Top 10 YouTube Traditional Cooking Channels -  TopX Ep.17
Top 10 YouTube Traditional Cooking Channels -  TopX Ep.17

Top 10 YouTube Traditional Cooking Channels - TopX Ep.17

VOICE OVER: Dan Paradis
Welcome to the seventeenth episode of TopX, the brand new show where we countdown the very best that YouTube has to offer! Today we're cooking up our picks for traditional cooking channels.

Top 10 YouTube Traditional Cooking Channels

A few weeks ago we did top 10 Alternative Cooking Channels, while that was great fun those of you looking for actual cooking tips may have come up a bit short. So if you're looking for Vice's Munchies channel or Epic Meal Time you should check out that episode. For the rest of you who are looking for some "real cooking tips" you should stick around. We ranked our picks based on a mix of subscriber numbers, views, votes from our users and general impact on the YouTube community, as well as personal preference.

#10: ByronTalbott

- Warming up our list is Byron Talbott, who’s worked at famous restaurants like “Bouchon” under Thomas Keller.
- Rarely do we see a 10th entry on TopX that looks this good. Byron’s videos, at least his recent releases, are all beautifully shot and carefully edited. The only thing that breaks the professional veneer is the voiceover, but that in turn adds an unassuming charm and completes the very tight package.
- While all cooks love to experiment, Byron’ specializes in bookending your day with breakfasts and deserts. Cakes and cookies, waffles and omelettes, his is the channel to check out if you want to make something special to start someone’s day, or end the perfect meal.

#9: SimpleCookingChannel

- True to its name, Simple Cooking Channel is a channel about simple recipes. Hamburgers, chicken nuggets, pizza sauce; those of you that are feeding picky eaters or are just beginning to try your hand at cooking would be good to start here.
- When I say simple I really mean it. He has a number of recipes that use the absolute minimum of ingredients. 3 ingredient peanut butter cups, 3 ingredient chicken casserole and, yes, 2-ingredient Nutella cake. I’ll give you a hint; one of the ingredients is Nutella.
- One thing that our anonymous Australian host specializes in is candy. Some of his most popular videos include how to make bubble gum, How to make gummy bears and how to make fudge.

#8: Cookies, Cupcakes and Cardio

- Continuing in the trend of channels that tell you what they contain, we have Cookies, Cupcakes and Cardio. You’ll never guess what this channel features.
- Well get to the first 2 things in a second, but let’s address that cardio bit first. The about page claims that Jenn, the host, likes to break up her videos with hiking trips to encourage a well rounded lifestyle. Admitedly, these videos have taken a backseat to the cookies and cupcakes, but it still makes for a catchy name.
- Hiking is clearly not what has earned this channel close to a million subscribers though. As you’ve probably guessed, the majority of the recipes on the channel are deserts and treats, specifically cakes.
- In fact, to be even more specific, this channel is the one to go to if you like decorated cakes. Bright colors and fancy themes abound; many of her cakes, don’t even look like cakes.

#7: Gordon Ramsay

- Bout fuckin time. I’m always talking about how this or that channel looks professional, but here we have a channel that’s run but someone who’s as much of a professional as you can get. Straight from Hells Kitchen and 14 or so other television shows is Gordon Ramsey.
- If you’re familiar with Ramsey’s brash style, you probably won’t be surprised to find out that his videos are quick, fast and to the point. Definitely aimed at those with a bit more experience, the recipes have no intro, no lead up, no banter, just go go go cook cook cook.
- If you’re the type of person that needs things explained slowly or doesn’t have access to more exotic ingredients, these videos may seem a bit dizzying. They’re not particularly difficult though; as the speed is meant to emphasize the simplicity. So if you fancy yourself a bit of an expert, there are tons of quick and deliciously looking recipes to be found here, and you know they’re coming from the best.

#6: Food Wishes
- Remember when I mentioned that Ramsey’s videos are very to the point with no banter. Well, our next entry, Chef John, is the opposite; he’s all about that chatter, even though you never see him.
- Food Wishes is sort’a like a library of recipes. The channel is carefully divided into playlists for almost any occasion or mealtime. That means lists for general things like soup, side dishes or pasta, as well as lists for occasions like the 4th of July or Thanksgiving.
- Food wishes also posts a heck of a lot. They post 2 to 3 original recipes a week, making them one of the most prolific channels on our list.

