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VOICE OVER: Ashley Bowman WRITTEN BY: Jonathan Alexander
When having multiple romance options isn't interesting enough! Join Ashley as we look over the wildest entries in the harem genre, including the likes of "Monster Musume", "World End's Harem", "High School DxD", and more!
Script written by Jonathan Alexander

#10: “Yuuna & the Haunted Hot Springs” (2018)

It’s basically a rite of passage for harem anime to offer their own spin on the classic bathhouse episode. But, this one takes it a step further: Kogarashi quite literally lives at a former hot springs inn. So, you can only imagine all the lewd hijinks he and the other tenants get involved in. Oh, did we mention that Yuuna is also a ghost? She isn’t even the only monster, either. Each of Kogarashi’s female roommates have their own supernatural affliction or abnormal day-job. It makes the whole series come across as more of a quirky, paranormal sit-com. Albeit, one with a whole lot of lewdness.

#9: “Date A Live” (2013-)

For a downtrodden high-schooler, a single date can often feel like life or death. But, for Shido, that’s actually the case. The only way to save the world from a series of spatial quakes is to make a group of scantily-clad ladies fall in love with him. As expected, Shido takes his new job very, very seriously. He ends up embroiled in a cycle of blatant fanservice and bawdy misunderstandings, with seemingly no end in sight. If anything, as more girls start vying for his affection, saving the planet only becomes more and more difficult. Though, if you ask us, we don’t think you’ll hear Shido complaining any time soon.

#8: “Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World” (2022)

There’s nothing too out-there about an anime protagonist suddenly getting trapped inside a fantasy land. Or that, almost immediately, he set his sights on a well-endowed female character. The big difference here is that Kaga doesn’t befriend Roxanne, he buys her from a human trader. Without getting into the steamy specifics, let’s just say her daily duties involve satisfying all of his manly desires. And we do mean all of them. Apparently, she does a very good job, and Kaga eventually gets the idea to start building his own personal harem. However, all it does is make Roxanne jealous, which leads to even more sensual moments under the sheets. As if there weren’t enough already.

#7: “Is This a Zombie?” (2011-12)

The real question here isn’t whether Ayumu is undead, it’s how in the world he keeps meeting seductive femme fatales. In fact, his bench of romantic partners checks just about every box imaginable. There’s a chainsaw-wielding magical girl, a strong-but-silent necromancer, and not just one, but two vampire chicks. Technically, Ayumu is supposed to be helping them all fight demons. But, the increasingly messy love pentagon turns most executions into impromptu couples therapy. The real kicker is that, following a mishap with the magical girl’s powers, Ayumu now has to fight evil in her wardrobe. It’s just impressive that the rest of the show is so bonkers, a cross-dressing zombie doesn’t even register.

#6: “How Not to Summon a Demon Lord” (2018-21)

It’s no exaggeration to say Takuma couldn’t get rid of these lustful sidekicks even if he wanted to. Ironically, it’s not even his fault, either. As the show’s name implies, Rem and Shera made some serious errors when summoning Takuma’s avatar. As a result, they end up as his servants, complete with chain necklaces and everything. Then, even though Takuma has no skill points in talking with girls, sparks quickly fly between them all. Now, whether that’s because of true love or Stockholm syndrome, we’ll never really know. At the very least, Rem and Shera’s collars mean that all of the show’s erotic moments have a built-in alarm bell.

#5: “Conception” (2018)

This video game adaptation abandons its source material’s turn-based combat and doubles down on its dating sim elements. Then again, that’s kind of the whole point of the plot, anyways. In order to save the world, Itsuki needs powerful offspring, and fast. So, he sets out to woo each of the twelve Star Maidens. Yeah, there’s a whole dozen of them, and they each get a chance to really bare it all. To be fair, they don’t necessarily have to consummate the relationship to make a child. But, the inventive workarounds are so lewd, they may as well have just slept together, anyways. You can’t say this show didn’t shoot for the stars, that’s for sure.

#4: “High School DxD” (2012-18)

After a real killer first date, Issei gets resurrected by the woman of his dreams. Bad news: he’s now a servant caught up in an ancient war. The good news? He reports to certified best-girl Rias Gremory. She introduces Issei to a world of devils, angels, and a whole lot of suggestive content. Admittedly, there’s a pretty good storyline tying it all together. But, rest assured, “Highschool DxD” still makes time for some of the most shameless fanservice in the industry. All we’re saying is that some of these so-called angels have downright devilish proportions. Issei may have died and come back to life, but clearly, he’s already in heaven, either way.

#3: “Peter Grill & the Philosopher's Time” (2020-22)

On paper, being crowned the strongest man in the world should be a good thing. But, it comes with a few unwanted stipulations. Like, for example, the fact that every woman in the entire world now wants Peter to bear their child. The worst part is that they aren’t even all human. The promise of Peter’s strength attracted the attention of ogres, orcs, elves, and everything else in between. In his defense, Peter does his best to stay chaste. But, against an army of very persistent ladies, he inevitably ends up in some less-than-PG situations. Evidently, even the strongest man alive is still a victim to his own inhibitions.

#2: “World's End Harem” (2021-22)

When a mysterious virus takes out most of the male population, med student Reito is left as one of the few men left on the face of the planet. Immediately, the future of humanity rests on his ability to reproduce as fast as possible. It sounds like the set-up of a bad joke, but this is no laughing matter. Especially since Reito swore himself to his childhood best friend. But, remaining virtuous is tricky when literally every other girl on the planet is trying to get in your pants. Although, if he has to cheat, doing it to save the entire human race is a pretty good excuse.

#1: “Monster Musume” (2015)

It’s not everyday the Interspecies Cultural Exchange drops a single lady on your doorstep. So, the high-schooler Kimihito takes advantage of his parents’ absence by housing the mythical hybrid. And then he gets another one, and another, until he practically runs a hotel for wayward lady creatures. It’s expressly forbidden for the two species’ to mate, but that doesn’t keep Kimihito’s vulgar houseguests from trying. This is despite the fact that some of them don’t even have the right parts for that sort of thing. “Monster Musume” doesn’t care, though. It fully commits to the erotic realities of its setup, for better or for worse.