Top 10 Moira Rose Outfits on Schitt's Creek

Top 10 Moira Rose Outfits on Schitt's Creek

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These Moira Rose outfits on "Schitt's Creek" made her wigs look subtle. Our countdown includes dressed to kill asbestos, a checkered goodbye, PVC chic, and more!

Top 10 Moira Rose Outfits on Schitt's Creek

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Moira Rose Outfits On “Schitt’s Creek”.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the best ensembles the Rose family matriarch wore on the show. We want to be clear that the ensemble - not the wig - qualifies a look for this list. And no costumes she dons will appear here either, so you won’t find things like her iconic “The Crowening” look.

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#10: Warm & Fuzzy
“Opening Night”

In the season 3 premiere, Moira wears this ensemble for her first meeting as a town council member. The embellished black top and gloves already make her stand out from the crowd, considering everyone else has taken a more casual approach to their outfits. Of course, she takes it one step further with an absolutely dazzling black fluffy hat. It helps her stand tall, literally. As she says herself, such a carefully crafted look shows people she’s ready and able to help. Naturally, she leans into the theatrics of the affair. And if there’s anything Moira Rose knows, it’s how to dress the part. She’s definitely the main character of this play.

#9: Dressed to Kill Asbestos
“Asbestos Fest”

Excited for her chance to shine like the star she is, as the headliner for the town’s “Asbestos Fest”, Moira bites off a little more than she can chew. So, like a good son, David offers to do their signature number on stage with her. This is the ensemble she masterfully puts together for the performance. Since their duet is Christmas-themed, you could even say it’s Moira’s take on festive glamour, especially given the way she anchors the furry fringe on the outfit with a silver belt, classic beret and red lipstick. Each piece, from the top and pants to the accessories, work together harmoniously to create a sleek and stylish look. Asbestos doesn’t stand a chance.

#8: Campaigning in Style
“Milk Money”

Moira wears this stunning metallic number to the Candidates Breakfast. She’s hoping to get elected to city council, and is up against Jocelyn. With its long sleeves and elaborate collar, she looks poised and radiates “vote for me” energy. The residents of Schitt’s Creek, however, aren’t exactly accustomed to such high fashion. Roland actually compares her to Elvis. This ensemble is actually the catalyst for the events that follow that episode, as Moira wonders if she’s approachable, and Jocelyn begins worrying about her own wardrobe. It’s just that impactful. Dan Levy has actually said that Moira’s style is consistently over the top because she firmly believes her life will return to “normal” soon. She is certainly not one to blend in, in the meantime.

#7: Reborn in Leather
“RIP Moira Rose”

It’s time to set the record straight, after a false story about Moira’s death circulates online. Initially reluctant, she ultimately decides to face the press that’s come to town. So she puts on her most distinguished outfit. She is “film and television’s Moira Rose '' after all, no matter where she lives. This full-length hooded leather ensemble, complete with high-heeled booties, a curly wig and a statement necklace, makes that abundantly clear. Just like her, this look is dramatic and elegant. It’s unfortunate that the press moves on to a story about a dead cat before they can see her in all her glory. She’s not just alive in this look, she’s living.

#6: A Checkered Goodbye
“Happy Ending”

It’s no secret that Moira loves a good suit. From bird-patterned to houndstooth ones, she rocks them like nobody else can. So this buffalo check one is a fitting choice for her final moments in Schitt’s Creek, as the Roses say their goodbyes. It’s a quintessential black and white Moira look, with the structured and high fashion feel she’s known for. Plus, with such a timeless choice, the sentimentality of the scene itself shines through. In other words, these Altuzarra pieces compliment the moment without overshadowing it. In fact, they honour it. Plus, the lavish black bow gives it that little extra edge, making it a true Moira Rose original.

#5: Moira in the Country
“Finding David”

Moira’s bag is stuck in Amish Country. Oh, and her son is too. So the Roses go on a road trip to get them. She opts for a cosmopolitan vibe with this Lanvin for H&M dress paired with Chanel gloves, uniquely designed stockings, and possibly the highest heels ever. A particular amount of work went into the hat, from Little Girl design. Costume designer Debra Hanson described embellishing it with a little sparkle and some feathers to achieve a custom look. It’s a true work of art. Of the look, Catherine O’Hara said that it “was…one of the first times the Roses drove somewhere, so, of course, Moira dresses up for that”. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

#4: Watching Bébé in a Silver Dress

Moira is headed out in this beautiful silver sequined dress when she finds out that Johnny has offered to babysit Roland Jr. She ultimately decides to stay and help. Of course, for her that means watching herself on TV and panicking when the baby spits up on Johnny. Considering she was probably overdressed to go to Ronnie’s house, she’s definitely overdressed for Roland Jr. But this dazzling look effectively speaks to the broader role of wardrobe on the show. The clothes tell a bigger story. In fact, Dan Levy has said that they are “really the only reminder of where they came from”. So while the average person would probably rather babysit in sweats, Moira bebesits in style.

#3: PVC Chic
“Sebastien Raine”

From the iconic patent MSGM piece she dons for the Schitt’s Creek tourism video to this outfit, nobody can pull off high-gloss black quite like Moira Rose. This Raf Simons number makes its debut when David's ex-boyfriend comes to town to collaborate with Moira. He’s actually trying to get pictures to document her fall from grace. This blouse and dress combo shows that Moira is still an icon, despite what Sebastien thinks. Its tasteful and modern feel, juxtaposed against the vastness of the field, shows high fashion intricacy meeting small-town simplicity. It’s fitting considering the Roses bring a distinct level of sophistication to Schitt's Creek. And according to Dan Levy, it took them “an hour to figure out how to put [it] on”. We’re glad they persisted.

#2: Red Carpet-Ready

In season 5, Moira splurges on this stunning rose gold gown with ostrich feathers, in anticipation of her movie premiere. Catherine O’Hara told Vanity Fair that its appeal lies in its airy feel, which contrasts nicely with Moira's usual clothes. We see the dress again a season later, when she wears it to the premiere of her movie. You know, the one where actual crows attack everyone? O’Hara described it as Moira letting go of her “armor”. Interestingly, the price of the dress is a big subject when Moira first buys it. In real life, the cost was also hard to justify! The purchase of this Pamella Roland masterpiece was only approved because it could appear in two different episodes. Everybody definitely got their money’s worth.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Family Outing Look, “The Throuple”
The Only Fringe Thing About This Look Is the Vest

A Proud Mom at Rose Apothecary’s Launch, “Friends and Family”
Not All Heroes Wear Capes, but Moira Rose Rocks Chainmail Ones

Peacock Collar, “Wine and Roses”
Ruffles Are This Girl’s Best Friend

Metallic Dress to Tackle the Town Council, “Moira vs. Town Council”
Moira Shines Bright in This Silver Number

Jazzagals Audition Dress, “The Jazzagals”
This Outfit Makes Moira’s Audition Extra Special

#1: Marriage Officiant Outfit
“Happy Ending”

Moira wears this extravagant white ensemble to officiate David and Patrick's wedding in the series finale. It's a bold choice, which is why it’s the right one. With the addition of gold accessories and a flawless wig, it reflects her regal personality perfectly. It’s also heavily influenced by papal style, which you can thank Catherine O’Hara for. To make their vision a reality, Debra Hanson chose this Alexander McQueen dress, and got a milliner to make the mitre-style headpiece. O’Hara described it as an “awe inspiring” look with a real “reverence” to it. It’s just as outrageous an outfit as you’d expect, yet it’s filled with a deep respect for the occasion. It’s her tribute to David and Patrick’s love, and it’s marvelous.