Top 10 Best LGBTQ+TV Kisses

Top 10 Best LGBTQ+TV Kisses

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These LGBTQ+ TV kisses ranged from exciting, to satisfying, to downright adorable. Our countdown includes "Pose," "Black Mirror," "Schitt's Creek," and more!

Top 10 LGBTQ+ TV Kisses

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 LGBTQ Plus TV Kisses.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most exciting, satisfying, and downright adorable kisses between LGBTQ+ characters on the small screen. Since these smooches mark some pretty climactic moments, we are issuing a spoiler alert.

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#10: Jack McPhee & Ethan Brody
“Dawson’s Creek” (1998-2003)

This teen drama’s Season 3 finale is chock full of romance, with the show’s central love triangle coming to a head and Dawson’s parents getting remarried after a rough patch. But the most groundbreaking storyline found Jack, who had come out in Season 2, make a move on his openly gay crush Ethan. After a period of relationship turmoil, Jack embarks on a road trip to Ethan’s college to confess his true feelings and plants one on Ethan - unwittingly in front of the latter’s boyfriend. It’s a painfully awkward moment, but it leads to a touching reconciliation between Jack and his father. This moment was not only an important milestone for Jack, but also for the representation of LGBTQ+ love on-screen.

#9: Piper Chapman & Alex Vause
“Orange Is the New Black” (2013-19)

For much of Season 1, Piper is understandably furious at her ex Alex for snitching on her at trial and landing her in prison. To make matters worse, when her anger finally thaws and she and Alex engage in some flirtatious dancing, Piper is unfairly sent into solitary confinement. This leads to one of the show’s most turbulent romances, as Piper finally acts on her lingering attraction once being released. Dragging her confused ex-girlfriend into the chapel, Piper initiates a passionate kiss that marks the episode’s climax. It’s one of the show’s most chemistry-filled scenes, but it also delivers a shocking and impactful narrative twist.

#8: Damon Richards-Evangelista & Ricky Evangelista
“Pose” (2018-21)

Although Damon doesn’t appear much in the final season of this dance-heavy drama series, his relationship with bad-boy Ricky remains one of the show’s highlights. Damon is introduced as a bright-eyed youngster adopted by fledgling house mother Blanca Evangelista, and he quickly falls for the charmer he meets at a ball. Although their relationship has its ups and downs, it’s at its most passionate in Season 2 when Ricky returns from touring to a warm welcome from his boyfriend. The lovefest is interrupted by Blanca, but this scene is sizzling with romantic tension and even manages to make a blanket fort seem sexy.

#7: Yorkie & Kelly
“Black Mirror” (2011-19)

This dystopian sci-fi series’ third-season episode “San Junipero” has an unusually optimistic tone thanks to the touching relationship it explores. At a nightclub in a resort town, the inexperienced Yorkie takes a liking to a gregarious social butterfly, but feels overwhelmed when her attraction is reciprocated. After their second encounter in the bar, Yorkie drums up the courage to confront her crush and the pair share a steamy kiss at Kelly’s place. With the couple having overcome their awkward beginnings, it’s a beautiful and oh-so-satisfying moment. This romantic storyline was out of the box for the typically cynical series, but drew serious praise for subverting tropes of doomed queer love.

#6: Princess Bubblegum & Marceline the Vampire Queen
“Adventure Time” (2010-18)

This animated fantasy series was praised for its representation of LGBTQ+ characters, and this is nowhere more present than in the four-part series finale. When the Princess is injured in the Gum War and Marceline rushes to her side, the pair embraces and shares their feelings for each other. The tender (and funny) exchange is punctuated by a passionate kiss. Many fans had suspected a relationship between the ruler of the Candy Kingdom and the outgoing Vampire Queen, and this episode finally confirmed the theory. For representing queerness in a kid-friendly show, this already epic final episode was made even more triumphant.

