Top 10 YouTube Videos That Broke The Internet
Trivia Top 10 YouTube Videos That Broke The Internet



Top 10 YouTube Videos That Broke The Internet

VOICE OVER: Callum Janes WRITTEN BY: Andy Hammersmith
These YouTube videos broke the internet! For this list, we'll be looking at the most famous viral videos that were all anyone could talk about for months! Our countdown includes “10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman”, Bill Gates ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Yanny vs. Laurel, and more!

Top 10 YouTube Videos That Broke the Internet

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 YouTube Videos That Broke the Internet.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most famous viral videos that were all anyone could talk about for months!

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#10: Skateboarding Dog (2007)


This 2007 video features the athletic stylings of a French bulldog named Tillman. As one of the coolest canines around, he captured the attention of many YouTube viewers in the early years of the website! Not only could he stand and balance himself, he could also ride a board better than most amateurs. To think that the moment is completely genuine made this bulldog an absolute superhero at the skatepark. Beyond his original exploits on YouTube, he actually managed to secure the Guiness World Records for "Fastest 100 m on a skateboard by a dog." In a long line of impressive animal tricks on the internet, Tillman’s talents shine brighter than most.

#9: Kids Interrupt BBC Interview (2017)

BBC News

Professor Robert Kelly never thought working from home would lead to this kind of attention. In a BBC interview, his comments on South Korean politics are quickly sidetracked by unlikely visitors. Leading the charge, his older daughter struts inside, doing an adorable little dance–one of the many things that makes this video hilarious. His younger child is quick to follow and it’s safe to say Kelly is rather embarrassed. Luckily, the BBC interviewer takes the moment in stride and the two laugh it off, just as Kelly’s wife swoops up the kids in an athletic move that would probably make most pro athletes jealous. Emphasizing the pros and cons of a home office, this viral moment is both endlessly cute and a happy accident.

#8: “10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman” (2014)

Rob Bliss

Few videos retain the same power and timeliness of their first release that this one does. This account of a woman walking through New York City captivated the internet upon its release. It’s a basic set-up and a basic concept, but its results are undeniably provoking. A regular woman strolls through neighborhoods of NYC as dozens of men approach and call out to her, demonstrating the reality that so many women face on the daily. Though the video renewed the discussion about catcalling and verbal harassment, some also criticized the video for its generalizations, while others cited its potential slant towards showing mostly colored men in a negative light. At the very least, it generated a much-needed conversation about personal boundaries and misogyny.

#7: Double Rainbow (2010)


Nobody in history has been more excited about rainbows than this man. One day in 2010, Paul Vasquez spotted a double rainbow in the sky and filmed it. Pretty simple, right? But, the result is a relentlessly positive observation full of classic lines. While Vasquez's reaction was parodied many times, the original video just has this wholesome vibe that can't be beaten. Whether or not it was intended as a statement about nature, the video is a wonderful appreciation of the world around us, one that clearly struck a chord with millions of viewers on YouTube. While the uploader has since passed away, his lasting contribution to internet history won’t be forgotten.

#6: Antoine Dodson Autotune Mix (2010)


In 2010, Antoine Dodson famously delivered the performance of a lifetime in a local news interview about an intruder attacking his sister. His candid reaction to the event went viral, and so did an auto-tuned remix by the Gregory Brothers. With its funny take on 2010s music trends, it's exactly the kind of video that you never knew you wanted. Dodson’s delivery is already entertaining in the original video, but the song version manages to bring it to another level. To top it all off, the track even made an appearance on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. While some might find it ridiculous, most viewers recognize the remix's unexpected genius as a hilarious reinterpretation of the interview.

#5: ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (2014)

Bill Gates

After being nominated by Mark Zuckerberg, fellow billionaire Bill Gates offers up his own spin on the ALS charity videos and not without a dramatic montage for emphasis. He comes up with a water-dumping contraption with the intention to “do it better than it’s ever been done.” For being a tech mogul with loads of cash, Gates approaches the video in a self-effacing way. Whether or not it’s his original idea, it's nice to know that he has a sense of humor about himself. On top of everything else, the piece is one of many in a chain that helps support a deserving cause. With any luck, Gates' contributions compelled more people to donate towards ALS research.

#4: “Friday” (2011)

Rebecca Black

While it wasn't the most sophisticated song ever, "Friday" quickly became an ironic and viral sensation. The creators put singer Rebecca Black in a bizarre high school simulation that feels strangely alien and misguided in many ways. For example, there's a number of odd lyrical choices including the indecisiveness of where to sit in a car. There are so many highlights, in fact, that we often forget about the strange rap verse near the end. In Black's defense, she really didn't deserve. Not only was she incredibly young at the time and her limitations as a performer might have been apparent, but it’s fair to say that the songwriters weren’t exactly assets on the project.

#3: “Harlem Shake” (2013)

Baauer & Filthy Frank

When Baauer created the track “Harlem Shake,” he likely never imagined it would take on another life as a meme. Starting with a video from Filthy Frank aka Pink Guy, a template for the next viral dance craze was born. In less than a minute, the electro tune takes on a whole different meaning. Utilizing the bass drop in the song, the YouTube personality and his costumed friends make a dramatic change in their dance moves. The deceptively easy concept and execution is the stuff of internet legend. To the delight of viewers around the world, everyone from celebrities to athletes soon took part in the trend.

#2: Yanny vs. Laurel (2018)

Katie Hetzel

It was “The Dress” argument all over again! No matter who you were at the time, you couldn't escape the talk over the "Yanny or Laurel" debate. The actual history of the audio stems from a recording of the word “laurel," found by a high school student who just wanted to do her homework. Not long after that, a divisive poll video was posted that sent people into steaming arguments. As the larger viral war raged, would-be detectives tried to justify their choice and everyone from your aunt to the president had a take on the sound. Whether you're team "laurel" or team "yanny," this is still one of the most memorable internet fights to date.

#1: “Gangnam Style” (2012)


Psy absolutely changed the music video landscape with "Gangnam Style." In a string of entertaining images, the performer delivers a beautifully chaotic performance. If people didn’t know K-pop before this song, they definitely did after seeing this visual masterpiece. The singer gallops his way into history in various locations and costumes that manage to be a constant source of joy. All these years later, it's hard not to recognize the track's impact on culture, music, and YouTube videos in general. Psy's effervescent presence pushes it into the top tier of all-time viral hits. With bold colors and wild moves, "Gangnam Style" never fails to pack a satisfying punch.