Top 20 Best Ariana Grande Songs



Top 20 Best Ariana Grande Songs

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These Ariana Grande songs will get stuck in your head. For this list, we'll be looking at the star's best tunes based on commercial performance, critical success, and fan-favorite status. Our countdown includes "In My Head," "Into You," "7 Rings," and more!

Top 20 Ariana Grande Songs

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 20 Ariana Grande Songs.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the star’s best tunes based on commercial performance, critical success, and fan-favorite status.

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#20: “34+35” (Remix) (feat. Doja Cat & Megan Thee Stallion)
“Positions” [Deluxe Edition] (2021)

“Positions” is filled with pretty string sounds, and its second single is no exception. Despite the song’s Disney-like orchestration, Grande and her co-writers decided to take a less kid-friendly path for the lyrics. With reference after reference to bedroom activities, the song marks one of the singer’s most mature tunes. But the remix featuring two of today’s most exciting rappers upped the ante. While the original music video portrayed Grande as a scientist, the second clip brought three megastars together under one roof. From ordering room service to a classic pillow fight scene, the trio’s hotel slumber party made us incredibly jealous.

#19: “In My Head”
“Thank U, Next” (2019)

Grande’s fifth album deals candidly with the topic of her previous relationships. The lead single makes matters obvious, but in other cases it’s hard to tell whom the singer is referencing. “In My Head” is one such case, with lyrics about seeing what she wants to see in a lover. Over a sparse, trap-influenced beat, Grande’s chorus vocals are vulnerable and haunting. The song wasn’t a single, but it did get a memorable visual thanks to “Vogue.” As part of Ari’s cover story, the artist appeared in a minimalistic video set in a white room. The simple clip couldn’t be more perfect for a tune about sitting alone with one’s own thoughts.

#18: “Honeymoon Avenue”
“Yours Truly” (2013)

The first song on an artist’s debut album has unique importance. Although the stakes may have been high, “Honeymoon Avenue” certainly rose to the occasion. The tune opens with sweeping strings and some intricate background vocal harmonies. By the time Ari joins in, the track is clearly headed in an adventurous direction. “Honeymoon” wasn’t released as a single, perhaps since the unusual flourishes in its production were more suited to careful listening. In any case, fans have been rewarded with live performances of the deep cut on Grande’s tours. Evidently, the singer herself has love for this underappreciated gem.

#17: “Break Up with Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored”
“Thank U, Next” (2019)

If the title track on “Thank U, Next” is a tale of growth and compassion, this is… something different. The final tune on the album finds Grande wishing her crush would get single, stat. With the help of some candid lyrics, the star makes her intentions known — and her confidence is something to behold. The song’s steamy premise comes across in the video, in which Ari pines for a guy who’s already taken. Funnily enough, his girlfriend looks quite a bit like the singer herself. Although it isn’t hinted at in the words, we see an apparent attraction blossom between the two women as well. This isn’t Ariana’s only sultry jam, but it is one of her best.

#16: “The Way” (feat. Mac Miller)

This wasn’t technically Ari’s first-ever release. However, it undoubtedly marks a pivotal moment in her come-up. One of the most heartwarming aspects of this tune is the unforgettable verse from the late Mac Miller. He and Ari would embark on a romantic relationship, which influenced some of the songstress’s later work. But on “The Way” and in its video, the duo exudes joy in a truly infectious way. With a catchy piano sample and some skyscraping vocals from Grande, the tune has everything you could want in a lead single. Comparisons to Mariah Carey abounded, but Ari was paving her own way.

#15: “Imagine”
“Thank U, Next” (2019)

This was the only promotional single from “Thank U, Next,” and it didn’t get an epic music video. However, it did get the spotlight during multiple live performances. Grande described the song as being about “a simple, beautiful love that is now (and forever) unattainable.” She also addressed how it related to the theme of denial on Instagram. Fans have speculated the song has to do with Grande’s relationship with the late Mac Miller in particular. In any case, the tune is filled to the brim with longing thanks to fantasizing about a perfect love. The song is also notable for featuring Grande’s rarely used, yet incredibly impressive, whistle register.

#14: “Side to Side” (feat. Nicki Minaj)
“Dangerous Woman” (2016)

Long before “34+35,” Grande gifted us this racy banger from her third album. “Side to Side” marked the singer’s third collaboration with the Queen of Rap, after “Bang Bang” and Minaj’s “Get On Your Knees.” The video is instantly memorable, depicting a day at a not-so-average gym with a fluorescent visual aesthetic. Although Grande’s vocals are on point, the highlight of the reggae-pop tune may be Nicki’s verse. The rapstress begins with a more laid-back flow, but speeds up to deliver zinger after zinger. She ends her feature with the line “young Ariana run pop” — and she’s still right.

