of these robots is an instant challenge for even the most experienced and well armed of players.

#5: Spore Carriers

A living fungus that has taken over the host body, spore carriers vaguely resemble the humans they killed, if only in body shape. Experts of stealth, they prefer to either sneak up on their victims, or hide quietly, often attacking only after their opponent has tripped over them. Fast and vicious, they emit a screech similar to a feral ghoul when about to attack. And if they aren’t dispatched quickly enough, they just might go out with a bang.

#4: Radroaches

There’s power in numbers, and numbers are what radoaches have. Dwelling in sewers and other underground environments like their cousin the cockroach, they do not usually pose a real danger and only attack when approached closely. Territorial and aggressive, radroaches become a real threat when their numbers swell and they begin to swarm. After mutating they became as large as housecats, and look nearly identical to the average American cockroach.

#3: Cazador

One of the most ferocious but unassuming creatures roaming the desert, Cazador’s attack quickly and with an erratic and difficult to predict flight pattern, not to mention a venomous sting and an inability to let their target escape. They will not give up chase unless their wings are damaged or destroyed, and even then they will attempt to drag themselves forward alarmingly fast. Alone, they are a serious threat, but they are also known to attack in frenzied swarms, which are nearly impossible to successfully break away from. Hope nobody’s watching you play, cause you just got killed by a housefly.

#2: Super Mutant

Another victim of the Forced Evolutionary Virus, Super Mutants are huge, lumbering, hulk-green versions of humans. Though not as gigantic or strong as the Super Mutant Behemoth, they sport incredible strength and stamina and hold immunity to all known diseases, along with radiation. As much of a monster as they are a man, the super mutants can easily wield enormous weapons that they will gleefully use against any unfortunate survivor that crosses their path. Though they are generally hostile, in some, rarer cases, Super Mutants prefer peaceful interactions and stay away from conflict, only attacking when provoked.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honourable mentions:

Giant Radscorpsion
Yao Guai
Enclave Soldiers

#1: Deathclaw

Big, bad, scaly, and mad. If the wasteland is hell on earth, then Deathclaws are the devil. Huge and powerful, Deathclaw’s can move with almost blurring speed and usually travel in large packs, making it rare to encounter one alone. Although their eyesight is weak, their sense of smell and hearing are extremely sharp, allowing them to track down prey and dispatch it with their foot long, razor sharp claws, the reason behind their name. A thick hide protects them from most blows, and they are incredibly aggressive and territorial. A fight with a Deathclaw is a fight you’ll be lucky to walk out of alive.

Do you agree with our list? What enemies do you think put up the toughest fight? For more monstrous top tens published daily, be sure to subscribe and visit

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