Top 10 Best Zombie Kills in Army of the Dead

Top 10 Best Zombie Kills in Army of the Dead

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Andrew Tejada
Killing zombies has never looked so cool! For this list, we'll be looking at the best ways the humans slayed the hungry undead in Zack Snyder's "Army of the Dead". Our countdown includes Social Media Zombie Slayer, An Explosive Sacrifice, Knife to Meet You, and more!

Top 10 Zombie Kills in Army of the Dead

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 Zombie Kills in “Army of the Dead”.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the best ways the humans slayed the hungry undead. And of course, if you haven’t seen this Zack Snyder’s zombie heist movie yet, beware of spoilers ahead.

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#10: Knife to Meet You

While Chambers and Martin are travelling through a zombie-ridden Vegas with their allies, they come across a horde of hibernating zombies in a dark building. Their leader Scott volunteers to mark a safe path through the undead by going first and leaving glow sticks behind. Chambers makes Martin go ahead of her because she doesn't trust him. He immediately proves her right by throwing a glow stick off the safe path and leading her too deep into the horde. When she accidentally starts waking zombies, she takes them on with a knife. Her stealthy methods are awesome to watch and keep her alive. Although Chambers was caught off guard, she was still ready to take out zombies.

#9: Off With Her Head

Even before Martin betrayed Chambers, the rest of the crew thought he was shady. He showed his true colors when he came face-to-face with the zombie queen. Instead of trying to take her down, Martin captures her. He then takes out a sharp wire so he can take the queen’s head back to his boss. While his brutal way of accomplishing this task is memorable on its own, what makes this moment stand out is how nonchalant he is about it. Martin seems to enjoy taking down a member of undead royalty in a horrific way. As a fitting dose of karma, he loses his own head later on when he encounters a zombified tiger.

#8: Sealing Vegas

Near the beginning of the film, we follow the story of a mom trying to find her daughter in the early days of the Vegas zombie outbreak. At the same time, the government decides to seal off the city by dropping shipping containers around the town to contain the spread. These two plot points tragically collide after the mother finds her daughter. Just as they reach the edge of the city, the mom is overwhelmed by zombies. She and a bunch of the undead are helpless as a shipping container falls on top of them. While dumping a heavy object on zombie heads would normally make for a cool moment, this scene serves as a sad reminder of the cost of this war.

#7: Social Media Zombie Slayer

Mikey Guzman became famous on social media by being unafraid to take on zombies. Before we saw his skills out in the field, we got a glimpse of one of his homemade videos. Mikey gleefully mows down the undead while a zombie kill counter goes up in the corner. After easily dispatching all his enemies, he is applauded by friends. Not only is his slaying rampage hilarious, but it serves as commentary on people who do dangerous things on social media for likes. And it feels pretty accurate. If there was a real zombie apocalypse, we bet a few people would follow in Mikey’s footsteps.

#6: An Explosive Sacrifice

Despite being introduced as a joke, Mikey gets a seriously impressive send-off. He and two of his allies are forced to fight their way through a casino floor full of angry zombies. Unfortunately, Mikey is tackled and bitten. He decides to go out with a bang by pulling the pins out of a couple of grenades he was carrying around. His allies Scott and Lily get to safety just as the explosion rings out. Mikey took out a crazy amount of zombies with his final act. Although his fans may never know what he did, at least his actions helped Scott reunite with his daughter Kate.

#5: Scott Takes Out Elevator Zombies

Scott and Maria were extremely close long before they arrived in Vegas for a heist. There are even hints of a budding romance between the two. So, when Maria is suddenly slain by a zombie, Scott gets unimaginably angry. He uses his fury to take on an elevator full of zombies single-handedly in an awesome sequence. Scott dispatches them with a combination of his weapons and impressive strength. Even an extremely fast zombie is no match for an enraged Scott. When the dust from the battle Settles, an empty elevator proves that he avenged his Fallen Friend.

#4: Unwilling Undead Volunteer #2

It turns out that finding a safe hidden behind numerous undead was the easy part. The real challenge is getting past the booby traps in front of the vault. Eventually, the team gets the brilliant idea to use a brainless zombie to set off the traps. The shambler is able to survive blow darts and gunfire without an issue. But it meets a gruesome end when it sets off a booby trap that sends two walls colliding into its body. Its great to watch the team react to the zombie’s quick, brutal and hilarious end. As a bonus, this zombie’s funny fatal encounter paved the way for the team to open the safe.

#3: Scott Eliminates Zeus

Stopping the zombie king Zeus seemed like an impossible task. The creature was fast, incredibly strong and smart enough to protect its vulnerable head during fights. Zeus was also tough enough to survive a close range explosion and keep on going. Unfortunately, Scott had to fight this formidable beast while trying to escape on a helicopter. Their aerial battle is tents and extremely close. But in the end, Scott is able to take Zeus down with a well aimed gunshot. Watching the king fall is extremely satisfying. Unfortunately, our heroes don’t get much time to celebrate this momentous win.

#2: Kate Puts Scott Down

The audience learns early on that Kate watched her father Scott slay her zombified mother when she was younger. Although this strains their relationship, the two finally start to repair their bond during the heist mission. Unfortunately, Scott gets bitten by Zeus during their final confrontation. He uses his last moments of humanity to try and comfort his daughter. After Scott is fully zombified, Kate puts him down. While this moment isn't as flashy as some of the other scenes, it carries a ton of emotional weight. Letting Scott turn could have endangered countless lives. But Kate had the emotional strength to do what her father once did and take out a loved one to protect others.

#1: Chambers Makes a Last Stand

When Chambers found herself in the middle of a horde of zombies, she fought like hell to get out. She evades enemies with crazy agility, pushes the undead aside like they were ragdolls and dual wields guns with insane precision. We thought her awe-inspiring last stand came to an end after Martin locks her in with zombies. However, she gets a second wind and bursts through glass while fighting even more undead later on. Chambers puts down several more zombies before she's finally overwhelmed. She still fights after she's bitten until her friend Mikey takes her out. Although Chambers didn't make it to the end of the movie, she gave us the most badass zombie slaying scene in the entire film.