Top 10 Disney References & Easter Eggs in Disenchanted
Trivia Top 10 Disney References & Easter Eggs in Disenchanted



Top 10 Disney References & Easter Eggs in Disenchanted

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"Disenchanted" has a ton of references and Easter Eggs to Disney's vast catalog! For this list, we'll be looking at the best callbacks to other Disney classics in this highly-awaited sequel. If you haven't seen the movie, consider this your spoiler alert. Our countdown includes Wand-erful References, Cinder-Gisella, Alan Tudyk Is Back Again, and more!
Script written by Tal Fox

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Disney References and Easter Eggs in Disenchanted. For this list, we’ll be looking at the best callbacks to other Disney classics in this highly-awaited sequel. If you haven’t seen the movie, consider this your spoiler alert. Did you spot any Disney Easter eggs that didn’t make our list? Enchant us with your findings in the comments.

#10: Opening Scene

The creators wasted no time in offering a treasure trove of Disney Easters Eggs from the moment the movie begins. As the multiplane camera sweeps through Andalasia, we see the Royal family from “Sleeping Beauty” crossing a bridge. Also, did you spot “the baker with his tray like always?” How about the young lady reading her book to sheep in a nod to “Beauty and the Beast?” Oh, look! And there’s the troll who chased Giselle in the first film. And like every iconic Disney princess (or almost princess), our protagonist surrounds herself with woodland animals and a warthog? Pumbaa, is that you? Of course, it wouldn’t be a Disney classic if it didn’t start with a storybook.

#9: Broadway Disney Royalty

One for you Broadway aficionados out there! While watching "Disenchanted," did you hear someone sing or speak and think, "hey, that voice sounds familiar!" Well, just like the first film pays homage to Disney Princesses, the sequel gives a shout-out to actors who brought magical tales to the Great White Way. Robert rides the train with Ann Harada, who played a step-sister in "Rodgers + Hammerstein's Cinderella" and Jack's mom in "Into the Woods." They're joined by two other commuters played by James Monroe Iglehart, the original Genie in Broadway's "Aladdin" and Michael McCorry Rose, who played Fiyero in "Wicked." The trio even opens Morgan's solo "Perfect" later in the movie.

#8: Wand-erful References

The film's entire premise revolves around the Andalasian wishing wand gifted to baby Sophia by Edward and Nancy. Giselle does what many Disney characters do best and makes a wish; only hers doesn't quite go as planned. Anyway, the wishing wand is a nod to two animated Disney legends, Cinderella's Fairy Godmother and the Blue Fairy from "Pinocchio." Like the wands that came before it, this one is designed to give its user their heart's greatest desire. Giselle wants her fairytale life back and almost destroys her home kingdom with her world-altering wish. But, when she goes full villain mode, we start to understand why Genies put a cap on their wishes.

#7: Nancy & Elsa Sound Alike

One thing we wished for from an "Enchanted" sequel was to hear Idina Menzel's powerful vocals. Luckily, with "Love Power," our wish was Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz's command, and, as a bonus, they filled it with magical Easter eggs. The melody features a chord progression that resembles the music featured during the transformation scene toward the end of "Beauty and the Beast." Also, some of the visuals surrounding the memory tree give us real "Pocahontas" vibes, which is another flick with music composed by Menken. However, the most obvious nod is arguably this lyric. We see what you did there, Mr. Schwartz; how very on the nose!

#6: Alan Tudyk Is Back Again

Even if you don't recognize his name, you almost definitely know his voice. Tudyk is a voice acting legend who, as of 2022, has appeared in every Disney animated movie since his inaugural role as King Candy in 2012's "Wreck-It-Ralph." Some of his other credits include the Duke of Weselton in "Frozen," Duke Weaselton in "Zootopia," Heihei in "Moana," Pico the Toucan in "Encanto," and now Scroll in "Disenchanted." Tudyk is considered Disney's good luck charm, so perhaps if Giselle had consulted his character before making her wish, some of his good fortunes would've rubbed off on her. As always, the voice actor gives a memorable performance; he's really on a scroll!

#5: Fairytale Life (After the Spell) Has More References Than We Could Have "Guest"

After Giselle’s wish turns Monroeville into Monrolasia, her morning begins in typical Disney fairytale fashion with a song and a dance. The household appliances get involved à la “Be Our Guest” from “Beauty and the Beast.” Morgan then comes down the stairs with a “Happy Working Song” verse, accompanied by an enchanted broomstick much like the one Mickey conjures up in the “Fantasia.” Even Pip’s excitable declaration after learning he can talk is a nod to Sebastian from “The Little Mermaid.” Giselle then joins the other townspeople as they sing about their enchanted lives. By the time she joins their kick line, they’re quite literally asking us to “Be [Their] Guest” in this Easter Egg hunt.

#4: Monrolasia Shops

The film creators snuck in so many Disney references you’d probably need several rewatches to catch them all. During your third or fourth viewing, pay close attention to the store names as they offer a wealth of nods. We’d love to explore the aisles at “A Whole Food World” or browse the shelves at “Beauty and the Book.” You can also find “Mary Popover’s Bakery,” “Smee’s Cheese,” “The Royal Sip,” and so many more. Giselle takes Morgan dress shopping in a bittersweet callback to their spree from the first movie, and some of the garments on sale look awfully familiar. Later, when Giselle visits the market, we hear a merchant call out “sugar dates, figs, and pistachios,” which is practically lifted from “Aladdin.”

#3: Perfect "Little Town"

Did you notice that when Morgan wanders through Monrolasia, some of the townsfolk are very friendly while others look at her like she doesn’t belong there? Sound like any other Disney character you know? The “Beauty and the Beast” references don’t end there either. We can’t help but notice that Malvina’s son Tyson shares Gaston’s fashion sense and even has a group of mean girls practically drooling over him. Luckily for Morgan, the similarities end there. Meanwhile, she sings about wanting “more than this provincial life” as she strolls through the village. At one point, in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, she channels another Disney princess who also dreams of being part of another world.

#2: Cinder-Gisella

Do you recall Nancy's last name? If you said Tremaine, gold star for you. However, it's Giselle who shares more qualities with the wicked stepmother, from a practically identical list of chores to ruining Morgan's dress and locking her in her room. Pip even takes on the role of catty sidekick in homage to Lucifer. Meanwhile, Morgan channels Cinderella from her tower bedroom to her choice of gown for the festival. Later, she even gets to recreate Disney's most iconic dress transformation. It's a perfect fit for Tyson, who seems to be embodying Prince Charming. Also, Rosaleen and Ruby's gowns are unmistakable callbacks to Cinderella's stepsisters. And, of course, the midnight deadline is a nod to both "Cinderella" and "Enchanted."

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#1: "Badder" & Malvina's Villainous Cabinet

They always say that villains get the best song, and this time is no different. But while the melody is practically entrancing, there are plenty of deliciously evil Easter eggs to look out for. For instance, did you hear the shout-outs to villainous legends like Maleficent and Cruella? And check out Malvina’s cabinet of evil! Yes, Malvina, a poison apple is very cliché, and we’re not sure Giselle would fall for it twice. However, there are plenty of other choices, including a spinning wheel, a bottle labeled “Drink Me,” and is that a rose under a glass dome we spy? There is nothing bad about this collection of references. In fact, every newly uncovered Disney callback has us even more “Enchanted.”

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