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VOICE OVER: Robert Flis WRITTEN BY: Josh Mclean
The Wasteland is home to all manner of deadly enemies. Welcome to MojoPlays, and today we're considering the battle stats of each baddie, including their health, Level, damage, speed, and tactics, to bring you the hardest enemies AND bosses of the Fallout series! Our list of the toughest bosses and enemies in "Fallout" includes the Venomous Angler, Scorchbeast Queen, the Ultracite Titan, Legendary Cazador, and more!

The 20 Hardest Fallout Bosses And Enemies

Welcome to MojoPlays, Josh here! Today we’re delving into our picks for the 20 hardest enemies AND bosses of the Fallout series! For this list, we’ll be considering the battle stats of each baddie, including their health, Level, damage, speed, and tactics used against the player. Note, I’m going to try and avoid repeats, meaning we’re only looking at the strongest variants, the meanest deathclaw, the toughest assaultron, etc. Non-canon bosses such as the unkillable Liberty Prime, or Gojira, who was cut from the main game, will also not be included… With all that said, which of these adversaries gave you the most trouble? Let us know of your battle in the comments, “‘cause war, war never changes.”


The hillbilly swampfolk of Fallout 3’s Point Lookout DLC were meant to serve as an additional challenge to those who had completed Broken Steel and had acquired some of the best gear in the game. Coming in several different flavors, the bruisers are infamous for having an unarmed melee attack, that is STRONGER THAN A DEATHCLAW, (how?) and with a tanky 700 hp to match. Bizarrely, Bethesda had introduced a type of artificial difficulty when coding them, scripting a portion of damage from their attacks to be unavoidable. If you get hit, they will take a significant amount of your HP regardless of what you’re wearing. Thankfully, they don’t use very good weapons and are rather slow moving. So, what do we always say? if a bruiser is holding an axe… don’t shoot it out of his hands!

Dusky Yao Guai

The Yao Guai, has a right, to bear arms, and they will use those arms, to shred you into vault dweller spaghetti… Scaling with the players level, thus no affiliations with the “Animal Friend” perk, the Dusky variant has a base HP of 1175 - ever increasing as you do, with some resistances, and a flurry rush attack where it swipes rapidly at the player for 200 damage a pop. They are found wandering solitarily in the mountains, low to the ground and almost camouflage, so by the time you see one it will probably already have taken a bite. You can recognize a Dusky boy by the darker colouration and more prominent scars, thus always carry a spare stimpack in their area, and pray those hits don’t result in a stagger.

Albino Radscorpion

These bugs are the poster boys for bullet sponges, sitting at a healthy 1500. Being a rare variant of regular radscorpions they are often fought in groups and have no weak spots even through the use of VATS. Their poison leaving an alarming sting after just one touch, causing 25 damage a second compared to the regular radscorps 3 damage a second, so even if you finish it off you’ll probably be popping chems just to keep your health from hitting zero. If that wasn’t enough, albinos actually heal when in direct sunlight similar to the effect of the player Solar Powered perk AND are extremely fast compared to other versions. Honestly, the sole reason to acquire the Entomologist perk in Fallout 3… 50% more damage to bugs will not go unnoticed. To falsely quote a movie: If it bleeds, we can blow it up with a Nuka-Grenade.

Ancient Behemoth

You know ‘em, you love ‘em. Behemoths are those fire hydrant wielding wasteland wackos, and a variant of the loveable super mutants. Behemoths are often treated as minibosses, and with easily over 1000 health it’s immediately clear why, 1900 in the ancient behemoths case. This 20 foot tall meat wall can hurl boulders or slam the ground to cause almost 200 damage to a player in a single strike, and stagger your movement so that you’re a sitting duck to other incoming attacks being that the mutants often travel in raiding parties. While not hard to hit by any means, they will also use their arms to block their faces from headshots. But will drop quite a bit of loot when they do go down.

Feral Goul Reaver

The reavers are no doubt the most terrifying version of a standard zombie type enemy that the Fallout series has had. Striking from the darkness, this 1100 health goul is twice as durable as a deathclaw, twice as fast, and can detect the player even when they are in stealth or invisible. You do not sneak attack the reaver, the reaver sneak attacks you. Once they’ve swarmed the vault dweller, enjoy a cocktail of radiation damage that is constantly healing them by the way, and the gift of explosive body parts which are thrown with ungodly accuracy, that also cripple your limbs on contact. Introduced in the Broken Steel DLC, the reaver will slowly begin to replace other feral ghoul spawning out in the world once at high level. This mechanic turns the metro tunnels into perilous bloodbaths when you may be expect them to be a cake walk with the best gear in the game.

