Innersleeve #25 Kirk Fletcher Interview | Global Blues Festivals |  David Lee Roth | Derek Orsi

Innersleeve #25 Kirk Fletcher Interview | Global Blues Festivals | David Lee Roth | Derek Orsi

We are joined by legendary Blues guitarist, Kirk Fletcher, on this week's episode of Innersleeve! Kirk talks to us about his close ties to gospel music, how the Blues has influenced many different genres of music, why he made a full-time move to Switzerland, and so much more! Kirk's calming voice, impeccable tone and touch left us craving for more!

The gang also chats with SoundMojo artist, Derek Orsi. They first discuss David Lee Roth's new single and then get into Derek's new record, his dream festivals to perform at, and developing his own sound. We seriously think you'll love this episode! Enjoy :)

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0:00 Intro
0:35 Derek Orsi Intro
1:59 Life on an indie music artist
2:49 David Lee Roth new single "Giddy Up"
8:19 Our takeaways from Kirk Fletcher's interview
12:46 Kirk Fletcher interview
13:23 What's Switzerland like?
14:00 Touring in Canada
14:52 Global blues festivals
16:16 Blues is universal
18:43 Kirk's origins
21:21 What led you to Switzerland?
22:44 Music scene in Europe
23:56 Blues renaissance amongst young guitar players
25:26 YouTube guitar lessons
26:44 2 BMA nominations
27:49 Keep The Blues Alive charity
29:02 Music & Social Media
30:30 Guitar injuries & maintaining peak performance on the guitar
33:20 Live performance hi-pressure situations
34:20 How many instruments do you play?
34:46 Differences between guitar and bass
35:47 Al Blake
38:29 Performing with The Fabulous Thunderbirds
39:09 Session player vs Solo Career
39:52 Musical inspiration
42:20 Dream festivals to play
43:45 Our takeaways from Kirk's interview
45:35 Learning to play guitar today with social media
46:31 Music community influences
48:10 Developing your own sound
49:15 Derek Orsi on writing his record
53:06 Experience as a DJ
56:20 Dream festival to perform at
57:38 Derek's final words

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