Top 10 Funniest Celebrity Cartoon Cameos Ever
Top 10 Funniest Celebrity Cartoon Cameos Ever

Top 10 Funniest Celebrity Cartoon Cameos Ever

VOICE OVER: Andrew Tejada WRITTEN BY: Allesandra Fuller
These celebrity voiceover cameos are amazing! For this list, we'll be looking at the most memorable and funniest animated celebrity cameos. Our countdown includes Ozzy Osbourne as Sid Fishy, Gordon Ramsay as Chef, Stephen Colbert as Zeep Xanflorp, and more!

Top 10 Celeb Voice Over Cameos in Cartoons

Welcome to WatchMojo and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Celeb Voice Over Cameos in Cartoons.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most memorable and funniest animated celebrity cameos. While one-off episodes or brief re-appearances are okay, we will be excluding any recurring celebrity appearances, such as Carrie Fisher’s role in “Family Guy.”

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#10: Neil Gaiman as Himself

“Arthur” (1996-2022)

If you grew up watching “Arthur,” you might remember some of their many celeb appearances. How could anyone forget the unsettling cameo of a humanoid-bear Matt Damon (xref)? But the best appearance on the show was arguably Neil Gaiman. He is best known for his work as an author, but he makes a fantastic guest star as well. Aspiring writer Sue Ellen meets him and is starstruck, and from there the silliness ensues. She has continuing visions of him where he gives her writing advice. The episode is wholesome overall and the guidance Gaiman - both the real and imaginary one - offers is nothing short of inspirational.

#9: Adam West as Himself

“Johnny Bravo” (1997-2004)

When you think of Adam West in cartoons, you probably picture his iconic role as the mayor of Quahog. But, before there was “Family Guy,” Adam West stole the show in “Johnny Bravo.” West actually makes two separate cameos in the show, one in the first season and another in the fourth. He plays his typical hero role to help Johnny find his mama, but he also switches things up a little to play the host of a dating show. West’s exchanges with Johnny are hilarious and we all love a celebrity who isn’t afraid to poke a little fun at himself.

#8: Ozzy Osbourne as Sid Fishy

“Bubble Guppies” (2011-16; 2019-)

A children’s TV show is probably the last place you’d expect to find the Prince of Darkness, but he is the perfect addition as a dastardly villain. Sid Fishy’s name is also likely a reference to another famous musician, Sid Vicious. His evil plot revolves around the fact that he is stinky and he and his sidekick, Roughy, want to make everyone else stink too. However, the plans get easily foiled by the Super Guppies. Ozzy really makes this role stand out and his laugh is truly the perfect evil villain laugh.

#7: Tim Curry as Hot Dog Leader

“Regular Show” (2010-17)

Tim Curry has a long list of voice acting credits, but none are more hilarious and bizarre than his role as the leader of the hot dogs. It’s fitting that Curry, who's known for his role as Dr. Frank-N-Furter, gets to voice a hot dog. They’re just like any other normal hot dogs, except for the fact that they’re sentient and plotting revenge. Curry is a great choice to play such a silly and fun role. He may not get a lot of screen time, but he is definitely one of the funniest minor characters of the whole show.

#6: Gordon Ramsay as Chef

“Phineas and Ferb” (2007-15)

What could be a more suitable role for Gordon Ramsay than to voice a chef? Major Monogram, Monty, and Carl are at a restaurant, where the latter, who is an unpaid intern, hopes he’ll finally be given the thanks he thinks he deserves from Perry’s commanding officer. When he talks to them is when we get to see Ramsay’s sweet side. But then, when he addresses his staff, we get a taste of his tough side. Considering this isn’t his only animated Disney appearance, we have to give kudos to Ramsay. With his love for profanity, it must not always be easy for him to keep it family-friendly.

#5: Nicki Minaj as Sug ilite

“Steven Universe” (2013-19)

Sugilite is one of the most exciting characters in the entire show, and the rapper really brings her to life. Sugilite is big and strong and out of control, so how could we not love her? Unfortunately, she doesn’t appear much in the series because she is such an unmanageable fusion. And what’s even more sad is that we don’t get to hear Nicki in any of her other appearances because the rest are non-speaking. Fortunately, later in the series, the show breaks the fourth wall a bit and gives us another moment of our favorite fusion [SB: “I call this segment, ‘you like that little man?’ cuz everybody loves a callback”].

#4: Stephen Colbert as Zeep Xanflorp

“Rick and Morty” (2013-)

What makes the comedian and talk show host’s performance here so exceptional is that he makes the best rival. Rick creates the Microverse Battery and Zeep, a scientist in the Microverse, creates his own Miniverse. Zeep is just like Rick: smart, stubborn, and vulgar. Because they’re so similar, the two can’t stand each other. They butt heads basically the entire episode as they both try to prove they’re more intelligent than the other. Their bickering creates some of the most side-splitting moments of the show and the insults they throw at each other are totally impressive.

#3: Michael Jackson as Leon Kompowsky

“The Simpsons” (1989-)

A celebrity playing themself on a show is always an opportunity for hilarity, but what may be even more hilarious is a celebrity playing a character who mistakenly thinks they’re that celebrity. After being committed to a mental institution, Homer meets Leon, who believes he is Michael Jackson. Because he’s listed as John Jay Smith in the credits, you might not have realized right away that it was Jackson himself voicing Leon. The singing, however, was done by an impersonator. The only part of this episode that’s funnier than the cameo is the fact that Homer has no idea who Michael Jackson is.

#2: David Bowie as Lord Royal Highness

“SpongeBob SquarePants” (1999-)

“SpongeBob” has had its fair share of famous guests, but few of them can top the legendary Daid Bowie. He voices the eccentric emperor of Atlantis who welcomes SpongeBob and his friends. The attention to detail is impressive as the character even has Bowie’s signature orange hair and mismatched eye colors. Bowie also absolutely loved being on the show. He once called his role, “the holy grail of animation gigs.” Although this is one of the more divisive episodes among fans, we can all agree that Bowie’s appearance was absolutely unforgettable.

#1: Neil deGrasse Tyson as Smart Waddles

“Gravity Falls” (2012-16)

“Gravity Falls” is another show that has a long roster of celebrity cameos, but this one happens to be a world-famous astrophysicist. In this episode, Waddles the Pig gains super-intelligence and builds a device so he can speak. So, there’s no one better to voice his talking machine than the super-intelligent Neil deGrasse Tyson. Sadly, Waddles gives up his newly-found genius to return to the humble life of a pig. So, this is the last we see of Tyson on the show. But the scientist’s role remains one of the most memorable of the series.