#5: David Rose & Patrick Brewer
“Schitt’s Creek” (2015-20)

In Season 3 of this sitcom, David Rose is opening an apothecary in the small town where his newly broke family has relocated. This venture garners the interest of Patrick Brewer, who eventually asks David out to dinner to celebrate the latter’s birthday. In Patrick’s car on the way home, David bravely makes the first move and their mutual attraction is confirmed. This tender kiss is a big moment for the usually insecure David as well as first-timer Patrick, and it marks the beginning of their fruitful relationship. Fans love “Schitt’s Creek” for its depiction of three-dimensional LGBTQ+ characters, and this adorable scene perfectly captures that spirit.

#4: Clarke Griffin & Lexa
“The 100” (2014-20)

In this post-apocalyptic sci-fi drama series, relations between this pairing don’t exactly start off swimmingly. Their communities’ interests are often at odds, with Clarke representing the Sky People who have only recently returned to Earth from a space station, and Lexa commanding the coalition of Grounder clans. But when the two women meet, they forge both a truce and the beginnings of a romantic connection. As the allies prepare to wage a battle against their mutual enemy, Lexa kisses her former rival. Although their relationship is later marked by serious betrayal, this moment brings some much-needed relief - and excitement - to the ladies’ grim surroundings.

#3: Kurt Hummel & Blaine Anderson
“Glee” (2009-15)

This musical comedy-drama series was lauded for its portrayal of multiple queer characters and relationships. One of the show’s most heartwarming storylines finds Kurt, transferred from McKinley after being mistreated by homophobic students, fall for the lead singer of his new private school’s glee club. After Kurt’s emotional performance of “Blackbird,” Blaine approaches him and admits how touched he was. Following Kurt’s painfully unrequited feelings for Finn in Season 1, the romantic smooch he shares with Blaine represents the dawning of a much happier chapter. Klaine would go on to become one of “Glee’s” longest-lasting and most beloved romances.

#2: Willow Rosenberg & Tara Maclay
“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” (1997-2003)

Willow Rosenberg is one of the most lovable characters on this hit supernatural drama, and her growth into a powerful witch perfectly mirrored the development of her gay identity. Her loving relationship with Tara broke ground as one of the few long-term queer love stories on TV. Due to network restrictions, however, they weren’t shown locking lips until the fifth-season episode “The Body.” While struggling with the task of comforting a grieving Buffy, Willow nearly breaks down and Tara provides an affectionate source of comfort. Although the kiss takes place during an incredibly difficult time for all the characters, it remains a monumental moment for the iconic couple.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Connor Walsh & Oliver Hampton, “How to Get Away with Murder” (2014-20)
The Law Student & Hacker Steam Up This Drama’s Pilot Episode

Patrick Murray & Kevin Matheson, “Looking” (2014-16)
This HBO Series’s Protagonist & His Boss Share an Illicit Kiss at Work

Adora & Catra, “She-Ra and the Princesses of Power” (2018-20)
The Couple’s Simmering Romantic Tension Culminates in the Series Finale

Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy, “Harley Quinn” (2019-)
Ivy Reveals Her Feelings After the Pair Narrowly Escapes the Police

Noah & Shane Harvey, “Faking It” (2014-16)
A Touching & Vulnerable Coming Out Moment

#1: Magnus Bane & Alec Lightwood
“Shadowhunters” (2016-19)

In the first season of this supernatural drama series, the legendary pairing that is Malec almost doesn’t happen. Shadowhunter Alec Lightwood meets the flirtatious High Warlock of Brooklyn Magnus Bane when he’s still quietly hung up over his partner in crime Jace. The new friends grow closer and nearly go on a date, but before long Alec finds himself strategically betrothed to someone else. It takes Magnus crashing the wedding for the pair to truly act on their feelings - and it’s beautiful to witness. That the passionate, drawn-out kiss occurs in front of Alec’s disapproving family makes the liberating act even more satisfying. With a queer spin on a classic trope, this scene takes the cake for iconic LGBTQ+ kisses.