Enchanted Cast: Where Are They Now?
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Enchanted Cast: Where Are They Now?

VOICE OVER: Emily Brayton WRITTEN BY: Isabelle Brown
Where is the "Enchanted" cast now? For this list, we'll be looking at our favorite actors from the 2007 film and what they've been up to in the years since. Our countdown includes James Marsden, Patrick Dempsey, Julie Andrews, and more!

Where the Cast of Enchanted Is Now

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Cast Members of “Enchanted”: Where They Are Now.

For this list, we’ll be looking at our favorite actors from the 2007 film and what they’ve been up to in the years since.

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#10: Jodi Benson

Having started on Broadway before transitioning to voice acting, one of Benson’s few on screen performances is as Sam, Robert’s secretary in “Enchanted.” Her appearance in the film is accompanied by references to her earlier work as the original voice of Ariel. The performer returned to voice acting following her live-action gig. She has often reprised her roles as Ariel and Barbie from the “Toy Story” franchise, while also taking on new ones. The actor has worked extensively with well-established production companies like Warner Bros. and Disney; in fact, in 2011, she was deemed a Disney legend. She can regularly be heard in newly released animated film, television, and video games.

#9: Julie Andrews

As an established musical legend by the time this movie came out, Andrews’s role as the narrator is kind of an Easter egg. She can be heard at the beginning and end of the movie, and her lines are reminiscent of classic fairy tales. After the film, she went on to play Lily, the Head Fairy in “Tooth Fairy” with Dwayne Johnson. She also voiced characters in more than one beloved animated franchise, playing Queen Lillian in the “Shrek” series and Gru’s mom in “Despicable Me” movies. In the 2020s, she’s been heard narrating a different kind of story. From recounting a fairy tale to spreading Regency era gossip, she’s the voice of the elusive Lady Whistledown in Netflix’s steamy show “Bridgerton.”

#8: Rachel Covey

Covey was less than ten years old when she played Morgan, Robert’s daughter in the 2007 film. Although she appeared in a 2016 episode of “What Would You Do?”, she hasn’t done much professional acting work since. Instead, she’s transitioned to writing and composing. Her first full length musical “Painting Faye Salvez” was a part of the New York Musical Festival in 2017. Her second, “Noise,” got a workshop in NYC towards the end of 2022. For those wondering, no, Covey does not reprise her role in “Enchanted’s” 2022 sequel, “Disenchanted.” Instead, Morgan is played by newcomer Gabriella Baldacchino.

#7: Jeff Bennett

The “Johnny Bravo” voice actor is one of three people to be cast as Pip the chipmunk. He plays the wisecracking animated version of the furry creature in the original 2007 movie. Since then, Bennett has continued to voice act for film and television. He took over the role of Vincenzo E Kowalski for the “The Penguins of Madagascar” TV series, replacing Chris Miller from the big screen. Bennett doesn’t portray Pip in “Enchanted’s” 2022 sequel “Disenchanted.” However, he can be heard in a number of other animated works such as the film “Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers.”

#6: Idina Menzel

Before being cast as a Disney queen, Menzel played Nancy Tremaine, Robert’s girlfriend in the 2007 film. The Broadway legend said she was flattered to be cast in the originally non-singing role. In the years since, she’s been involved in all sorts of artistic endeavors. From television to theater, video games to studio albums, she is a regular actor and singer. Undoubtedly, she’s most well known as the voice of Elsa in “Frozen.” She also appeared on “Glee” as the biological mother of Rachel Berry, and in 2021’s “Cinderella” as the titular character’s step mom. She reprised her role as Nancy in 2022’s “Disenchanted.” Unlike its predecessor, the sequel puts her top notch voice to use.

#5: Timothy Spall

The English actor was well known by the time he was cast as Queen Narissa’s servant, Nathaniel. In the years following, he continued his career in film and TV. Spall has since appeared in many historical dramas, from “The King’s Speech” to “Mrs. Lowry & Son” to “Spencer.” He reprised his role as Peter Pettigrew in the Harry Potter film franchise, and voiced Bayard the Bloodhound in the live action “Alice in Wonderland” films. In one of his few non-acting gigs, he and his wife appeared in a series documenting their voyage around the British coast on a Dutch barge. Spall’s character doesn’t make a return in “Enchanted’s” 2022 sequel. However, the actor has plenty of other projects in the works for fans to enjoy.

#4: James Marsden

Since playing Prince Edward of Andalasia in “Enchanted,” the “Notebook” actor has appeared in a wide variety of genres. He’s been cast in rom-coms like “27 Dresses,” dramas like “Shock and Awe,” and action-adventure films like “Sonic the Hedgehog.” On the small screen, Marsden has been seen in comedies and tragedies alike, with roles ranging from Criss Chros in “30 Rock” to Teddy Flood in “Westworld.” The actor plays not one but two characters in the Netflix series, “Dead to Me.” He’s proven to be a versatile actor. Luckily for his fans, Marsden does reprise his role as the not-too-bright prince in the 2022 film “Disenchanted.”

#3: Susan Sarandon

The award-winning actress tapped into her wicked side as the evil queen of Andalasia for the 2007 Disney movie. Since then, she’s continued to work in film and television. Some of her more recent roles include Grandma Lynn in “The Lovely Bones” and Janet Good in “You Don't Know Jack.” She also starred in a single season of an FX anthology series, playing Bette Davis at the point of her feud with Joan Crawford. Besides acting, Sarandon has gotten involved with documentary making. She’s held roles on both sides of the camera, as an interviewee, narrator, and executive producer. She does not make a reappearance in the 2022 Disney sequel, “Disenchanted.” If you’ve seen the first movie, then you know why.

#2: Patrick Dempsey

Having gained popularity as Doctor Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd, Dempsey is considered a modern Prince Charming. His casting in “Enchanted” as Giselle’s real world love interest, Robert Phillip, perfectly suits this image. Following the Disney film, he was a regular on the medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy” until the end of its 11th season. He also appeared in a few romantic comedies over the years, including “Made of Honor,” “Valentine’s Day,” and “Bridget Jones’s Baby.” In addition to being an actor, Dempsey is passionate about auto racing. He has competed in events like the Rolex 24 at Daytona and Ensenada SCORE Baja 1000 off-road race. His reprisal as Robert in “Disenchanted” is his first film role since 2016.

#1: Amy Adams

Though she’d previously earned an Oscar nomination for a supporting role, Adams’s first sucess in a lead role was as the optimistic yet naive Giselle. With top notch acting skills and a voice fit for a Disney princess, she won audiences’ and critics’ hearts alike. Now a bonafide Hollywood star, she has appeared in a variety of film genres, from musicals to historical dramas to sci-fis. She’s been nominated for an Academy Award 6 separate times. As for her work in television, her performance as a distressed journalist in the HBO miniseries “Sharp Objects” garnered praise. In 2017, Adams received her Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She reprises her role as the Andalasian maiden in the 2022 sequel “Disenchanted,” which premiered 15 years after the first.