#5: Nicko's Kitchen

- Our next pick is Nicko’s Kitchen, hosted by the YouTube’s own celebrity chef, Nicko.
- Nicko’s channel has got a really profession look and features a massive variety of dishes. What’s funny is that he actually specializes in two things that seem to be complete opposites. The first is vegetarian dishes. Nicko’s vegetarian playlist has about 40 videos, probably more love for herbivores than any other chef or channel we’ve seen today.
- This is quite funny when you put it beside the other thing that Nicko specializes in; homemade versions of fast food. By far the most popular videos on his list, if it could appear in the first half of an antacid commercial, he’ll teach you how to make it. Krispy Kreme Donuts, KFC fried Chicken or even a McDonald’s Bigmac, now you don’t have to choose between going out and staying in. But you still have to cook.

#4: Jamie Oliver - Food Tube

- Next up is yet another belonging, in name at least, to real life Celebrity Chef. Yes, yes, it’s the guy your mom definitely has a crush on, Jamie Oliver and his channel “Food Tube”.
- As to be expected for someone who has their own empire of cooking shows and books, Jamie Oliver’s channel features immense variety and production value. Listing off all the types of things he and his impressive array of guest host show you would take all day, but suffice to say fans of dedicated food channels on TV will feel right at home on Food Tube.
- Much like Food Wishes, a good way to navigate Jamie’s channel if you’re looking for something specific is to check out his playlists. The list of lists is impressive in and of itself, and is a great way to check out everything the channel has to offer at a glance.

#3: How To Cook That

- This channel, hosted by Ann Reardon, teaches you how to cook that: and by that, I mean deserts. Always deserts.
- As is the custom with channels that specialize in cakes and deserts, many of these creations don’t look like deserts. A hamburger, handbag, or even a giant sized converse all star shoe, if you you’re tired of your cakes looking like cakes and want something crazy looking, Ann will, say it with me now, show you How To Cook That!
- As fun side note, one thing Ann also specializes in is giant sized chocolate bars. She not only teaches you how to cook and prepare them, but also how to make giant sized wrappers to package them in. after which she gives the desert away to those that are contributing to society in a giant way. So, if you’ve got a friend that reeeeally likes kitkat bars or does great things for the world, you might wanna check this out.

#2: MyCupcakeAddiction

- You’ll never guess what Elise Strachman makes here, and to keep things ambiguous, I’m not gonna tell you. Seriously though it’s not all cupcakes, but it’s mostly all stuff with “cake” in the name, so, cakes, cupcakes and cakepops, but also milkshakes and chocolate bars too.
- Like How to Cook That and Cookies, Cupcakes and Cardio, this is a channel who’s focus is on decorating your deserts and making them look really incredible. She has a whole list of Candy bar inspired cakes, and she does the giant candy bar thing too… I really didn’t realize that was a thing.
- One of her most notable playlists is her “No Bake” playlist. Currently sitting at 28 videos, this is a list of recipes that will never require you to turn on your oven. A personal favorite of mine are the Oreo Ice Cream sandwiches.

HM1 VahChef

HM2 Maangchi

HM3 Kawaiisweetworld

HM4 The Joy of Baking

HM5 OnePotChefShow

HM6 Allrecipes

#1: Laura in the Kitchen

- While some of the channels we’ve seen today specialize in helping you make things that are especially unique, Laura really shines in helping you do the simple. Homemade pizza, Fettuccine Alfredo, Mack and Cheese. If you want to master the basics, this is probably the first place to check.
- There’s nothing particularly fancy or special about Laura’s videos, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t lots to love. For one thing, they have a lot of personality. Laura hosts the videos herself, and she’s on camera the whole time, talking to you, the viewer in a friendly and informal way.
- Most importantly though, Laura’s just got the most videos. Remember when I said that she’s great at teaching you the basics, well learning all the basics might take you a while. Her breakfast playlist has over 60 recipes, her main dishes list has over 200, and her deserts and sweets list has over 250. If you had to pick on only channel to eat from for the rest of your life, you’d probably get those most balance and variety from Laura.
- Vitale has gone from a YouTube celebrity to a TV sensation - she’s got a new show on the cooking channel called “Simply Laura”