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Top 10 Vampires In Anime

VO: Dan Paradis
Vampires and blood, two things that anime loves. Sometimes the vampires are true nightstalkers in the traditional Bram Stoker sense, other times they may be genetically modified super humans, or even nano augmented killing machines. For this list, we considered characters that are classified as Vampires, as well as unofficial ones. Also, our usual one entry per franchise rule applies. So Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 vampires in anime. Special thanks to our user Adam Artigas for suggesting this topic using our website's Suggestion tool at WatchMojo.comsuggest.

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Script written by Brandon Stuhr.

Top 10 Vampires in Anime

Vampires are everywhere, and some of the coolest we’ve ever seen are found in anime. Welcome to, and today we are counting down our picks for Top 10 anime Vampires.

For this list, we considered characters that are classified as Vampires, as well as unofficial ones. Also, our usual one entry per franchise rule applies.

#10: Evangeline A.K. McDowell
“Negima!” (2004-11)

You can be just a vampire, or you can be a “True Blood Vampire”. Born somewhere in Europe during the Middle Ages, Evangeline was turned into a vampire via sorcery. Evangeline has overcome many of a vampire’s weaknesses, such as sunlight; and has honed her powers to become a force to be reckoned with. While Evangeline is initially an enemy to the series’ protagonist, she eventually becomes a mentor of sort. Vampire and wizard? What could go wrong?

#9: Miyu
“Vampire Princess Miyu” (1997-98)

Who wouldn’t want to have all the power of a vampire with almost none of the drawbacks? Thats Miyu. The daughter of a human and shinma guardian, Miyu is the supreme Daywalker. She still has to feed on blood, but she is immune to sunlight and has a visible reflection. While she appears to be in her early teens, she is actually hundreds of years old. She shows pity on her victims, as she will only feed on people who have suffered tragic loss.

#8: Arcueid Brunestud
“Tsukihime” (2003)

You don’t have to be an immortal warrior to be an amazing vampire. Serving as the protagonist of the Tsukihime series, Arcueid is a princess of the Ancient Ancestors, powerful natural spirits that influence global events. Arcueid is an example of a more modern vampire, as she understands the basics of modern society but not the social norms. This leads to many comedic highlights throughout the series. Unlike many of our other entries, Arcueid suffers severely from her vampire weakness. This won’t stop her through.

#7: Abel Nightroad
“Trinity Blood” (2005)

Who would expect the Vatican to employ Vampires? The main protagonist of Trinity Blood, Abel is known as a Krusnik (Kruz-nick), or a vampire whose blood contains sentient nanobots. Unlike many vampires on our list, Abel is a lot goofier than his counterparts. Beyond the cheerful demeanour, Abel is filled with disgust for the human race. This has changed however, as Abel now works as a priest in the AX Division of the Vatican’s Foreign Affairs. What a convenient cover.

#6: Saya Otonashi
“Blood+” (2005-06)

Time to look at the all-out vampire warriors. While not exactly classified as a vampire, Saya is a Chiropteran (Kai-rop-tear-ah), whose design is heavily influenced by vampires. This doesn’t hinder her in any shape or form, as being a Chiropteran gives her increased speed, strength, and healing abilities. Oh, did we mention she is the master of the katana? It is possible for her to load her blood into her blade, further increasing her power. We suggest staying out of her way.

#5: Moka Akashiya
“Rosario + Vampire” (2008)

Not all vampires are bad, some are just misunderstood. Moka Akashiya is the first person our portagonist, Tsukune Ano, meets after he is enrolled in Yokai Academy, a school for monsters. Moka has split personalities, consisting of the ditsy and hilarious Outer Moka, and her polar opposite true form Inner Moka. She does have a comedic side to her, as she becomes humorously addicted to Tsukune’s blood after tasting it for the first time. Oh high school kids and their problems.

#4: Erika Sendo
“Fortune Arterial” (2010)

One of the most popular girls in the “Fortune Arterial” series, Erike has a dark secret. As vice-president of the student council, and is skilled in many areas due to her inquisitive nature. She is also incredibly attractive, reinforcing the sexy-vampire cliché. Unlike many vampires who will gladly demonstrate their destructive power, Erika tries to hide her powers, wishing she could just be a normal girl.

#3: Mina Tepes
“Dance in the Vampire Bund” (2010)

If Dracula is the king of all vampires, who is the queen? Mina Tepes fulfills this role in the Vampire Bund world. Usually disguised as a very young girl, Mina is the head of the Tepes clan, using her vampiric powers to easily dominate the other clans. Strong willed, decisive and never willing to back down from a fight, Mina is a terror to both supernatural and mortal enemies alike. She is also single-handily responsible for revealing the existence of vampires to humanity, what a little rebel.

#2: D
“Vampire Hunter D” (1985)

Lets face it, vampires make the best vampire hunters. Our handsome protagonist dhampir, D will gladly take down any evil he encounters. While actually only half vampire, D has all of the enhanced skills, regeneration, and immortality that comes with the vampiric package. This doesn’t leave him completely invincible, but his weaknesses are few and hard to exploit. D hunts the hunters, and is really good at his job.
Before we bite down on our top pick, here are a few honourable mentions.

Seras Victoria
“Hellsing” series (2001-02, 06-12)

“Kaibutsu-kun” (1968-1969, 1980-82)

Kaname Kanan
“Vampire Knight” (2008)

Shinobu Oshino
“Bakemonogatari” (2009-14)

“Gegege no Kitaro” (1968-72, 85-88, 96-98, 2007-09)

#1: Alucard
“Hellsing” series (2001-02, 06-12)

Was there any doubt that Alucard would stalk his way to the top of our list? Alucard is the highly skilled and dangerous retainer to the infamous Hellsing organization; and is by far their most powerful member. He possesses all the strengths available to your typical vampire and then some. With his supernatural strength comes great arrogance however, a trait that has gotten him in serious hot water on more than one occasion. Unlike most vampires however, Alucard secretly envious of humans, as he believes that only through mortality can one truly enjoy life.

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