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VOICE OVER: Geoffrey Martin WRITTEN BY: Geoffrey Martin
PC games in the palm of your hand! Welcome to MojoPlays, and today we're counting down our picks for the ten best games to check out on Steam Deck for some gaming on the go. Our list includes “Hades” (2020), “Resident Evil 4 Remake” (2023), “Hollow Knight” (2017), “Hogwarts Legacy” (2023), “Cyberpunk 2077” (2020) and more!

The 10 Best Steam Deck Games

Welcome to MojoPlays, and today we’re counting down our picks for the ten best games to check out on Steam Deck for some gaming on the go.

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“Hades” (2020)

Hades might just be one of the best roguelikes out there, one that offers incredibly engaging action-combat, swift traversal, bountiful upgrades, a beautiful and timeless art style, and a fun, epic narrative. Roguelikes are some of the best games to have on a handheld system given their pick-up-and-play nature, and, of course, Hades is no different. This is one of the games that can satiate a quick gameplay bite or it can eat up multiple hours of your time. Inspired by Greek mythology, you step into the shoes of Zagreus as he claws, slashes, and dashes his way through the underworld in hopes of attaining freedom. Chatting with other Greek gods, learning new powers and abilities from them, and mastering each new run through the varied dungeons are just some of the highlights in Hades. It’s a real treat of a game that deserves your time and attention.

“Resident Evil 4 Remake” (2023)

If you want to discuss behemoths of the survival horror genre then the RE4 remake is right up there at the top. Being able to enjoy Leon’s harrowing adventure on the go is pretty darn special, especially since this remake packs in the content so you always have something to do. If for some reason you missed out on the OG 2005 version of Resident Evil 4 then you need to hop into this souped up remake since it remains faithful to its roots while still offering in just enough new things to make it feel fresh. It’s up to Leon to rescue the president’s daughter, Ashley Graham, from the terrifying grip of the Las Plagas infected villagers who are being controlled by Los Illuminados, a creepy cult that is clearly up to no good. The RE4 remake is a deliciously intense and ominous game that will keep you glued to your Steam Deck as you cower under the covers.

“Hollow Knight” (2017)

How crazy is it that the beloved indie hit Hollow Knight still manages to be part of the gaming zeitgeist, even after releasing way back 2017? Such is the power and presence of this dark, moody, and highly engrossing Metroidvania that sees you guide an armor-clad bug Knight all throughout Hallownest. Hallownest is brimming to the gills with creepy denizens who seek to send the Knight to his demise. While it’s true that Hollow Knight is the epitome of Metroidvania greatness, it’s also a game that throws in its fair share of Soulslike shenanigans in the form of the meticulously designed and utterly challenging combat, especially when it comes to the game’s many, many bosses. Add in some tough platforming gauntlets, cryptic world design, esoteric themes, and unique characters, and you have a game that is ready to sink its teeth into you should you be up for the challenge. Just make sure to save up your Geo in order to become a bug-force to be reckoned with.

“Stardew Valley” (2016)

Cozy, life-sim farming games and handheld gaming go perfectly hand-in-hand, a true definition of a match made in heaven. While the number of cozy farming games seems to increase each and every year, there’s one that acts as a pinnacle for the genre, a beacon for all others to look to. Ya, you guessed it… of course it’s Stardew Valley. Solo dev Eric Barone, aka ConcernedApe, truly knocked it out of the park with this gem of a game. You can quite literally play Stardew for hundreds upon hundreds of hours (if not more) building up the farm of your dreams, raising all manner of animals, befriending the locals of Pelican Town, getting married and starting a family, battling buffoons with a variety of weapons, and exploring the gorgeous world to your heart’s content. It’s a purely wholesome and engaging game that can be enjoyed by yourself or with others in multiplayer. Stardew Valley is just one of those games that will stick in your heart and mind for the long haul and will always put a big smile on your face.

“Hogwarts Legacy” (2023)

For us Harry Potter fans, Hogwarts Legacy is a thing dreams are made of. Sure, there have been countless Harry Potter games over the years to play, but none have enchanted players in quite the same way as Hogwarts Legacy. This game is a cornucopia of magical, whimsical Harry Potter goodness packed into a robust open-world RPG where you play as a brand-new fifth-year student at the renowned school of witchcraft and wizardry. While some of the RPG elements leave something to be desired, it’s the way in which the game just allows you to completely immerse yourself in its lovingly crafted world, especially as you explore Hogwarts Castle, the Quidditch pitch, Hogsmeade, the Forbidden Forest, and more. This is a game made by a team that loves the source material and sought to bring every ounce of charm from both the books and the movies to life in video game form, and to that end, it unequivocally succeeds. Its spell-based combat is flashy, frenetic, and fun, the quests and story are a joy to engage with, the characters are well-written and interesting, and the world is just a joy to behold, with something fun to do around every magical corner.

