Din Djarin VS Boba Fett: Who is the Best Mandalorian?

Din Djarin VS Boba Fett: Who is the Best Mandalorian?

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Garrett Alden
Both of these “Star Wars” characters are awesome Mandalorians, but who rose to greater heights with their rocket jetpack? For this installment of Versus, we'll be pitting Din Djarin against Boba Fett. Our video includes such categories as Fighting Skills, Allies, Character Arc, and more!

Din Djarin vs Boba Fett

Welcome to WatchMojo, and in this installment of Versus, we’ll be pitting Din Djarin against Boba Fett.

Both of these “Star Wars” characters are awesome Mandalorians, but who rose to greater heights with their rocket jetpack? Since we’ll be diving into their histories, beware of spoilers ahead.

Let us know which of these characters has claimed the bounty on your hearts in the comments! But remember – no disintegrations!

Round 1: Fighting Skills

Din Djarin is one of the most skilled combatants in the Outer Rim. An excellent marksman and skilled at hand-to-hand combat, Djarin handles most of the scum and villainy he encounters with relative ease. He’s also gone up against some truly formidable opponents, such as giant beasts, Dark Troopers, Moff Gideon, and even a Jedi. While Djarum doesn’t always win against his foes, he rarely takes a big loss. Mando’s only weakness is arguably an overreliance on his beskar armor’s durability. The armor’s strength tends to make him somewhat reckless. But that also means Djarin holds nothing back.

Boba Fett is one of the most notorious bounty hunters in the Galaxy for a reason – he’s a stone-cold badass! Even from a relatively young age, Fett proved he could keep up with seasoned mercenaries twice his age on jobs. And in more recent times, we’ve seen the seasoned clone cut through Stormtroopers like butter. Fett’s brutality and efficiency is still great to see in action after all these years. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen too much of the legendary hunter in battle when he was in his prime. And we can’t forget his embarrassing defeat at the hands of Han. Hopefully, he’ll get to showcase more of his skills in the future.

Although both Mandalorians are excellent in a fight, we have to give the edge to Din Djarin for this round. We’ve simply seen more of his skills in action against stronger opponents.

WINNER: Din Djarin 1 / Boba Fett 0

Round 2: Equipment & Ride

Din Djarin has spent most of his time on screen decked out in shiny beskar armor. Its vambraces (or forearm guards) are outfitted with a whipcord launcher, flamethrowers, and a “whistling bird” missile system. He also has a jetpack that can be controlled remotely. However, his typical weapons are blaster pistols and a disintegration rifle. For close combat, he has a beskar spear, and has earned the Darksaber.

As far as his transport goes, Djarin relies - or rather, relied - on the Razor Crest, a gunship that served as his home/main vehicle until its total destruction. Considering the fact that it was always falling apart, he may be better off. He can get a sleeker ship that fits with the rest of his great swag!

Boba Fett is decked out in a distinctive green set of Mandalorian armor that he inherited from father Jango. While he also uses most of the usual equipment associated with the armor, such as the jetpack, he has a few unique features like launchers in the kneepads. Fett usually wields blaster pistols. However, he’s been known to use a rifle and the man can swing a mean gaffi stick!

His vehicle of choice is another heirloom from Jango called the Slave I. This ship has a unique profile and is equipped with some formidable seismic charges. Overall, Boba Fett’s gear has helped make the character an icon.

Din Djarin’s equipment is certainly impressive, especially the Darksaber - but the weapon is famously hard to hold onto. Boba Fett has more iconic armor and definitely a better ship. This round is close, but goes to the Fett!

WINNER: Din Djarin 1 / Boba Fett 1

Round 3: Allies

If a man is only as good as his friends, Din Djarin is doing pretty well. He made steadfast friends like Kuiil, allied with Ahsoka, and worked with fellow Mandalorians. Even Boba Fett himself was in Djarin’s debt at one point. And we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Mando’s closest ally, Grogu, a.k.a. Baby Yoda. His father/son relationship with the adorable little alien is so heartwarming, it’d make even a droid’s mechanical heart melt! While Djarin has also been betrayed, he’s managed to repair a few of those relationships. Just look at Greef Karga or Migs Mayfeld.

Although Boba Fett may have a reputation as a lone wolf, he hasn’t been without allies. His most notable and defining relationship was probably with his father, Jango. Boba unfortunately lost him at a young age. After that, the young Fett fell in with several bounty hunters and ne’er-do-wells, such as Aurra Sing, Asajj Ventress, and Hondo Ohnaka. However, they proved to be more out for themselves rather than true friends or mentors. Recently, Fett found a true companion in Fennec Shand after saving her life. Their bond may grow even stronger over time.

Boba Fett has worked with some great characters, but they haven’t always been good to him. When it comes to quality, quantity, and loyalty, Din Djarin’s allies take this one easily.

WINNER: Din Djarin 2 / Boba Fett 1

Round 4: Stories & Cultural Impact

“The Mandalorian” has proven to be one of the most well-liked and widely watched pieces of “Star Wars” media in years! Din Djarin’s story has captivated audiences with its classic “Star Wars” tone, compelling narrative and action, and adorable mascot. It’s also set to launch a bevy of spin-off shows connected with it in the next few years. Outside of a few cameos, Din Djarin admittedly hasn’t been around that long. But we do feel like he and his show will have a big impact down the road.

While Boba Fett hasn’t been the lead of his live-action movie appearances thus far, he had several arcs devoted to him in “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” and appeared prominently in “The Mandalorian.” And Fett has featured in plenty of the franchise’s canon and non-canon expanded media. In addition, Boba Fett singlehandedly led to the creation of the Mandalorians, since his awesome look and warrior status necessitated a people just as badass as him. The near future will also see Boba Fett star in his own spin-off series to ensure we get even more content from the legendary bounty hunter.

Although we could see Din Djarin being a bigger deal in the future, Boba Fett’s impact resonates now. Without him, we wouldn’t have “The Mandalorian!”

WINNER: Din Djarin 2 / Boba Fett 2

Round 5: Character Arc

Din Djarin begins “The Mandalorian” as a successful, if isolated bounty hunter who strictly follows “the Way” of his people and has a deeply ingrained prejudice against droids. After taking it upon himself to protect Grogu, he grows more as a person. Djarin comes to see that droids, like people, are not all the same. Mando also discovers that “the Way” is not something every Mandalorian follows. Eventually, he also recognizes the times where his code must be bent or broken for the greater good. But most of all, he forms a deep bond with Grogu, who he begins to view as a son, and who means more to him than we will ever know. (suggested broll: “He means more to me, than you will ever know!”0

Boba Fett spends much of his early life angry and lashing out because of his father’s demise at the hands of a Jedi. To make matters worse, he experiences betrayal from people he puts his trust in. He eventually comes to form his own code of honor. Although much of Fett’s life has yet to be portrayed on screen, he grows into a notorious and feared bounty hunter. He seems to not care for causes or factions, and describes himself as: [a simple man making his way through the galaxy] More recently, Boba Fett has taken over Jabba’s former palace on Tatooine. If he has indeed become a crime boss, his way is about to become a lot more complicated!

Boba Fett has been around for a long time. And he may show even more layers in his upcoming show. But for now, we feel like Din Djarin has a more engaging character arc.

WINNER: Din Djarin 3/ Boba Fett 2

And with that, the victory goes to Din Djarin. What can we say? This is the Way.