Legendary Cazador

Likely the biggest offender at getting players to soil their vault suits. If you’ve fought a single one of these things in the Mojave, you know exactly why it’s on this list. Cazadors are based off of the real life “tarantula hawk wasp”. Which already sounds like the word play of a fictional Fallout monster. If you don’t want to sleep tonight, read up on how they reproduce, or their excruciatingly painful sting… Greeeat. In Vegas, the Legendary variant must be fought in a pitch black cavern, and since it’s one of the few airborne enemy types, you’re almost guaranteed to miss most of your shots. Stat wise, the legend can deal 120 damage in a single swing with a lasting poison effect 3 times longer than a radscorpion. Even if you cripple them in an attempt to escape, they only become more terrifying when crawling towards you with alarming speed. Ew ew ew. Cazadors won’t take any extra damage from headshots, probably because they were created by Satan, and at 400 health, even the best flamer can’t kill it fast enough for my liking. Sure there are other enemies with higher health than a ‘Caz, as we’ll see in a minute. But awful the sound and sight of these critters are war on a mental front as well as virtual.

X-42 Giant Robo-Scorpion

If you thought giant scorpions were lethal on their own, just wait till they shoot lasers! Pack your energy weapons errybody! Weighing in at a maximum 3,500 health, dear sweat vault boy Jesus, this guardian to Dr Mobius dishes out 200 damage per pinch, 200 damage per sting, and fires an atomic laser afflicting 30 rads per second. Found in the Forbidden Zone Dome at the end of an Old World Blues DLC quest, keep your distance, and pray for critical hits against its armored body and EMP shield. Thankfully, there is lots of cover in where the X-42 is fought, unthankfully it’s radiation beam can still apply rads even through walls. Your best bet is to bring buckets of ammunition, or specifically tech into the Robotics perk, allowing you to disable it for a short time. Even then, don’t expect this robo bug to go down without a fight.

Mythic Deathclaw

Y’already know it! The Deathclaw had to be on this list purely for its legacy of tyranny. These beasts have been the hard mode mob of single-player since the very first Fallout. Stronger than the unique "Rawr" deathclaw, is the Mythic variant. These things come right from hell to dish out massive damage in record time. Each of their death claw swipes intend to cut your playtime short, and plenty have perished to its 350 melee heavy attack… It happens to us all at some point. They scale with player level, are at least twice as fast as the players top movement speed, have numerous resistances like a 400 mitigation stat to energy weapons, and over 1,350 health each! If you've seen one, it's probably already too late. They’ll always live up to the name... Of Deathclaw.

Venomous Angler

The base Anglers of Fallout 4’s Far Harbour DLC aren’t the most deadly creatures you’ll find, but they may be amongst the most surprising! The venomous angler however boats the highest level at 51, which also scales with the player, has a respectable 1750 hp, with immunities to any kind of poison, and like it’s brothers, hides within the shallow waters disguised as a lure weed plant. Any aspiring collector can easily stumble into one more of these things when foraging, and have to face their energy projectile spit or powerful lunging attacks. The most fatal battles are often, the ones you don’t see coming.

Legendary Bloatfly

The mother of every annoying fly that bothers you in your room, this giant bug has claimed countless lives due to its unexpected and nearly unsurpassed might. The enormous acid spitter both fires plasma-like projectiles, and slashes for ridiculous damage, i’m talking four hundred and fifty damage a pop. Wowza. Tests have been done by fellow dwellers, and this thing easily beats multiple deathclaws in 1v1 combat. The raw stats reveal the truth of the airborne 2,000 hp demon. Remember what I said about hot flying enemies are way harder to hit? And even when it releases the blast equal to a pulse grenade.The only explanation is that someone gave this bloatfly the power of friendship, because what is usually a C-tier enemy, has become the apex predator. Thank goodness it’s easy to hide from since it spawns in the rocky terrain Big MT’s mysterious cave, that said, trying a melee weapon-build against her makes this battle entirely impossible.

