Side by Side Comparisons of The Crown Season 5 Cast VS Real-Life Royals
Trivia Side by Side Comparisons of The Crown Season 5 Cast VS Real-Life Royals



Side by Side Comparisons of The Crown Season 5 Cast VS Real-Life Royals

VOICE OVER: Emily Brayton WRITTEN BY: Tal Fox
Watching "The Crown" Season 5, we're not sure what's real and what's a recreation. For this list, we'll be looking at Royal events, characters, and famous moments and seeing how accurately they've been replicated in “The Crown's” fifth season. Our countdown includes Prime Minister John Major, the revenge dress, the Annus Horribilis speech, and more!

Side by Side Comparsions of The Crown Season 5 vs Real Life Royals

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re looking at the Side-by-Side Comparisons of The Crown Season 5 Vs. Real Life Royals.

For this list, we’ll be looking at Royal events, characters, and famous moments and seeing how accurately they’ve been replicated in “The Crown’s” fifth season.

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#9: Labour Wins the 1997 General Election

In 1997 the New Labor party led by Tony Blair won the general election by a landslide, ending the Conservatives’ 18-year hold on no.10. In the final episode, we see Mr. Blair deliver his victory speech with his wife Cherie by his side. Although it’s a brief scene, “The Crown” does a decent job of recreating the moment. Blair speaks to his supporters from a platform with red banners on either side, indicating the party’s colors. They also used snippets from the real PM’s speech, most notably his opening statement about a new dawn breaking and the promise to govern as “New Labor.” As far as character introductions go, this one is pretty spot on.

#8: Prince Charles Breakdancing
“The Way Ahead”

If you thought you heard us say “Breakdancing,” you would be correct. In 1985 the Prince attended an event thrown by his charity, The Prince’s Trust, which campaigns to help at-risk youths. During the event, a group of young breakdancers urge the royal to take a spin on the dance floor. As you can see in the actual footage and reenactment, the Prince is initially reluctant to bust a move. However, he soon loosens up, and he’s actually not too bad, although we don’t see a dance career in his future either. Dominic West puts his best foot forward to recreate this now viral moment which is accompanied by text educating viewers about the charity.

#7: A Fire Tears Through Windsor Castle
“Annus Horribilis”

In 1992 a faulty light ignited a fire that ravaged much of Windsor Castle, contributing to the Queen’s “Annus Horriblis.” The fire supposedly blazed for about 15 hours, destroying 115 rooms and, unfortunately, some priceless art. Like many watching the news on that fateful day, “The Crown” uses television reports to document the devastation. We imagine that seeing this moment recreated brought back the horror and sadness that enveloped many back then. The Queen wasn’t present when the blaze began, but she did visit shortly after, as the show portrays. “The Crown” shows well-documented footage of the fire and subsequent destruction. However, it also offers a more personal perspective; after all, this was a special place for the royal family.

#6: Prime Minister John Major

Jonny Lee Miller underwent an incredible transformation to become Margaret Thatcher’s successor, John Major. The grey hair with the side parting and big round glasses are a perfect match, but some viewers believe Miller is a little too hot for the role. Nevertheless, the actor shared how he’d discovered a new appreciation for the “very misunderstood” Conservative leader, which he hoped to relay in his performance. Still, if you put the two versions side-by-side, it’s remarkable how well Miller embodies him. Talk about doing your homework and going for extra credit! Let’s just hope Major appreciates the actor’s efforts since he’s already clarified his feelings about the series.

#5: Mohamed Al-Fayed & Princess Diana
“Mou Mou”

The paparazzi were relentless when it came to Diana and her new beau Dodi Al-Fayed. We imagine that much of that could be covered in the final season. However, in season five, “The Crown” attempted to recreate the moment Diana met Dodi’s father, Mohamed, at a polo match. This scene seems to be a mishmash of other well-documented Princess Di moments. It’s true that she met the senior Al-Fayed at a polo match, but she was supposedly there supporting her then-husband, who was playing alongside her future lover. Her lilac ensemble resembles an outfit she wore during a trip to Washington in June 1997. So while side-by-side, they’re not an exact match, you can definitely see the inspirations.

#4: Prince Charles Admits to Infidelities
“The Way Ahead”

In 1994, Prince Charles sat with political pundit Jonathan Dimbleby to discuss his private life and public duties. At one point during their conversation, Dimbleby asked the royal if he’d adhered to his vows during his marriage to Diana. “The Crown” opted to include this groundbreaking moment since it led to several momentous events, including a specific dress we’ll return to in a moment. When you put the two scenes side-by-side, it’s clear that the show set its own spin on the event, and West made some acting choices that weren’t 100 percent reflective of reality. Still, the crux of the interview is prevalent, his confession is consequential, and as we know, its aftermath was colossal.

#3: The Revenge Dress
“The Way Ahead”

We can’t be the only ones who saw Elizabeth Debicki in the trailer wearing that little black dress and had to do a double-take. The Princess made heads turn when she wore the iconic outfit designed by Christina Stambolian to a Vanity Fair fundraiser at Kensington Gardens. It became a cultural phenomenon as Diana delivered a loud and bold statement without uttering a single word. No pressure on the costume team or anything. Debicki revealed that following her casting announcement, she’d received many messages asking if the slinky off-the-shoulder number would make an appearance. It really is that famous. Needless to say, everyone involved understood the importance and power of the dress, and we’re incredibly impressed.

#2: The Annus Horribilis Speech
“Annus Horribilis”

In the words of Queen Elizabeth II. Although it was the year she celebrated her Ruby Jubilee, marking 40 years on the throne, it was also the year three of her children’s marriages broke down, and a fire severely damaged Windsor Castle. The Queen delivered her Annus Horribilis Speech at London’s Guildhall to commemorate this bittersweet milestone in her reign. While Imelda Stauton certainly looks the part, and the speeches start off identical, “The Crown” quickly goes off-script with their own take on the monologue. You’ll also notice that the real Queen’s voice is much hoarser, supposedly due to a cold and smoke inhalation from inspecting the damage at Windsor. It’s not a complete deviation, but it’s not a mirror image, either.

#1: The Controversial “Panorama” Interview

The very recreation of this interview has been deemed controversial by critics, especially after recent investigations, but how accurate is it? Showrunners condensed Princess Diana’s almost hour-long conversation with Martin Bashir into roughly four minutes, focusing on the most infamous revelations. Well, we can tell you that the set is more or less the same, and Diana’s outfit is spot on. However, Debicki puts on an uncanny performance. Her voice and intonation are perfect; she lowers her gaze and gives shy smiles at all the right moments. She even reenacts the famous “three people in this marriage” quote so brilliantly that it could’ve been lifted straight out of the 1995 interview.