YouTube's Most Popular Vocalist Anthony Vincent | Tony Bennett Sets Guinness World Record at 95!

YouTube's Most Popular Vocalist Anthony Vincent | Tony Bennett Sets Guinness World Record at 95!

VOICE OVER: Cassius Morris, Frank Pavan, Joe Pacheco WRITTEN BY: N/A
In June of 2021, American singer, musician and YouTuber, Anthony Vincent, challenged himself to sing WatchMojo's list: 'Top 10 Hardest Songs to Sing'. He made a thorough and detailed breakdown of each song and why they did or did not deserve to be on that list. We loved the video reached out to chat with him. Anthony was very generous with his time and we discussed many different topics during the interview. He opens up about the business side to YouTube, always being on the lookout for 'viral' content, and also offers many words of advice for content creators out there who can get self-conscious about the content they put out and the number of views they receive. Don't fret, the entire conversation wasn't ALL serious! We chat about the Top 5 Best Songs of All Time, get a little nostalgic and talk about his career outside of music.

Cassius, Joe, and Frank, as usual, play some music trivia and get into some 'On This Day' in music history. Enjoy!

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0:00 Intro
2:40 How Nashville Became A Musical Powerhouse:
4:05 Tonny Bennett New Album at 95, Sets a Guinness World Record
8:54 David Lee Roth New Poster For 'The Last Tour (Unless It Isn't)'
12:58 On This Day in Music
16:45 Music Trivia
22:52 Anthony Vincent
23:54 Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Songs Ever list
28:20 Ten Second Songs
29:50 Evolution of Virality
31:24 Anthony's most difficult video ever
32:59 Evolution of creating videos
35:19 WatchMojo's Top 10 Most Difficult Songs to Sing (according to Watch Mojo)
36:58 Vocal types "Whistle Notes"
37:55 Singers who are deceptively hard
39:30 Early musical influences
41:26 Work with as many people as possible
42:56 Receiving offers from more "Established Artists"
44:02 Audience reaction to Anthony's original music
44:41 YouTube Algorithm
46:21 Never take anything personally
47:31 Pay to play
47:57 Tik Tok
49:25 Releasing music on YouTube
50:31 New formats
51:05 How long does it take to complete a video?
52:19 Method to the madness
53:25 Appearing in Motley Crue's "The Dirt"
56:08 Meeting Pete Davidson
57:22 Favorite Concert Ever attended?
57:50 Favorite Vocalist?
58:12 Favorite Anthony Vincent "Styles" video?
58:47 Any funny fan moments?
59:45 What's next?
1:01:15 Takeaways

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