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Top 10 Most Hated Games On Steam

Script Written by Ty Richardson The Steam store has some the finest games available! However, with so many titles being introduced by both major and indie developers, it's not too surprising that they're not all that great. These games were lazily thrown together, full of bugs and glitches, and just plain boring. Today we count down the Top 10 Most Hated Games on Steam! To have your ideas turned into a WatchMojo or MojoPlays video, head over to http://WatchMojo.comsuggest and get to it!

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Top 10 Most Hated Games on Steam

Even on sale, these games aren’t worth the price of admission. Welcome to, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Hated Games on Steam!

For this list, we’re looking at the most downvoted, infamous titles to grace Steam’s store page, whether it’s because the game was broken, poorly designed, or had some shady behavior coming from their developers.

#10: “Dynasty Warriors 9” (2018)

Fans and critics frequently butt heads when it comes to judging each new “Dynasty Warriors” game. Critics take issue with the repetitive combat of the series while fans seem to really enjoy it. However, this was the game that both parties could agree was simply the worst. “Dynasty Warriors 9” attempted to integrate an open-world design, but seemingly forgot to make the game - you know - fun. The world felt empty, and the game was littered with bugs and glitches. Even the bad voice acting couldn’t redeem the game, coming off as less campy and more “trying too hard to be bad.”

#9: “Spacebase DF-9” (2014)

Of all developers, we’d never expect Double Fine Productions to make it on a list like this. “Spacebase DF-9” was a simulator game that tasked players with maintaining an environment to keep inhabitants happy and protected from alien invaders. So, how did a simple game such as this become one of the most hated games on Steam? In addition to stupid A.I. and severe lack of polish, Double Fine had taken the game out of Early Access because of poor sales. After its official launch, Double Fine would cease support for the game and release the source code for players. Basically, they gave us a broken, buggy game and called it quits.

#8: “GASP” (2015)

Hey, look! It’s a free game! Your goal is to meet other players before you run out of oxygen or get hit by too many asteroids. If you manage to successfully hold forward for the entire ten-minute journey, then yay! You won, and the game just ends. Despite having a simple goal, it still manages to be a terrible game in its awkwardly placed invisible walls and appalling physics. It may be a free game, but we want a refund for our time wasted on this game.

#7: “Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight” (2010)

Honestly, it’s not surprising to see an EA game on this list… “Tiberian Twilight” has long been considered the death of the “Command & Conquer” series. It’s a fitting reputation considering “Tiberian Twilight’s” mediocre quality. The worst part about it is that the game demands you to maintain an online connection, even for modes that don’t contain any online features. Should your connection be lost at any point, any progress made is lost. This was the game’s DRM policy, and it frustrated many players.

#6: “Infestation: Survivor Stories” [AKA “The War Z”] (2012)

“Infestation: Survivor Stories”, formerly known as “The War Z”, is practically a complete rip-off of its more successful influence, the Arma II mod that became “DayZ.” The game was an absolute mess from frequent glitches, loads of bugs, and terrible graphics. To this day, the developers are no longer supporting the game, and the forums have been shut down. You can’t even purchase the game! But, if you really want your fix, you can try “Infestation: The New Z”, which features all of the same bugs as its predecessor and includes a battle royale mode.

#5: “Day One: Garry’s Incident” (2013)

They say that any kind of publicity is good publicity. However, this isn’t always the case, and what happened with “Day One: Garry’s Incident” is a prime example. When the late John Bain (aka “TotalBiscuit”) reviewed the game, he criticized the many flaws of the game, showing various bugs and design choices that made no sense. Developer Wild Games Studio made copyright claims on his video, which led to further criticism. Needless to say, things got worse for the devs with player backlash, and eventually, the game was pulled from the store. Good riddance.

#4: “Game Tycoon 1.5” (2014)

Got a spare dollar laying around? Well, you might want to spend it on something better than “Game Tycoon 1.5”. As you work on building your own video game company, you’ll encounter a large variety of bugs and glitches such as audio loops, unresponsive controls, and frequent crashing. It’s just one massive headache of a game from the poorly explained tutorial section to the slow animations. Two years later, it somehow managed to spawn a sequel, and yet the reviews were just as scathing as its predecessor.

#3: “Airport Simulator 2014” (2013)

Simulators are starting to become a dime a dozen on Steam. However, only a small handful are worth your time, and “Airport Simulator 2014” is not one of those. Users have noted a wide variety of issues that plague the title. Where do we even begin? Graphics look outdated, the gameplay is dull, frequent crashes, and the game is covered in more bugs than a dead pigeon. In short, it’s a total scam. Even for a game that costs ten dollars, it’s not even worth clicking on.

#2: “Flatout 3: Chaos & Destruction” (2011)

We’re always happy to welcome destructive racing games since we don’t get enough of those anymore. Although, this is not what we were looking for. “Flatout 3: Chaos & Destruction” has some of the worst controls in a racing game, and its poor optimization causes the game to lag with almost every input, even at the main menu. What’s worse is the wonky and unrealistic physics engine. Crashing into cars feels like watching cardboard boxes smack against each other. With the first two “Flatout” games holding some level of quality, how did the third manage to be such a monumental waste of money?

Before we reveal our most hated pick, here are a few Dishonorable Mentions…

“Uriel’s Chasm” (2014)

“The Graveyard” (2008)

“Kinetic Void” (2014)

#1: “The Slaughtering Grounds” (2014)

Ladies and gentlemen, what you are looking at is, er...was the most notorious game to ever hit Steam’s store! “The Slaughtering Grounds” was the first game released by the infamous James and Robert Romine, aka “Digital Homicide”. This boring zombie-shooter featured extremely poor graphics, irritating music loops, and a hefty amount of asset-flipping. (Oh, and if you type in “blood splatter” on Google Images, you can easily find which images were used in the game.) The reason you can’t get the game anymore is because Digital Homicide tried to sue one hundred Steam users for “personal injury”. Valve proceeded to remove all of their games from the store.

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