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Top 10 Capcom Villains

VO: Dan Paradis
Script written by Nick Williams. Megaman, Dante, Jill, Viewtiful Joe – Capcom has its fair share of iconic video game heroes, but every hero needs an equally memorable antagonist. For this list, we’ve picked the top 10 most dastardly and evil villains in Capcom’s storied history. Warning, this list may include spoilers, as villains often go hand-in-hand with a game’s ending. So join as we coount down our picks for the top 10 Capcom Villains. Special thanks to our user Tytan Tyler for suggesting this idea on our Suggestion Tool at WatchMojo.comSuggest.

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Script written by Nick Williams.

Top 10 Capcom Villains

Capcom’s got plenty of heroes, but every hero needs a villain. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down the Top 10 Capcom villains.
For this list, we’ve picked the top 10 most dastardly and evil villains in Capcom’s storied history. Warning, this list may include spoilers, as villains often go hand-in-hand with a game’s ending.

#10: Chakravartin
“Asura’s Wrath” (2012)

As the ruler over “Gaea,” the ‘true god’ Chakravartin becomes sick of presiding over one world and decides to elect a heir to take over, Asura. Asura denies the offer, so Chakravartin decides to destroy Gaea and create a new planet instead. What follows are scenes of insane inter-galactic destruction only possible at the hands of a God, as Chakravartin, trying to kill Asura and blow up Gaea, destroys entire planets. Chakravartin is an arrogant jerk whether he’s in his true form or posing as a riddle-spewing golden spider.

#9: Captain Blue
“Viewtiful Joe” (2003)

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Once a famous action movie director, Captain Blue was accidentally sucked into the movie world where he decided to become a beloved action movie character. One of Captain Blue’s biggest fans is Viewtiful Joe, explaining their similar superhero attire. Unfortunately, Captain Blue became sick of ruling the movie world, and started an evil organization known as Jadow so he could escape movie land and try to take over the real world instead.

#8: Sigma
“Mega Man X” series (1994-2006)

Maverick Hunters vs. Mavericks is the seemingly endless conflict that is waged throughout the entirety of the “Mega Man X” franchise. Commander Sigma was originally an ally of Zero and Megaman, but jumped ship to become the leader of the Mavericks, a cyborg army bent on taking over the world and committing mass-genocide on all of mankind. Like his compatriot from the main series, Dr. Wiley, Sigma never seems to get the hint, continually returning from the clutches of death to re-engage Megaman and his fellow Maverick Hunters.

#7: Akuma
“Street Fighter” series (1987-)

When your name translates to ‘devil’ in Japanese, you’re probably not the nicest guy in the world. Akuma’s existence revolves around training his powers by defeating and killing strong combatants. He is responsible for killing Ryu’s father, and his power can be witnessed at the end of “Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo” where he takes out the formidable M. Bison in mere seconds. Akuma’s ‘raging demon’ technique is one of the most feared attacks in “Street Fighter” lore, and when he unlocks his true evil potential and becomes Oni …well, watch out!

#6: Manfred von Karma
“Phoenix Wright” series (2001-)

You have to be a pretty good prosecutor to go undefeated for 40 years, a feat earning Manfred von Karma the title “King of Prosecutors.” Manfred was the mentor of “Phoenix Wright” franchise mainstay Miles Edgeworth – brainwashing him into believing that he was responsible for the murder of his own father. What turned Manfred into a murderer? Simple: Gregory Edgeworth was the only attorney to leave a blemish on Manfred’s record. Valuing perfection above all else, Manfred was consumed with resentment over his ruined legacy, and turned to murder for revenge – even tazering our intrepid hero at one point.

#5: Mundus
“Devil May Cry” (2001)

Although Dante’s brother, Vergil, is perhaps the more immediately memorable villain, he only fights his twin brother due to the evil influence of Mundus, the entity who transformed him into a ‘dark angel.’ Though his depiction varies a bit between “Devil May Cry” and the series reboot, Mundus is the king of demons, ruler over legions of grotesque minions, and all-powerful being. Initially suffering defeat at the hands of Spardus, who was Dante and Vergil’s father, he devotes most of his existence towards seeking revenge on the family that thwarted him.

#4: Carlito Keyes
“Dead Rising” (2006)

Filled with resentment over the destruction of his hometown, Santa Cabeza, Carlito Keyes sets out to enact revenge on the American population that he deems responsible for the accidental zombie virus outbreak that led to the death of his family. When Frank West first meets Carlito, his intentions are unclear, but it quickly becomes apparent that he is responsible for the outbreak at the mall. Carlito also infected 50 American orphans with the virus, effectively planting zombie outbreak seeds across the entire nation, so all in all, he’s a kind of an a-hole.

#3: Dr. Wily
“Mega Man” series (1987-)

A maniacal genius and inventor, Dr. Wily is responsible for creating an army of murderous cyborgs which Mega Man has to send to the scrap heap, one by one. Usually found hiding out in his giant mechanical castle, Wily’s evil plans for world domination are fuelled by jealousy. He and Mega Man’s mentor, Dr. Light, used to be work colleagues, but Wily became resentful when he felt like he wasn’t getting the credit he deserved. Dr. Wily is also extremely persistent and can also seemingly build giant evil castles extremely quickly.

#2: M.Bison
“Street Fighter” series (1987-)

The head of the murderous Shadaloo crime syndicate harnesses the mysterious ‘psycho energy’ to execute his vast assortment of crimes and to stop any noble street fighter that dares step in his way. With an assortment of equally evil cronies, from the claw-wielding Vega to the powerful boxer Balrog, M.Bison exerts an incredible amount of influence that he can back up with his full screen Psycho drives and devastating scissor kicks. Bison has negatively affected the lives of just about every “Street Fighter” character: from murdering Chun-Li’s father, to destroying T.Hawk’s homeland.
Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

“Final Fight” (1989)

Emperor Sardius
“Ghouls n’ Ghosts” (1988)

“Okami” (2006)

#1: Albert Wesker
“Resident Evil” series (1996-)

Having the Nemesis chase you around throughout “Resident Evil 3” sucks, but it’s the mastermind Wesker who is the most notorious villain in Capcom’s storied history. Wesker is a mad scientist made even more dangerous by his God complex. His laundry list of evil deeds include: having a hand in unleashing the T virus, sacrificing his human form to gain supernatural powers, and wanting to turn humanity into a legion of bio-enhanced superhumans that he can lord over. Plus, Wesker only really got on the STARS because the Umbrella corporation greased the pockets of the local police chief – such a douchebag!

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