Top 10 BEST TV Couples of 2019
Top 10 BEST TV Couples of 2019

Top 10 BEST TV Couples of 2019

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Mark Sammut
New love, old love, and perfect love blossomed among these TV couples of 2019.

New love, old love, and perfect love. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 TV Couples of 2019.

For this list, we’re looking at 2019’s best TV couples. While most of these couples predate the year, the focus is on their 2019 season. Naturally, some spoilers will be included.

#10: Meredith Grey & Andrew DeLuca
“Grey's Anatomy” (2005-)

After McDreamy’s departure, Meredith lost the love of her life and "Grey's Anatomy" lost its super couple. Following a respectful period of mourning, the medical drama started teasing a possibly new beau in Meredith's life. Andrew had to work hard to convince Meredith to explore a potential romance, but 2019 proved to be the year "Grey's Anatomy" finally pulled the trigger on this ship. From the couple's first date to an intense insurance fraud scandal that threatened to tear the two apart, Meredith and Andrew certainly brought the drama quickly.

#9: Rue Bennett & Jules Vaughn
“Euphoria” (2019-)

Debuting in 2019, "Euphoria" takes a sobering look at modern teenagers heading down a seemingly bleak path while struggling with their various demons. One of the show's only respites from the endless hopelessness, at least in the first half of the season, is the relationship between Rue and Jules, with the two teenagers starting as friends before eventually taking the next step. As this is "Euphoria," this initially charming romance ultimately proves to be anything but nourishing, as the show explores Rue's codependency issues through a relationship that asks too much of Jules.

#8: Elena Alvarez & Syd
“One Day at a Time” (2017-)

Charmingly established in Season 2, Elena and Syd took several important steps in their relationship during 2019. Especially with a relatively young couple, it is not unusual for a TV show to shy away from some of the riskier topics; luckily, as a web series, "One Day at a Time" is less restricted than most. Along with investigating unique challenges faced by non-binary couples, the Netflix show dedicates a whole episode to Elena and Syd's first time, including the natural freak out that often arises in such a situation. More importantly, Elena and Syd grew closer together while also becoming more comfortable in their own skins.

#7: Eleanor Shellstrop & Chidi Anagonye
“The Good Place” (2016-19)

"The Good Place" has been teasing an Eleanor and Chidi ship for several years, even though the hilarious otherworldly comedy does not focus too much on romance. Season 3 finally allowed Eleanor and Chidi to become an item for its final run of episodes, as the two tried to balance dating and, hopefully, avoiding the Bad Place. With three years of camaraderie to fall back on, these two have pretty great chemistry and trust each other completely, even if that involves Eleanor telling an amnesiac Chidi that someone else is his soulmate.

#6: Fleabag & The Priest
“Fleabag” (2016-19)

"Fleabag" is anything but conventional, so of course the thought-provoking British comedy introduces a Catholic priest as the main love interest. After Fleabag accepts that – yes – Andrew Scott's Priest is pretty hot, these two go on a humorous but often sad journey that feels so right despite everything suggesting this is a disaster waiting to happen. Under the sharp banter and social satire, "Fleabag" deals with themes of self-sabotage, harmful coping mechanisms, and grief. Even though neither one is ready for a healthy relationship, Fleabag's fling with The Priest winds up being a positive catalyst for growth in both of their lives.

#5: David Rose & Patrick Brewer
“Schitt’s Creek” (2015-)

Somehow, in 2019, "Schitt's Creek" found a way to top David and Patrick's "Simply the Best" year. While the Rose family may be stuck in Schitt's Creek, the sitcom has never been static, with Season 5 being especially defined by change and personal growth. In the case of David and Patrick, the couple hit many huge milestones during the year, including renting an apartment together and an unexpected proposal. Along with those relationship goals, Patrick comes out to his parents while David continues to set up roots in a town he initially could not wait to leave.

#4: Jake Peralta & Amy Santiago
“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” (2013-)

Considering "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" was canceled the previous year, the fact that Jake and Amy even had a 2019 was nothing short of a small miracle. Partners at the 99 and everywhere else, Jake and Amy spend most of the year settling into life as newlyweds, which mostly goes off without a hitch. The pair's bond is well established by this point, but Jake and Amy's refreshingly feel-good interactions highlight that married life can be just as funny as the chase. Whether supporting each other during a particularly stressful family dinner or trying to enjoy their honeymoon despite a Holt-shaped third-wheel, Jake and Amy are relationship goals.

#3: Betty Cooper & Jughead Jones
“Riverdale” (2017-)

After the whole Black Hood ordeal, 2019 was a comparatively uneventful year for Betty and Jughead as a couple, even if the same cannot be said for them as individuals. Focusing just on the romance side of things, Betty and Jughead can be relied upon to deliver a semblance of normalcy and consistency in the hectic world of "Riverdale." Like Cheryl and Toni, Betty and Jughead cannot help but bring the heat by just sharing a scene. If pillow talk is not enough, there is also that time Betty and Jughead burned down a trailer. Now, that's a memorable date.

#2: Magnus Bane & Alec Lightwood
“Shadowhunters” (2016-19)

Right from the warlock and Shadowhunter's inaugural meeting, Magnus and Alec are magnetic. "Shadowhunters" played the slow game with the couple, opting to realistically examine the psychological, emotional, and sexual natures of both characters rather than settling for immediate gratification. While the couple's dynamic changes slightly in 2019 due to Magnus' newfound mortality, Malec continues to emphasize openness, positivity, and acceptance. "Shadowhunters'" cancellation might have been a gut-punch, but the show's final season did right by the cast, culminating in a final episode that gave Magnus and Alec a well-earned happy ending.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Jack & Rebecca Pearson
“This Is Us” (2016-)

Sabrina Spellman & Nicholas ‘Nick’ Scratch
“Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” (2018-)

Penelope Park & Josie Saltzman
“Legacies” (2018-)

Piper Chapman & Alex Vause
“Orange Is the New Black” (2013-19)

Clary Fray & Jace Herondale
“Shadowhunters” (2016-19)

#1: Jane Villanueva & Rafael Solano
“Jane the Virgin” (2014-19)

As a satire of telenovelas, "Jane the Virgin" is naturally no stranger to passionate love stories and the final season definitely delivered on this front. Jane and Rafael's relationship can hardly be accused of being predictable, but the couple's mutual love and respect is the one constant that perseveres throughout the numerous break-ups and shocking plot twists. Even when not dating, Jane and Rafael are great together; luckily, 2019 has more than enough of both. Even with Michael's sudden resurrection throwing a wrench into the works, this was Jane and Rafael's year.