“Dave the Diver” (2023)

Apart from the Nintendo Switch, the Steam Deck truly is the place to be for indie games. Enter Dave the Diver, an incredibly robust and unique indie game that is one part action-adventure, one part fishing, one part restaurant management, and all parts vibrant pixel art sushi-infused oceanic narrative adventure. It’s a game that packs in so many different elements that all work perfectly independently but come together cohesively to ensure you are hooked (yes, pun very much intended) to its core gameplay loop. You see, Dave, our eponymous portly diver, must quite literally make the catch of seafood for the day in order to run his sushi restaurant by night and make delicious and delectable meals that his customers will enjoy. The loop of being able to go on diving sessions for unique and varied fish, solve puzzles to open up new areas to explore, find new means of fishing, and eventually use all of your hard work from the day to grow and expand the sushi restaurant alongside chef Bancho, ensures you are always progressing. Toss in some witty dialogue, charming characters, and an engaging overarching story, and you are in for a good time with this one on Steam Deck.

“Cyberpunk 2077” (2020)

Cyberpunk 2077 is in a fantastic place, with CD Projekt Red having poured copious amounts of energy into what started out as a broken, buggy, abysmal mess. Instead of continuing to beat the very much dead horse that is this game’s launch, it’s best to focus on the product we now have after all the attention put into it. You see, Cyberpunk 2077 is a gargantuan, meaty RPG that immerses you fully into its seedy, gritty, cybernetic underworld. Night City is home to some dark and macabre happenings especially when it comes to gangs, surveillance, augmentations, and omnipresent dominating corporations. While the neon-drenched city might make you think it’s all fun and games, it’s clear you have your work cut out for you. Being able to create and shape your very own near-future, cybernetic protagonist who takes on the streets of Night City is what helps sell this experience, since, after all, it’s up to you and the pals you meet to make this life better for everyone. Between great combat, in-depth RPG elements, a unique cityscape, and excellent DLC, Cyberpunk 2077 is a real treat on the go.

“Elden Ring” (2022)

What a special time we live in where you can take one of the very best open-world dark fantasy RPGs with you on the go. Yep, Elden Ring on Steam Deck is truly a dream come true. FromSoftware managed to strike the perfect balance with this game; offering a deeply challenging experience with extensive, in-depth combat and just enough accessibility that even newcomers to Soulslike-type games can find enjoyment while progressing through the world of the Lands Between. Should you happen across a boss or area of the game that poses too much challenge, simply turn and look elsewhere, with your sights set on a new horizon. It’s guaranteed that there will be something different to engage with should you venture off the path you were on. Unlike many other Soulslike games, Elden Ring is great on the go since it allows for quick gameplay sessions as well as lengthy ones. Plus with 2024’s Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, there’s even more reason to soak up some time in Elden Ring.

“Vampire Survivors” (2022)

Oftentime, the simple things in life are some of the best things. This point is often evident in video games, and this is none truer that with the uber-affordable and endlessly engaging game, Vampire Survivors. This game has managed to stay in the limelight thanks to consistent updates from developer poncle, an easy to pick-up-and-play nature, rewarding gameplay, plenty of rewards, and even some good old fashioned multiplayer. On the surface, this top-down action bullet-hell-esque game looks rather rudimentary. Move around a play area, take out groups of baddies, level up, get stronger, rinse and repeat. Again, simplicity is key here since Vampire Survivors nails this gameplay loop, one that keeps you coming back run after run. Its bespoke set of mechanics ensure anyone can hop into the experience without much trouble. But, lasting for more than a few minutes will take lots of practice as you slay your way through hordes of supernatural denizens. This might just be the perfect game on the go.

“Baldur’s Gate 3” (2023)

Ah yes, Baldur’s Gate 3, the deeply rich and rewarding Dungeons and Dragons RPG that everyone seems to have played and loved… yep, even your dog. Developer Larian Studios might just know a thing or two about crafting in-depth RPGs given that they have been making these types of games for well over 25 years. Baldur’s Gate 3 is the true culmination of their work, showcasing a development team working at their peak and prime. If for some reason you’ve enjoyed living under a rock, BG3 is a fantasy RPG that allows players to craft and shape any sort of adventure that they want to have. Seriously… if you can think of a way to progress in this game, it’s incredibly likely that the game gives you the tools to do just that. It’s an extensive and meaty narrative experience with characters that will almost feel like family after dozens, if not hundreds of hours with them. It’s a game that lets you approach its strategic battles in any number of ways. And, it’s just a game that lets you live out a true fantasy adventure, one that packs in all manner of dice rolls, chances, luck, skill, and odd encounters to ensure it never gets stale.

So, do you agree with our picks for this list? With so many top-notch games to enjoy on Steam Deck, there are likely to be many we missed out on. Be sure to let us know down in the comments section which Steam Deck games you enjoy the most. Thank you for watching this video from MojoPlays. If you want to see more from us then be sure to press that subscribe button and ring that notification bell to stay up-to-date on our daily gaming content.