Top 10 Stars You Forgot Were on The Vampire Diaries
Trivia Top 10 Stars You Forgot Were on The Vampire Diaries



Top 10 Stars You Forgot Were on The Vampire Diaries

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How could we forget that these stars were on "The Vampire Diaries." For this list, we'll be looking at the best celebrity appearances on the supernatural drama that completely slipped our minds. Our countdown includes McKenna Grace, Adina Porter, Stephen Amell, and more!

Top 10 Stars You Forgot Were on The Vampire Diaries

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Stars You Forgot Were on The Vampire Diaries.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the best celebrity appearances on the supernatural drama that completely slipped our minds.

Which forgotten guest star has you compelled to rewatch the series? Let us know in the comments!

#10: Jaz Sinclair
“What Are You” & “I Was Feeling Epic”

The final season of the series saw this future Netflix star play Beatrice, one of the Bennet Coven’s powerful ancestors. Appearing in flashbacks to the 18th century, her character gave viewers a history lesson on what it takes to prevent the unleashing of hell. A later episode marked Beatrice’s last moment, though her end was not as grim as other less fortunate guest stars. Concluding a two-episode stint in epic fashion, she joined Bonnie and Sheila in spirit form to fight back raging hellfire. It was all we would see of Beatrice Bennett, but not of Jaz Sinclair as a witch, given that she’d go on to star as Roz in “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” shortly after her time on “TVD”.

#9: Mckenna Grace
“Stay” & “Let Her Go”

At just 15 years old, Mckenna Grace has made a name for herself in film and TV with notable performances in “Captain Marvel” and “The Haunting of Hill House”, among others. But, at an even younger age, the actress starred as the child version of Caroline Forbes in visions Caroline gifted to her dying mother. The two-episode showing was one of Grace’s earlier acting gigs, so we weren't quick to recognize her back when season 6 aired. Not to mention, we were also too busy sobbing over the heartbreaking circumstances of her scenes to pay any mind to the actress playing the fleeting role.

#8: David Gallagher
“The Birthday” & “The Hybrid”

Better known for starring as Simon Camden on the family series, “7th Heaven”, Gallagher popped up in Mystic Falls looking a lot less wholesome. Portraying a werewolf named Ray, the actor appeared in the premiere of season 3 and made a quick exit thanks to failed experimentation. Dishing on his guest role in an interview, the actor disclosed that he had actually read for the major parts of Damon and Stefan during casting. That clearly didn’t work out, but the actor was happy to return to the show, even if it wasn’t for super long.

#7: Adina Porter
“We'll Always Have Bourbon Street”

No stranger to vampirism, this recurring “True Blood” actress guest-starred as a New Orleans witch, Nandi LaMarche. After Damon visited her herbal shop and persistently asked for a spell, Nandi easily used her magic to get rid of him. We might not have known it at the time, but Porter’s passing moment as a witch was just a taste of how powerful the actress could truly be. Later playing Indra, a fierce warrior in the CW hit, “The 100”, and holding recurring roles in the popular “American Horror Story” series, Porter followed up her “TVD” cameo with greater proof of her badassery.

#6: Rick Cosnett

Cosnett’s run on the series outlasted many of his fellow guest stars. Starring in 12 consecutive season 5 episodes as Dr. Wes Maxfield, the actor was Elena’s college professor with an unsettling side job. The vampire-obsessed scientist unethically conducted torturous experiments on the undead, solidifying himself as an antagonist with an inevitable demise. Considering he held Elena captive as one of his test subjects, it's no shock that Wes’ time on the show expired at the hands of a vengeful Damon. But not long after his exit, Cosnett went on to assume a better known, more impressionable role in another CW favorite, “The Flash”, as Eddie Thawne.

#5: Gabby Douglas
“My Brother’s Keeper”

One of the more surprising guest appearances was that of U.S. Olympian, Gabby Douglas. The world-class gymnast wasn’t a professional actress, but her star quality and love for the series gained her a minimal role in one episode of season 4. The role was so minor that her character wasn't even named; she simply helped Caroline decorate for the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant and was never seen again. But, no matter how brief, Douglas gushed about her time on set with some of her favorite actors, who were equally as excited to meet the gold medalist. Iconic images of Douglas and the cast captured behind the scenes are certainly more memorable than the hasty cameo.

#4: Gina Torres

With a wide-ranging repertoire in film and TV, Torres regularly nails whichever roles she takes on. For her appearance on the vampire drama, she deviated from the persona of her more well-known character as a managing partner on “Suits” to play Bree, a bar managing witch who had a romantic history with Damon. But, she wasn’t just Damon’s ex; she was also a loyal friend to the late Lexi, one of his murder victims. Her loyalty ended up being the cause of her demise, as Damon would eventually realize the witch had made a call detailing his scandalous killing. To no surprise, Damon rudely ripped his ex’s heart out, thus putting an end to Torres’ short-lived cameo.

#3: Courtney Ford
“Bad Moon Rising”

Whether you know her as Portia from “True Blood”, Nora from “Legends of Tomorrow”, or one of many other notable roles, Courtney Ford can act. And the show’s creators were keen to showcase the actress’ abilities, even if only for one episode. Assuming the role of Vanessa Monroe, she was a well-informed Duke student who guided Alaric, Damon, and Elena in their search for answers about the sun and moon curse after a slight misunderstanding involving a crossbow. We would have loved to see more of Ford, but perhaps juggling roles on both “True Blood” and “TVD” would have proven too gruesome for the actress.

#2: Stephen Amell
“Daddy Issues” & “Crying Wolf”

Prior to becoming a mainstay superhero on the CW as Oliver Queen, Stephen Amell had a turn in the vampire drama as Brady, an ill-intentioned werewolf. He spent his short time in Mystic Falls plotting revenge with Jules, tormenting Caroline, and threatening Elena. So, essentially, he was asking for serious trouble from the Salvatore brothers. Not one to play around with Elena’s safety, Stefan put the problematic wolf down and capped off Amell’s stint on the show at just two episodes. Luckily, his eight-season run as “Arrow’s” vigilante is nowhere near as forgettable.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Melissa Ponzio, “The Turning Point”
The “Teen Wolf” Star Made an Appearance Quickly Ended by Bloodlust

Sammi Hanratty, Various
Pivoting From the Disney Channel, Hanratty Played Newly Turned Vampire Violet Fell

Allison Scagliotti, Various
The Former Mindy Crenshaw Played Georgie, an Unfortunate Victim of Seline

Sean Faris, Various
Continuing His Work on Teen Dramas, Faris Appeared as Ben Before Being Killed Off

#1: Hayley Kiyoko
“I Know What You Did Last Summer”

We know Kiyoko today as an accomplished artist with versatile talents. The singer, songwriter, actress, and LGBTQ+ icon and activist is widely distinguishable across the globe. But, before her career reached these heights, Kiyoko was Megan King, an unlucky freshman roommate of Elena and Caroline who didn’t even survive a full episode. Disney Channel fans might have recognized her from “Lemonade Mouth” but, considering the level of stardom Kiyoko has achieved since, it's understandable that we would have forgotten about her 5 minutes as yet another vampire victim to add to “TVD’s” ever increasing death toll.