The Best Track From Every Mario Kart Game
The Best Track From Every Mario Kart Game

The Best Track From Every Mario Kart Game

VOICE OVER: Ty Richardson WRITTEN BY: Johnny Reynolds
Most Mario Kart games have that one track that stands out above the rest! For this list, we'll be exploring the whackiest, most inventive course from each of Mario's racing titles. Our countdown includes Rainbow Road “Mario Kart 64” (1997), DK Mountain “Mario Kart: Double Dash” (2003), Music Park “Mario Kart 7” (2011), Hyrule Circuit “Mario Kart 8” (2014) and more!

Script written by Johnny Reynolds

The Best Track From Every Mario Kart Game

Welcome to MojoPlays and today we’re looking at the Best Track From Every Mario Kart Game.

For this list, we’ll be exploring the whackiest, most inventive course from each of Mario’s racing titles. We won’t be including the arcade games though, or (for obvious reasons) “Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit”.

With so much creativity packed into each game, your favorites are bound to differ from ours. So be sure to head to the comments and let us know which tracks you love.

Donut Plains 3

“Super Mario Kart” (1992)

For Mario’s first venture into the world of racing, Nintendo naturally had to rely on simpler track design. That doesn’t mean these were any less challenging. Donut Plains 3 balances a scenic setting with a deceptively tough layout. The lakeside track features narrow roads, Monty Moles, and sharp turns that would be difficult to make even without other racers getting in your way. But it’s the kind of course that calls to be mastered. And Nintendo has remade it for both “Mario Kart: Super Circuit'' and “Mario Kart 8” for good reason.

Rainbow Road

“Mario Kart 64” (1997)

“Mario Kart 64’s” Rainbow Road caps off an already fantastic racer with design and music that would be impossible not to smile through. Although it’s a bit more pleasant a ride than other courses with no sharp turns, that just allows the cutthroat nature of the game to take hold. It’s also one of the most beautiful courses of the game, showcasing neon outlines of characters and items in the sky as you careen down the color spectrum. Best be on the lookout for Chain Chomps though, as one hit will cause a flurry of racers to leave you in the dust. And if you’re feeling courageous, you can try out one of the most satisfying shortcuts in “Mario Kart” history.

Sky Garden

“Mario Kart: Super Circuit” (2001)

If you’ve ever wanted to race through the cloud levels from “Super Mario Bros.,” then “Super Circuit” has you covered. Sky Garden’s design is incredibly charming with a stone path and vines growing through the clouds. While there aren’t many hazards, one wrong move could send you sailing off the side as there also aren’t any guardrails. But what makes it truly great are its small but useful shortcuts. Plenty of corners are begging to be cut with a well-timed jump or Mushroom. For those who are always looking for ways to shave seconds off their time, it’s a great course to improve your skill.

DK Mountain

“Mario Kart: Double Dash” (2003)

Donkey Kong’s jungle landscape has made for a lot of great racetracks. But bringing in a giant version of his signature barrel cannons was a game changer. DK Mountain begins by blasting racers towards the top of one seriously peeved volcano. After that, it’s a mad dash to the bottom while trying to avoid all the chaos around you. The bumpy terrain can bounce you in different directions if you’re not careful, while rolling boulders are looking for any excuse to knock you aside. And that’s all before you reach the huge pit and a rickety bridge at the end. It’s an exceptionally fun downhill race that will get your heart beating.

Waluigi Pinball

“Mario Kart DS” (2005)

In a similar vein to DK Mountain, Waluigi Pinball begins by shooting everyone out of a giant cannon. Only this time, they’re shot into an oversized pinball machine. An abundance of neon lights and a colossal Waluigi looming over the track give it an interesting look. With massive turns that are perfect for drifting, there are plenty of moments for speed junkies to gain momentum. Its hazards include rolling pinballs throughout and big, bouncy pins that can either work to your advantage or detriment. This last section will definitely keep you on your toes as pinballs, racers, and items will be ricocheting across the track.

Coconut Mall

“Mario Kart Wii” (2008)

Motion controls introduced speed-boosting tricks to “Mario Kart,” and Coconut Mall makes fantastic use of them. The track features jumps, fountains, and elevated palm trees, all of which will let you show off some sweet moves and gain advantage over your opponents. But it’s also an extremely cool design for a course. Dual escalators, cars that can block your path through a parking lot, and shortcuts through shops all make Coconut Mall engaging. Additionally, it implements your console’s Miis on the sideline, on the mall’s advertisements, and in the parking lot’s cars. Which is just a nice touch.

Music Park

“Mario Kart 7” (2011)

Sometimes, a “Mario Kart” track just needs to look really cool for players to take notice. And that’s just what Music Park does. Blaring horns and thumping speakers serenade you from the side as a couple of Piranha Plants bob their heads in between taking bites out of racers. You’ll also drift down piano and xylophone keys, which will humorously contribute to the course’s music. It’s a great place to practice trick jumps as well. Ramps, bouncy drums, and gargantuan music notes will send you flying through the air, giving you time to get that extra dose of speed.

Hyrule Circuit

“Mario Kart 8” (2014)

“Mario Kart 8’s” DLC brought several other Nintendo franchises into the fold, though a track set in Princess Zelda’s backyard is pretty hard to top. Piranha Plants become Deku Babas, coins become Rupees, and the iconic “The Legend of Zelda” theme blares overtop. Mushrooms provide shortcuts through large patches of grass, giving anyone falling behind a chance to catch up. But the course’s nicest touch has to be the Temple of Time. Upon raising out of its pedestal, the Master Sword gives players a ramp as a brief shortcut. And with it comes the secret chime that will make any “Zelda” fan’s heart flutter.

Merry Mountain

“Mario Kart Tour” (2019)

The majority of new courses in “Mario Kart Tour” are based on real-world locations. However, Merry Mountain is based on Santa’s Workshop and is so delightful it would even put Scrooge in the Christmas spirit. Piles of presents and candy cane lanterns decorate the track while a Toad-operated, flying train and a literal tower of presents give it some extra flair. A mobile “Mario Kart” may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But it would be a shame if this race through the North Pole wasn’t updated for a future mainline entry.

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