Top 10 Funniest Avengers Endgame Moments
Top 10 Funniest Avengers Endgame Moments

Top 10 Funniest Avengers Endgame Moments

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Michael Wynands
Avengers: Endgame made us cry, but it also made us laugh! Join WatchMojo as we count down the superheroically funny moments in Marvel's 2019 epic that made us bust a gut laughing, from Hulk pretending to smash in 2012, Captain America fighting himself, and Ant-Man losing (and sweetly regaining) his taco.

Top 10 Funniest Avengers: Endgame Moments

It made us cry, but it also made us laugh! Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Funniest Avengers: Endgame Moments.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most hilarious lighthearted moments from this record-breaking MCU film.

Hulk Pretends to Smash

Easily one of the biggest and most welcome surprises in “Endgame” was the evolution of Bruce Banner and the Hulk. Fans were disappointed when the giant green goliath became camera shy in “Infinity War”, but it’s safe to say that Professor Hulk more than made up for it. Though he might be the “best of both worlds”, hulked-out Banner seems to be an inherently mellow dude, lacking the drive to smash that defined his other half, and so seeing him try to imitate 2012 Hulk is absolutely hilarious. Banner might be a genius, but an actor… he is not. His heart’s just not into it. So much for Banner’s old secret! [“I’m always angry”]

Talking Time Travel Movies

It might be a popular concept to explore in film and television, but as this scene reminds us, there are multiple ways to approach the concept of time travel. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of pop culture references out there to provide examples. It would seem that Rhodey is well-versed in time travel movies . . . even if Scott Lang isn’t totally clear on the concept [“Die Hard!”]. What makes this scene so great is how well the cast plays off one-another. Nebula doesn’t say much, but her surly matter of fact contributions are pitch perfect. Of course, the highlight of this scene is without a doubt Rhodey’s version of the “Baby Hitler Dilemma”.

Star Lord Meets 2014 Gamora

Imagine losing the person you love… and then seeing them again. It would be surreal and utterly overwhelming, the sort of chance that people fantasize about but never actually get to experience. So yeah, we totally feel for Quill in this moment! But now imagine a complete stranger walking up to you, touching your face and saying what sounds like melodramatic nonsense. Yeah… we totally get Gamora’s response too! Marvel has mastered the art of balancing drama and humor, but rarely have they flipped the switch more effectively (or more hilariously) than in this scene. Thankfully, Star-Lord is the sort of dude who knows how to roll with the punches (and kicks).

Professor Hulk’s Selfie

As we said earlier, it’s not just the Hulk who’s changed, but Bruce Banner as well. Finding an equilibrium between the two warring identities has resulted in a happy-go lucky Banner who seems genuinely at peace - something that’s rarely been said about either him or Hulk in the character’s 50 plus years of history. When Hulk is approached by a few young fans asking for a selfie, he’s the perfect gentleman giant - this is clearly a request that Banner gets often, and he’s obviously loving his new life. He’s even got a freaking catchphrase! Scott Lang’s jealousy only makes it funnier.

Nebula & War Machine Watch Star-Lord Dance

The opening of 2014’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” is an infinitely rewatchable dance number that makes you instantly fall in love with Chris Pratt’s goofy outlaw hero-in-the-making. The editing, the setting, the music, the moves, the facial expressions - it all comes together perfectly. He’s dancing like nobody is watching and it’s absolutely adorable. But when this moment in time is revisited in “Endgame”, we’re watching it from an outside perspective - and perspective is everything. It’s like walking in on someone dancing and singing alone in their bedroom, only way worse because this is a grown man doing it in the desolate and gloomy landscape of Morag. Needless to say, his audience is less than impressed . . .

“So Many Stairs!”

One of the most interesting things that the Russo Brothers did when they revisited past MCU films in “Endgame” was set the action in and around the big moments from these well-known movies. Much like with the Star-Lord dance number, the trip to 2012’s Battle of New York gives us a look into the less glamorous, more humdrum moments that came immediately after the Avengers’ first big victory. In Hulk’s case, we learn that stepping up and playing the hero didn’t exactly change his outsider status . . . Don’t worry buddy, we hate stairs too!

Cap vs. Cap

When Steve Rogers comes face to face with 2012 Captain America, he’s forced to take a good hard look at himself. Can we just take a moment and really appreciate how much better Captain America’s suit got as the MCU progressed? That 2012 costume left a LOT of room for improvement. But this encounter is more than just an opportunity for physical self-reflection, it’s also Cap’s first time being on the receiving end of his distinct mannerisms. You know how no one likes hearing their own recorded voice? Well, hearing your own catchphrase delivered by yourself in person is apparently even worse. Cringey? Maybe for Steve, but audiences loved it.

Ant-Man Loses His Taco

Scott Lang might be a wisecracking master thief, but when it comes to the whole superhero thing… he’s still trying to find his way. He’s eager to please but ill at ease, and it really shows whenever he’s in the presence of the other Avengers. As Lang sits on a bench preparing to enjoy a quick bite to eat, War Machine sticks a classic superhero landing, startling Scott so badly that he loses his taco. Yeah… there’s some bad blood there. Thankfully, Professor Hulk -with his newly improved attitude towards life - is there to show the Ant-Man some much needed kindness. Sometimes, it’s the smallest gestures that make all the difference - like a taco! It’s one of the film’s funniest moments, but also very sweet.

Thor Stands Up for Korg

Honestly, EVERYTHING about our introduction to the new and not so improved Thor was hilarious - from the frat house vibe and his Big Lebowski look, to the fact that his best buds are a rock and a giant bug. Yes, there’s some underlying trauma and depression driving his current lifestyle, but that’s dealt with later in the movie. In this moment, Thor, Miek and Korg are the stars of the Marvel buddy sitcom we never knew we needed. The scene reaches its comedic peak however, when Thor chews out a Fortnite player, “Noobmaster69” for bullying Korg. People talk big when playing online, but few can back up a threat like the God of Thunder!

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions

Rocket Scares Tony & Hulk

"You Have the Little One"

Tony & Nebula Play Paper Football

Hail Hydra

Thor Describes the Reality Stone

Time Travel Fail

As previously discussed, Scott Lang makes it clear that his understanding of time travel is rooted firmly in pop culture depictions . . . But he soon learns the hard way just how complicated time travel can actually be in execution. The first attempt sees Scott return as a roughly 12-year old version of himself; you might recognize the actor, Jackson A. Dunn, who starred in the 2019 superhero horror flick “Brightburn”. It’s funny, but Hulk’s attempts to fix the issue really kicks the comedy into high gear. In short succession, we soon meet Old Man Scott Lang and a baby version of the character. The cherry on top? The time travelling whodunit of who wet Scott’s pants!


Who played Miek on-set while filming Thor: Ragnarok?
Stephen Murdoch (correct)
Joe Russo
David Spade
Taika Waititi

Who played James “Rhodey” Rhodes in the MCU before Don Cheadle?
Terrence Howard (correct)
Anthony Mackie
Jeff Bridges
Ty Simpkins

The Blade films starring Wesley Snipes take place within the MCU.
My favorite was #6