Mirelurk Queen

The Queens are of the top tier for mirelurks, and often play out like a kaiju battle from a movie, as they tower over both the player and their many minions. At only 1000 health they may seem like a standard oversized crab, but they have quite a few tricks for a survivor to put up with. The queens spray a grenade burst of hatchlings which can easily overwhelm the player, spit highly damaging acidic poison that will cause damage over time, and use their shell as a shield from oncoming fire. You’ll have to juggle fighting her army of crustaceans, maneuvering to her weak spots under her shell, and stopping to heal from all the pinches you’ll be receiving. A tricky lift for any sole survivor.

Enraged Fog Crawler

One such Fog Crawler is known as the Shipbreaker, a saltwater monster that will certainly make a meal out of anyone not pocketing hundreds of armor piercing rounds! Fog crawlers are known for their nigh-immunity level resistance against bullets and energy weapons, plus complete immunity to radiation and poison. The enraged variant rocks 4,000 points of damage resistance, has easily over 2000 health that scales with the players level, is immune to being tamed by the Wasteland Whisperer perk, and acts as the toughest non boss enemy in Fallout 4. Whatta resume! Straight up nukes are the best offense if you want to stand a chance at cracking the crawler’s shell. But you’re unlikely to drop them before they start swinging with a decent 140 melee damage slice attack. As the name suggests, they’ll only appear with fog and are fairly indistinguishable from their weaker counterparts at first glance, so we can’t really blame players for trying to go head-to-head with one of these… and losing.

The Master

This chunky box of meat and wires is the final boss of Fallout 1. A cult leader, meets doctor, meets computer, appears to have gotten way too into pc building. Pun intended. While not the most complicated of boss fights in the series, the former “Richard Moreau” is rightfully way stronger than most anything else in the first title. At a respectable 500 HP, massive at the time, which is comparably still meaty for us used to the modern bosses HP, expect a long fight if you’re not well prepared. Longer still, if you can’t take out the Super Mutant reinforcements he calls in every two turns. His living green bullet-sponges have no problems with body blocking bullets for their master, who is all the while, firing at you with numerous gatling lasers...All that said, due to his limited weapon range, and weakness to pulse grenades, a player can outsmart him with the right know-how. Or use a high speech level to forfeit this battle entirely

Imposter Sheepsquatch

The imposter sheepsquatch is a cryptid themed assaultron and minor boss of Fallout 76, and as will be a running theme with ‘76, monsters in this game often have ridiculous amounts of health being this title is multiplayer. Sitting at 9500 HP, the fuzzy robot is both invisible and invincible when you first encounter it, until three pylons across the area are activated, after which the actual fight begins.
Its laser eye can damage the player from range, and also set the ground on fire creating a lasting hazard. Plus it is immune to any limb damage so there’s no slowing this thing down once it’s on you. Bring your best power armor, and a good buddy, to have any fun fighting the equivalent of robo bigfoot

The Ultracite Titan

I would have never expected a mole rat to make this list.. That was until Nuka-World on tour update, adding the event “Seismic Activity” to ‘76. In it players must launch a nuke and enter multiple phases of damaging ultacite crystals. Before turning all their attention to Godzilla Mole over here with it’s 30,000 health and complete resistance to Ultracite ammo, which usually deals bonus damage against bosses. During any one of the prior mentioned phases, it’s easy to fail without damaging its crystals in the time limit, and will further waste your time by hiding underground after each crystal. It’s a challenging balancing act for small groups, so you’re better off getting lucky on a server with a lot of other bloodthirsty players. Mega mole here will gobble up your ammo supply and is reportedly not as much fun as the other big raid bosses in the game due to his boring move set. So… you may not even want to bother retrying should a phase take too long and cause the fail state.

Earle Williams / Wendigo Colossus

Earle is a specific wendigo colossus found in the Monongah Mines from Fallout 76’. Like other colossus, he’ll spawn multiple legendary wendi’s which is already bad enough, but he also has the unique trait of an 80% damage reduction and well over 30,000 health… Jinkies. Players can’t simply wail on him as long as they’d like either, since this boss fight has the time limit which you’ll automatically fail after. Earle’s quest is made to a public event as soon as a nuke is launched towards him. His bag of tricks include a scream that will force your player character to stop attacking, and many many corrosive attacks to tear through your armor rating. This battle is made only possible from his three heads, having you to land extra damaging pot shots more doable, and that many of his attacks can be dodged like the phase where he drops boulders on your team from the ceiling. That’s right, I said your team, it’s nearly required to have a full crew. What a guy.

