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Anime Duel: Alucard vs Dio Brando

VO: Dan Paradis
Script written by Andrew Labelle It’s time for two of anime’s most fashionable vampires to go head to head in a duel to the death, or in their case, cause total destruction. Welcome to, and in today’s anime duel we’re putting Alucard The Devil against Dio Brando, the Vampiric stand-user. Special thanks to our user Laballs for submitting the idea on our interactive suggestion tool: WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Anime Duel: Alucard vs Dio Brando

It’s time for two of anime’s most fashionable vampires to go head to head in a duel to the death, or in their case, cause total destruction. Welcome to, and in today’s anime duel we’re putting Alucard The Devil against Dio Brando, the Vampiric stand-user.

For this video, we’re looking for one thing: who would win in a fight between these two characters. Forget their status as anime icons, forget the quality of the series, we will be taking into account everything these two bloodsuckers have at their disposal when it comes to facing down an enemy. It’s five rounds; winner takes all, so get ready to see some red.

Round 1: Intelligence

When you’ve been alive for as long as these two, survival doesn’t come by accident. Indeed, cunning and a sharp mind are as vital to a vampire’s success as blood and sunscreen. Both Dio and Alucard are, above all else, survivors, and they both have the experience to assess and break down any threat. Alucard especially knows more about the occult than almost anyone else, living or undead, and uses that knowledge to identify threats and exterminate them in the most efficient way possible.

Dio on the other hand, may not be as knowledgeable or experienced as Alucard, but his shrewd mind and, let’s face it, absolute brilliance are some of his most powerful assets. Never one to fight fair, Dio is a master manipulator who will lure his enemies intro traps, doing his best to win the battle before it even begins. He also knows how to get the most out of his own abilities, and to use them in ways that even Alucard might never expect. Sorry Alucard, but Dio takes round one with ease.

Winner: Dio Brando

Alucard: 0 / Dio Brando: 1

Round 2: Weapons, Powers and Equipment

Trust us when we say, this would be a fight for history books. While both Alucard and Dio are vampires, their top-tier powers couldn’t be any different. Both have all the typical vampire perks like enhanced strength and speed, but there is a hell of a lot more to them than meets the eye. While it’s safe to say that their mind control abilities would be useless against one another; Dio for example can actually stop time with his Stand ability, “The World”. This technique is immensely powerful, and in this fight, Dio would have no reason to hold back. As if that wasn't powerful enough, after draining the blood of Joestar patriarch, Joseph, he reached his unparalleled "awakened" form, taking his power up several notches.

In the other corner, there’s seemingly no end to Alucard’s list of super-human abilities. A product of a hundred years of the Hellsing Families’ occult knowledge produced the most powerful vampire, and possibly the most powerful being in his universe. You’d need an encyclopedia to keep track of Alucard’s full skill set, which includes shape shifting, precognition, teleportation and has even become to powerful that he can transcend time, space and the physical realm. Even if Dio has the ability to stop time, it’s hard to accept that his powers alone would carry him though the fight.

Winner: Alucard

Alucard: 1 / Dio Brando: 1

Round 3: Strength and Endurance

We know how absurdly powerful these two contenders are, but their ability to stay in the fight and go tit for tat would be equally important here. Both are super strong, with Dio having a slight edge when it comes to pure physical prowess. In order to compete with Jonathan Joestar, Dio turned himself into a vampire. This made him not only fast, but absurdly strong, and in the world of Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure, that’s saying a lot.

Alucard is no slouch in this regard either, as he can rip a man apart with his bare hands. He does however, rely a lot more on his other powers, so if this were a contest of strength and fighting ability, Dio would win by a landslide. Endurance is a factor here too however, and Alucard can – and has – literally been ‘destroyed’ on a number of occasions. That barely slows him down however, as his regeneration abilities outmatch even Dio’s, as Alucard can reform his body from any wound, no matter how little of him is left.

Winner: Alucard

Alucard: 2 / Dio Brando: 1

Round 4: Determination

On the surface, it looks like this round could almost be a tie. Both vampires never leave a fight unfinished, and both take their work very seriously. Alucard for instance is a lot more than just a monster hunter, as all he really wants is to find an opponent powerful enough to bring him down, or hell, even pose a challenge. However, we have no doubt that Dio is an honest contender in this regard, and maybe his own desire for self preservation would be enough to tip the scales of the entire fight in his favor.

Dio also has unlimited patience, and has been known to spend years among his enemies, pretending to be their friend just so he can learn how to exploit them. He’s proven time and time again that his will to survive and need for revenge drives him to do seemingly impossible things, and Alucard’s own self-hatred means he will always hold back just a little. After all, Alucard sees mortality as a strength, and his own immortality is tied directly to his will to live.

This round goes to the proven and resolute survivor, Dio Brando, who keeps himself alive to fight one more round.

Alucard: 2 / Dio Brando: 2

Round 5: Weaknesses

Becoming a vampire is a big deal, but as much as your average vampire gains a ton of power upon transformation, they also soak up quite a few serious weaknesses. Dio himself wouldn’t last very long in sunlight, and his time controlling “The World” ability has limited range. Still, he’s survived encounters that would destroy lesser beings, and always has a trick or two up his sleeve. It’s safe to say that both of our contenders’ biggest weakness is overconfidence, and Dio is often victim to losing his own composure. As much as Dio loves to gloat and monologue however Alucard is just as guilty in that regard.

However, as Alucard is a super-enhanced vampire, he has overcome all of a typical vampire’s weaknesses. Sunlight and silver are no problem for this monster, and he shrugs off all traditional weapons with a laugh. Indeed, the only things that have ever made Alucard blink are the most potent of holy weapons, and while Dio may be resourceful enough to scrounge up one or two of these relics, the disadvantage their necessity puts him at gives this round and the fight to the Alucard, the Ultimate Vampire.

Winner: Alucard

Alucard: 3/ Dio Brando: 2

There you have it folks, in this battle of strength, willpower and cunning: Alucard, the King of Vampires takes it all with a score of 3 to 2, proving himself to be as powerful as he is arrogant.

Do you agree with our outcome? How do you think Dio might have overcome Alucard? For more awesome videos published every day be sure to subscribe to

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