Top 10 Star Wars Spin-Offs That NEED to Happen!
Trivia Top 10 Star Wars Spin-Offs That NEED to Happen!



Top 10 Star Wars Spin-Offs That NEED to Happen!

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Written by Nick Spake

The Star Wars universe is expansive and full of diverse characters, peoples and stories on their own, and after Rogue One the possibilities of what spin-off movie could be made next are truly endless. WatchMojo presents the top 10 Star Wars spin offs that need to happen, but what will take the top spot? The story of the legendary bounty hunter, Boba Fett, or a Jedi origin story for Obi-Wan Kenobi or Yoda? Watch to find out!

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The “Star Wars” galaxy has gotten a lot bigger lately, making leeway for a cinematic universe of possibilities. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Star Wars Spinoffs We Want Now!

For this list, we’re taking a look at potential standalone “Star Wars” spinoffs we’d love to see on the big screen.

#10: Rogue Squadron

Some of the best pilots in the galaxy, including Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles have made up Rogue Squadron. Founded after the battle of Yavin in the original trilogy, Rogue Squadron is the Star Wars Universe’s ace fighter squadron. Outside books and video games however, the Squadron has never been heavily featured in any of the “Star Wars” movies, only using that call sign at the Battle of Hoth. Disney and Lucasfilm could draw inspiration from any of these creative works, offering a highflying adventure centered on X-wing pilots.

#9: The Lego Star Wars Movie

Just as the “Star Wars” cinematic universe is expanding, the same can be said about the “Lego” franchise. “The Lego Movie” was a surprise hit, featuring a priceless cameo from the Millennium Falcon crew. Seeing how Lego Batman is getting his own spinoff movie, why not “Star Wars” too? We’ve already gotten several short films, TV shows, and video games that have combined the “Star Wars” mythos with the humor of Legos. Plus, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, the directors of “The Lego Movie,” are also helming the upcoming Han Solo anthology film. What more do we need to make this happen?

#8: Republic Clone Trooper Squad

Derived from Jango Fett's genetic material, the clone troopers originally defended the Galactic Republic. The clone troopers played an essential part in the “Star Wars” prequel movies, but were never given much personality. They were more fleshed out in “The Clone Wars” animated series, giving us three-dimensional characters like Captain Rex. A live-action spinoff could further develop the clone troopers, exploring thought-provoking themes regarding freewill, individuality, and good vs. evil.

#7: Palpatine Origin Story

In the “Star Wars” prequel trilogy, we got to see just how manipulative and crafty Palpatine truly was. A Sith Lord who deceives the Galactic Republic, this shadowy villain commences the Clone Wars, establishes the Galactic Empire, and converts Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker to the dark side. Wouldn’t it be fascinating to find out how Palpatine himself became a Sith Lord? This spinoff would depict Palpatine’s early years as he rose up the political food chain and earned the Sith name of Darth Sidious.

#6: Darth Maul Origin Story

“The Phantom Menace” is nobody’s favorite “Star Wars” movie, and if you say it is we’re going to have to kindly ask you to leave. The movie did however; introduce one of the coolest bad guys in the entire franchise. Equipped with a double-bladed lightsaber, Darth Maul stole the show with his kickass combat skills. While he’s only appeared in one feature film, his character has been expanded upon on the small screen. In this origin story, we’d learn how Maul first encountered Darth Sidious and became his apprentice. Aside from examining their mentor/mentee relationship, the film would also make leeway for more awesome lightsaber duels.

#5: The Old Republic

“Knights of the Old Republic” might be a video game, but it actually has a better narrative and stronger characters than any of the “Star Wars” prequel movies. Bioware’s Knights of The Old Republic goes way, way back, taking place 4,000 years before the events of the original trilogy. A movie set during the Old Republic era would offer no shortage of great storylines and wouldn’t need to worry about events interfering with any established narratives. With the Jedi Knights at the peak of their power and the Sith running rampant across the galaxy, the Old Republic is material enough for a whole trilogy to itself.

#4: A Bothan’s Story

Taking place just before “A New Hope,” the upcoming “Rogue One” follows a group of Rebels on a daring mission to steal the Death Star plans. Return of the Jedi established that the plans for the second Death Star were also acquired under similar circumstances. So much speculation has come out of just a few simple lines that we’ve been dying to know the whole story ever since. Even the Bothans themselves only have scattered appearances throughout the Star Wars films and expanded universe, so a movie that focuses on an alien race rather than a cast of human characters would really stand out.

#3: A Yoda Story

One of the oldest characters in the “Star Wars” universe, Yoda has played a major role in various movies, TV shows, and other media. At the end of the day, though, what do we really know about this Jedi master? Where did he learn about the force? Where did his race come from? All of these questions could be answered in a Yoda origin story. Of course if Disney wants to keep his backstory mostly clouded in mystery, Yoda is still nine-hundred years old, so that’s a lot of space to develop a stand alone adventure without needed to delve too deep into his origins.

#2: Boba Fett Solo Film

The amount of attention this bounty hunter has received over the years is amazing considering his minor appearances and less than graceful demise in the original trilogy. Still, he’s arguably the coolest character in the franchise, and of all the possible spinoffs on this countdown, a standalone Boba Fett movie is the most likely to get off the ground. Back in 2013, it was announced that Disney and Lucasfilm were conceiving an anthology film about everyone’s favorite bounty hunter. His rumored solo film would reportedly take place sometime during the original trilogy, although it is entirely possible he survived his dip into the Sarlacc pit.

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

The Knights of Ren

The Hutt-Father

#1: Young Obi-Wan Kenobi Story

Obi-Wan Kenobi is one of the most prevalent characters in the “Star Wars” universe. In the prequel trilogy, we see him evolve from a shy Padawan into a wise Jedi Master. In the original trilogy, we see him as an old man ready to pass the torch to a new generation. You wouldn’t think that there’d be much left to do with the character. Yet, none of the “Star Wars” movies have really delved into Obi-Wan’s upbringing. Imagine a prequel that reveals how he learned the ways of the force from Qui-Gon Jinn. It’d be equally interesting to see a film about his years as a hermit on Tatooine. In any case, this is definitely the spinoff we’re looking for.

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