Top 10 Superhero Gadgets
Top 10 Superhero Gadgets

Top 10 Superhero Gadgets

VOICE OVER: Dan Paradis
Written by Joey Turner

It never hurts to have a little something extra to even the odds. Welcome to, and today we're counting down the Top 10 Superhero Gadgets.

For this list, we're paying tribute to the little gizmos that help the heroes get a leg up in the crime fighting game.

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It never hurts to have a little something extra to even the odds. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down the Top 10 Superhero Gadgets.

For this list, we’re paying tribute to the little gizmos that help the heroes get a leg up in the crime fighting game.

#10: The Flash’s Costume Ring

Kicking off our list is a handy little device needed for when you need a quick costume change. In addition to being one of the fastest metahumans around, Barry Allen is also a brilliant scientist –one of his most notable inventions is the Flash Costume Ring. His red ensemble can chemically shrink and be stored inside this golden ring; with a push of a small button, the ring opens up and the suit springs out, ready for The Flash to gear up. Since it takes incredible speed to suit up in time, only lightning-fast metahumans can use this ring properly… but it makes a great engagement ring for anyone else.

#9: The Omnitrix

Created by Azmuth, the Omnitrix –or Omnimatrix- could turn its wearer into any unique extraterrestrial lifeform it recognizes –all they had to do is turn the dial and press down. But that’s not all, it could also scan NEW alien DNA and unlock never-before-seen transformations. Ben Tennyson has proven himself worthy of the watch; however, in the early days, Ben couldn’t always control what he turned into, and the transformations only lasted for a limited time.

#8: Green Arrow and Hawkeye’s Trick Arrows

Like their name suggests, these arrows, invented by Hawkeye and Green Arrow themselves, are more than just projectiles – they have all kinds of surprising features that give our two archers a leg up in combat. There’s an arrow for any occasion – there are arrows that detonate, arrows that double as grappling hooks, some deliver a nasty shock, others that spray acid… even arrows that can hack into computers. Some of them may be more gimmicky than others, but you can’t argue with the results; any regular marksman can shoot a bow and arrow, but only the best archers can design and master an arrow that can be so much more.

#7: Cyclops’ Visor

With his deadly optic blasting powers, Cyclops is one mutant you do not want to go head-to-head with. Since he can’t open his eyes without releasing uncontrollable discharge, Cyclops wears a special visor lined with ruby-quartz lens that allows him to see without hurting anyone. The visor features an adjustable slit that Cyclops can use to control the force of his firepower and aim properly –making him an ace sharpshooter. When he’s off-duty, he dons sunglasses with the same ruby-quartz lens… just hope he never loses those specs.

#6: Falcon’s Redwing

In the comics, Falcon had a red falcon sidekick named Redwing, with whom he shared a telepathic connection. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Falcon’s little buddy is a little more high tech – a remote controlled drone stored in his flight pack. Falcon can control the drone’s flight using the touch screen on one of his bracers, and the little guy has a built-in scanner that can transmit data directly into Falcon’s goggles –acting as his eyes and ears from the skies above. Redwing’s also armed at the wings with firepower, and can be used as a projectile itself –not to mention a useful grapple for dealing with pests.

#5: The Rocketeer’s Cirrus X-3 Rocket-Pack

Stunt Pilot Cliff Secord finds a little surprise in one of his planes – a jetpack stolen and left behind by two gangsters. Rather than turning it into the police, it's finder’s keepers for Secord. The pack is controlled by twin handgrips, and can fly up to 200 mph without overheating. Of course, as with every ingenious device, there are a few drawbacks – it needs the fins and Secord’s helmet rudder to help steer, and its capability of staying in the air is unpredictable… and Secord wasn’t always the best at landing. However, once he gets it under control, Secord just may be the hero our country needs.

#4: Iron Man’s Gauntlet

Though the Iron Man suits are the crème de la crème of Tony Stark’s inventions, he can’t always have them with him – at least not in full. Fortunately, he always has a contingency plan – namely, the Iron Gauntlet. Cleverly hidden in his watch, it folds out into a small iron glove-like device. While it’s not as heavy on the firepower, it does come equipped with flash beams and ultrasonic pulses for disorientating his foes –and if said foe is armed, luckily the gauntlet is bullet-proof.

#3: Pym Particles

These subatomic particles have the power to change the size of anything they come into contact with. Hank Pym discovered these little beauties, and found a way to use them to his advantage –he created the Ant-Man suit, which could alter its wearer’s size at the push of a button, plus a few handy throwing disks that shrink or grow anything they’re tossed at. When the suit shrinks, its user gains enhanced strength and extra durability; and when they grow, they basically become a giant battle tank. Beware – overusing the particles could lead to mental/physical strains; and if you shrink too much, you may end up in a subatomic universe.

#2: Batman’s Grappler [AKA The Batclaw]

Batman’s utility belt holds any and all of the Bat’s handy weapons and gizmos –including the trusty Batarangs, and Shark Repellent …trust us, you WILL need it. One particular gadget is always helpful when he’s in a tight spot – the Grappler. Whenever Batman needs a quick getaway –or a way of reaching the high ground, he can whip out the Grappler, and zip to the vantage point he needs. While it started out as just a regular grappling hook, in the modern age, Bats has converted it into a motorized grappling gun for easier and faster getaways –it’s also handy for disabling enemies.

#1: Spider-Man’s Web-Shooters

While the spider bite gave Peter Parker superhuman abilities, he still lacked a spider’s greatest tool – the web. Fortunately, he fashioned together two wrist-mounted spinneret devices and artificial web fluid that let him spin a web of any size. The webbing is kept in cartridges that are loaded into the shooters, and Spidey uses a palm trigger to shoot the sticky weapon –it’s stronger than steel and makes an excellent grappler for web-swinging, while also being flexible enough to double as a net and ensnare any foe. Some alternate universes show Spidey with ORGANIC webbing, but the web-shooters highlight Peter’s mechanical expertise – flawlessly inventing the gadgets that put the “Spider” in Spider-Man.