Legate Lanius

Caser, or “Kai-sar” ’s infamous military commander is more than willing to play dirty to win. Bringing this back to single player, where foes have much more reasonable numbers Not only does the man behind the mask hit for just short of 100 damage, he also carries incendiary grenades to purge players with. Lanius is absurdly designed, as he can whip out a unique healing powder to tank through damage, and is coded to be a whopping 80% faster than the player! Despite his deep lore, mentioning that he destroyed armies single handedly or how he’s never lost a battle since age 12, that won’t stop him from a phase of running and hiding during your battle. Once his health is below 40% he will flee to heal, calling in multiple goons to fire upon you, and during which all of his limbs will be restored to 100% removing much of your progress. With an unreal 920 health, he's the tallest human character in Vegas, and, for fun, he can’t even be disarmed. It’s safe to say the developers wanted this guy to be remembered, and much like the in-game characters that speak of him, this Ambassador is one to be feared.


This pretentious sonoffagun, is the final boss of the Lonesome Road DLC. If you can’t reason with him at high speechcraft level, Ulysses, let's see here:
Throws frag grenades and flash bangs, wacks you with a staff which has a grand slam special move, uses end game weapons like the anti matter rifle, AND brings robots to a gunfight that constantly heal him faster than a simpack if you can believe it... Basically the biggest pain in the neck since that time you got shot in the head. I have a personal vendetta here, I put down New Vegas for months because of this guy. Eventually I resorted to cheesing him by painstakingly pushing him off the edge…. And’ it seems most players agree with me, because facing him in 1 on 1 combat is almost guaranteed death. Ulysses is the only human character with 1000+ hit points in the game, is coded to walk 15% faster than the player, and is a perfect 10 in all special stats to boot. A feat only achieved by four characters in the entire Fallout franchise. Imagine fighting your own fully leveled character at the end of the game, that is the only thing comparable to the difficulty spike of this bloke. Once more, Big U cannot be knocked down, he can replace the robots you destroy with new ones periodically, can shoot for over a hundred damage, and coming invisible with his own stealth boys. My advice? Tell this guy to take a hike and throw him over a railing emperor palpatine style.

Scorchbeast Queen

An Endgame boss the likes of which were once unimaginable for Fallout. Once spawned, her majesty calls upon waves of fellow scorched enemies, and all must be killed within only 30 minutes… Thank you ‘76 for introducing this “fun” mechanic. With the largest movepool on this list by far, Mama’ Scorchbeast has 6 methods of attack, some dealing over 200 damage, and is always encased by a radiation cloud, causing constant damage reduction for her whole sqaud. Who would’ve guessed a gargantuan bat would sit at the highest universal health of over 32,000. It’s no wonder that eight or more players are recommended, nay, required, to fight this royalty. To top it off she has resistances across the board, even including that of fire and cyro attacks, and she’s not shy to take to the air Skyrim style if you’re dishing a little too much pain for her liking. Undoubtedly, due to the multiplayer aspect of ‘76, this queen was designed to be the boss to end all bosses. If you aim to cross this boss off your bucket list, good luck, and bring plenty of backup for your war in the scorched Earth.

Frank Horrigan

He who awaits you as the final boss of Fallout 2. Legend says he laughed off plasma fire and tore a deathclaw in half with his bare hands. Looking at Franky boy’s honest, I do not doubt it. This power armored super mutant yields near unsurpassed credentials, at a whopping 999 health (keep in mind this was only Fallout 2, before many enemies saw the number 300), and he’s a perfect 10 in ALL SPECIAL skills. There’s really nothing this machine of war can’t do, and I know Mr. Horrigan would still be a challenge in the gameplay of today's titles since he carries a gatling plasma, one of the best weapons in even the most recent release of Fallout 76. If you dare fight him, note his ability to attack several times per round with unique weapons such as the ”End Boss Knife” which take no ammo, and hit for nearly the highest damage in the game. Of course being a mutant, Frank is immune to rads, and your only true hope is to bring lots of explosives and careful decision making if you want to stand a chance. This boss is the kind of old school hard, where the devs didn’t pull any punches, and they do not care how many times you lose. To many longtime fans of the series, he’ll be remembered as the ultimate big bad evil guy. Because seeing this behemoth go limp after beating him fair and square, is a true achievement.

That’s all from me! Thanks for watching! Check out our other videos right here on MojoPlays. Be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to be notified on our latest videos. If you like what I do, find me online anywhere under the name “Chiptroid”. Game on!