Top 10 Jurassic World Facts



Top 10 Jurassic World Facts

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Script Written by Sean Harris.

Watch this film and you won't be able to sleep, or get the soundtrack out of your head! Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 Jurassic World facts! For this list, we've and scoured through all of the information surrounding the 2015 blockbuster movie, Jurassic World, and ranked the most interesting and exciting items about the fourth film in one of cinema's greatest ever franchises!

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***Script Written by Sean Harris.***

Top 10 Jurassic World Facts

Watch this film and you won’t be able to sleep, or get the soundtrack out of your head! [OR Dinosaurs, dinosaurs and dinosaurs: take 4!] Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10“Jurassic World” facts!

For this list, we’ve and scoured through all of the information surrounding the 2015 blockbuster movie, “JurassicWorld,” and ranked the most interesting and exciting items about the fourth film in one of cinema’s greatest ever franchises!

#10: The Jurassic World Meets the Internet Age

How best to bring prehistory to the modern world? Make for it a decent website, of course! Or more accurately, two decent websites! The “Jurassic World” promotions and marketing people worked overtime for this film, running a viral site for the ‘Jurassic World’ attraction itself, as well as an internet hub for the made-up Masrani Global Corporation behind it all... With these, fans can view park maps, learn about dinosaurs, check onsite cameras, read up on the Masrani ‘vision’, and even apply for positions at the company! It’s ultra-realistic, and awesome fun!

#9: A Movie Over Ten Years in the Making...

“Jurassic Park” was ‘An adventure 65 million years in the making’, but “Jurassic World” is a movie that really took its time! A sequel spoken of since the early 2000s, its initial release date target fell in the summer of 2005... However, these dinosaurs wouldn’t roar until a decade later, mostly (but not entirely) due to a string of script revisions! With executive producer Steven Spielberg unsatisfied by the science/adventure balance in the beginning… the plot, the cast, the setting... Just about everything (!) has been shifted and switched to make “Jurassic World” just so!

#8: New Park was Open for Business in 2005

As part of the aforementioned effort towards ultra-realism, when cinema-goers take their seats in the summer of 2015, they are encouraged to believe that “Jurassic World” has been open for business outside of movie theaters for ten years previous! According to the Masrani website, its dino doors were unlocked for the first time in June 2005, an opening month that saw 98,120 visitors pass through! Modern audiences will enter the action with the park expecting its 10 millionth customer - those celebrations are likely to turn scary though!

#7: A Return to Where It All Began

Not since the first “Jurassic Park” movie has the action taken place on Isla Nublar - with the previous two sequels migrating to Isla Sorna - but the beasts are brought home for “Jurassic World”! The titular theme park is set out on the site of John Hammond’s first extraordinary excursion, on a small piece of tropical land, a little distance from Costa Rica. Accessible only by ferry, Jurassic World is a once in a lifetime trip - but is that only because you’re lucky to get out alive??

#6: Simon Masrani Is the New John Hammond

Behind every great idea is a great mind, and for “Jurassic World”, that mind is Simon Masrani’s! CEO of the Masrani Global Corporation and creator of planet Earth’s most prehistoric attraction, this guy is entrepreneur extraordinaire! However, in many ways he’s but following in another’s footsteps... For it was John Hammond who first set the Velociraptor amongst the pigeons, twenty-two years previously with plans to pair tourists and dinosaurs... A memorial statue stands in “Jurassic World” of the great man, serving also as a tribute to the late Richard Attenborough who played him!

#5: The Return of Dr. Henry Wu

Working alongside John Hammond over two decades ago was Dr. Henry Wu, and he makes his return to the ferocious franchise in line with its landing back on Isla Nublar! Played by B. D. Wong, the chief geneticist of the InGen organisation secures a larger role in “Jurassic World” than the cameo-like part he had played in “JurassicPark”. The movie is built around the creation of a brand new hybrid dinosaur, and so Wu is central to the plot... There’s a ‘Frankenstein-ian’ feel about him!

#4: A Frighteningly Good Cast

The reintroduction of Wong isn’t the only casting choice to get excited about though! In general, “Jurassic World” offers something completely different in terms of acting talent... There’s little room for nostalgia in this forward-thinking film, so the dino-days of Sam Neill as Dr. Alan Grant, Laura Dern as Dr. Ellie Sattler and Jeff Goldblum as Dr. Ian Malcolm are somewhat sadly passed... But, with the likes of Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard and Bollywood-turned-Hollywood star Irrfan Khan on the bill, “Jurassic World” bites just as brilliantly!

#3: Have Dinosaurs Gotten Dull?

You say ‘no’, we say ‘no’, but the desensitized dino-hunters rocking up at “Jurassic World” apparently disagree! A central plot line to the entire movie, it’s unbelievably (but also inevitably...) the case that the everyday dinosaur just doesn’t ‘do it’ anymore! As we return to Isla Nublar, mankind’s craving for more means that the Triceratops has gotten tedious, the Megalosaurus monotonous, the once famously revered Brachiosaur is now boring! How best to solve this problem? The answer to that question is lurking in second spot!

#2: Hybrid Dinos

One of the most controversial elements to “Jurassic World”, the film features dinosaurs that not only don’t exist now, but in fact never existed before! Ever! Director Colin Trevorrow describes the ‘Indominus Rex’ as the next step for InGen engineering, as science is scrambled in an attempt to make a ‘new dinosaur’, which, as Chris Pratt says in the trailer, is ‘probably not a good idea’! Nublar still boasts its brilliant T-Rex though, and the fan favorite Velociraptors - although those guys are domesticated this time around... Say what?!

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.
- Estimated Budget = $180 million
- More Sequels in the Prehistoric Pipeline!
- Original Title: ‘Jurassic Park: Extinction’
- “Jurassic World” Billed ‘The World’s Greatest Theme Park’ and ‘The Safest Theme Park in the World’

#1: A New Generation of Animatronics

As has become clear, “Jurassic World” serves as a rethink of the entire ‘Jurassic Park’ franchise, but there is one difference unforeseen and unwanted... Following his passing in 2008, this will be the first Jurassic film not to feature animatronics work of SFX legend Stan Winston! With Legacy Effects taking over - a team including many who worked alongside Winston - the film’s in safe hands, but there’s no replacing the man himself! Winston won his fourth and final Oscar for ‘Best Visual Effects’ on “Jurassic Park” - the next generation has big footprints to fill!

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