Top 10 Celebrities with Popular YouTube Channels

Top 10 Celebrities with Popular YouTube Channels

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Script written by Spencer Sher.

There are many celebrities with YouTube accounts: actors on YouTube include people like Ryan Reynolds and Russell Brand, while celebrities on YouTube include names like Karlie Kloss and Snoop Dogg – and these celebrity YouTube vloggers are worth checking out. WatchMojo counts down ten celebrities who YouTube channels you should subscribe to.

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Script written by Spencer Sher.

Top 10 Celebrities with Popular YouTube Channels

You know their names and faces, but do you know they also produce online video content on the regular? Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Celebrities with Popular YouTube Channels.

For this list, we’re focusing exclusively on the personal and professional channels of popular celebrities, but we won’t be looking at Vevo channels. Note that the subscriber counts are valid as of June 2017.

#10: Ryan Reynolds

When “Deadpool” came out, it threw the world for a loop. Never before had the superhero genre seen a character as outspokenly crude, graphically violent and downright hilarious as Reynolds’ version of the fast-talking assassin. With “Deadpool” gathering more steam by the minute, Reynolds decided to create a YouTube channel entirely devoted to his most famous character. With over 380,000 subscribers, it appears that this is exactly the kind of thing the people want. Most of the channel’s videos feature Reynolds in his trademark costume either giving out absurd advice, cracking wise or showcasing scenes from the film. If you loved “Deadpool,” then this channel is for you!

#9: Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss is a former Victoria’s Secret Angel and entrepreneur who started her own lifestyle channel on YouTube in 2015. Appropriately named Klossy, the channel features exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the supermodel as well as tips and tricks for mastering the latest fitness and fashion trends. Karlie is no slouch and makes sure to post new material pretty much every week. Since the channel’s debut, Klossy has managed to amass a substantial following and boasts over 560,000 subscribers. The model’s down to earth demeanor and genuine humor make her one of YouTube’s best beauty vloggers.

#8: Miley Cyrus

If you’re interested in all things Miley, then her self-titled YouTube channel is sure to please. The singer and actress launched the channel back in 2009 as a way of promoting her musical and personal endeavors. Since then it has grown considerably, amassing a following of over a 660,000 subscribers. The channel features Cyrus performing many of her hit songs while also inviting fans to join her as she navigates the tumultuous world of pop superstardom. The channel additionally serves to promote the causes Miley supports, such as youth homelessness.

#7: Russell Brand

During the early 21st century, actor and comedian Russell Brand made a habit of point out the social and political injustices of the world. His self-titled YouTube channel seeks to unravel many of the issues plaguing modern society through a web series called “The Trews”. With well over 1.3 million subscribers, Brand’s channel invites viewers to participate in a conversation about the current state of the world, one that includes topics as wide ranging and complex as corporate capitalism to the manifestation of humanity’s destiny. But don’t let that bum you out. Brand’s natural humor and charisma are always on full display, making his channel an undeniably dynamic one.

#6: Snoop Dogg

As if Snoop Dogg weren’t already entertaining enough, the rap icon has his own YouTube channel that is chock full of awesome videos showcasing his musical talents as well the dogfather’s generally laid back opinions. Oh, and there’s weed, lots of weed. It’s called westfesttv, and it has over 1.7 million subscribers, making Snoop Dogg a bona fide YouTube star on top of everything else. You can tune in to catch Snoop dropping hot new songs, interviewing fellow rappers, actors and celebrities and generally doing whatever the hell he pleases. If anyone has earned the right, it’s Snoop D-O-Double-G.

#5: Kylie Jenner

Keeping up with this member of the Kardashian clan has never been easier thanks to her self-titled YouTube channel. The reality TV star and model launched the channel in 2015 as a way of promoting the Kylie Jenner Official App; a platform through which she has been able to connect with fans. The YouTube channel, which has over 1 million subscribers, features videos of Jenner navigating the ups and downs of her hectic life. The channel is loaded with behind the scenes footage, makeup and beauty tutorials and videos of Kylie living it up all over the world.

#4: Adam Savage

If you don’t recognize this name, then we have one word for you: “MythBusters”. That’s right! Adam Savage was the ginger, non-beret wearing half of the popular Discovery channel duo that put the earth’s biggest and strangest myths to the test. Well, it turns out that Savage is a man of many talents, as he is behind a popular channel called “Tested”. The channel, which boasts over 2.8 million subscribers, picks up where “MythBusters” left off, focusing on science and DIY experiments with a little pop culture thrown in for good measure. “Tested” has an army of subscribers, and Savage is constantly uploading new videos to keep them entertained.

#3: Rainn Wilson

While he’s been immortalized as Dwight K. Schrute on the American version of “The Office”, Rainn Wilson has continued to bring his unique brand of offbeat humor to the world through this YouTube channel, which goes by the name “SoulPancake”. The channel, which has over 2 million subscribers, has grown rapidly since its creation in 2008, producing daily content that focuses on life’s ups and downs. While “SoulPancake” began as the brainchild of Wilson and two partners, they now work with a number of notable contributors like Robby Novak and Zach Anner. If you’re in need of a laugh, or maybe even some guidance, check it out.

#2: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

This charismatic actor and wrestler has made a name for himself with his larger than life persona, ridiculous work ethic and all around good-guy demeanor. Perhaps that is why his YouTube channel, appropriately named “The Rock”, is so popular! With well over 2.3 million subscribers and counting, Johnson has created a platform for himself that appears to be a hit with fans. The channel, which also operates under the label of “Seven Bucks Digital Studios,” is loaded with videos, many of which feature the actor answering questions, attending premieres or simply goofing around with his audience. It would appear The Rock has cooked up another winner.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- Maisie Williams

- Amy Poehler

- Logic

#1: Justin Bieber

The early 21st century saw The Biebs become one of the biggest pop singers on the planet. Since making the transition to more mature themes, his songs seem to transcend demographics, catching on with listeners young and old across the globe. However, once upon a time he was just another kid on YouTube looking to share his music. Bieber’s channel goes by the name “kidrauhl” and went live back in 2007. While the channel’s original purpose was to showcase Justin’s vocal abilities, it now serves as a place for him to interact with fans, have fun and discuss life. With over 3 million subscribers, it’s safe to say a lot of people are watching!
Miley also had Miley and Mandy Show like Demi and Selena (who copied them)