#13: “No Tears Left to Cry”
“Sweetener” (2018)

Ari is never afraid to draw from diverse genres, and this lead single combines dance-pop instrumentation with elements of UK garage. Although its feel is upbeat, the song touches on tragic events that took place during Grande’s “Dangerous Woman” tour. The lyrics detail the singer’s positive mindset and an intention to move past hardships — ideas we can all take to heart. Just as memorable as the tune itself is its futuristic video. Employing a revolving hallway trick reminiscent of a Fred Astaire dance routine, the clip is both trippy and beautiful. Its wide shots of far-flung cityscapes perfectly complement the song’s epic sound.

#12: “Positions”
“Positions” (2020)

The title track from Grande’s sixth album is an ode to switching things up in relationships. To no fan’s surprise, it debuted at number one on the “Billboard” Hot 100 chart, marking the star’s fifth chart-topper. The song combines plucked strings with trap-influenced percussion, making for a laid-back listening experience. But Grande is anything but laid-back in the music video. The visual makes clear that the “position” she’s talking about is actually the presidency. As such, we see the singer in boardrooms, the Oval Office, and even the White House kitchen. Although the lyrics might seem focused on a romantic affair, the clip takes them in a new and memorable direction.

#11: “Dangerous Woman”
“Dangerous Woman” (2016)

One of Ari’s most impressive performances ever wasn’t on stage or even in the studio. Rather, it took place against a plain beige background in front of a video crew, and was posted to the artist’s YouTube. That a cappella performance of “Dangerous Woman,” the lead single from the album of the same name, helped make the tune unforgettable. The smoldering slow-jam combines Grande’s pop vocals with a soulful, mid-tempo groove. It showed off a new and more rock-oriented sound, demonstrating once again that the singer could switch between genres with ease. A searing guitar solo is just the cherry on top.

#10: “One Last Time”
“My Everything” (2014)

Grande’s second album is truly chock-full of bangers. But not every song strikes a balance between emotional sincerity and an epic sound like “One Last Time.” While Ari tenderly voices feelings of regret in the verses, she belts out a plea for love on the chorus. When it comes to capturing dramatic emotions, galloping drums and bouncy synths don’t hurt, either. The beloved tune was actually released three separate times. Firstly, it was marketed as a promo and then a regular single during the “My Everything” album cycle. Then, it took on the form of a charity single in 2017 after the tragic events of Grande’s Manchester concert. The heartfelt track remains powerful no matter its context, making it a standout in the singer’s catalog.

#9: “Breathin”
“Sweetener” (2018)

The “Sweetener” album followed some serious turmoil for Grande. It made sense, then, that its singles would spread some important messages. “Breathin” takes anxiety as its focus — not exactly typical pop song fare. But the star transforms the topic of mental health into a true banger with a danceable beat. As the singer repeats the song’s title in the chorus, it becomes an empowering affirmation. The video certainly captures the feeling of being overwhelmed, as Grande curls up on the floor of a busy train station. But in the song and its visual alike, what emerges is a feeling of hope.

#8: “Problem” (feat. Iggy Azalea)
“My Everything” (2014)

Every single off of Ari’s “My Everything” was a bonafide hit. But was any quite as replayable, or inescapable, as this duet? The tune brought the angel-voiced diva together with burgeoning hip-hop star Iggy Azalea. But we can’t forget Grande’s one-time boyfriend Big Sean, who appears in the video to boot. The song boasts a repeating saxophone line that is a true earworm. But the pre-chorus is arguably the most notable part. As Grande’s vocals build to an explosive peak, listeners might expect a hook featuring ever higher-octane singing. But instead, we’re treated to a whispered refrain from a different voice entirely. The moment makes for a pitch-perfect fake out.

#7: “7 Rings”
“Thank U, Next” (2019)

Now where do we know that melody from? The second single from “Thank U, Next” borrows heavily from “My Favorite Things,” made famous in the stage and screen versions of “The Sound of Music.” Although that Rodgers & Hammerstein-penned tune has a tone of childlike wonder, you wouldn’t know it from “7 Rings.” The trappy song is also about “retail therapy,” but Grande’s shopping list isn’t exactly full of stocking stuffers. Referencing luxuries like champagne and diamonds, the song is about making — and spending — lots and lots of money. But it’s also about friendship, and spoiling those you love. We can all get behind that, even if our budgets aren’t quite the same.

#6: “Love Me Harder” (with the Weeknd)
“My Everything” (2014)

Ari and this Canadian crooner have memorably collaborated on the likes of “Off the Table” and a remix of “Save Your Tears.” But “Love Me Harder” is the tune that kicked off their fruitful musical relationship. One of the most sultry tracks on Grande’s second album, the lyrics tell a story of upping the ante in a relationship. The lyrics are a bit more suggestive than we were used to hearing from the songstress, which made the tune feel fresh. To no one’s surprise, both singers nailed their parts, with their voices melding beautifully above throbbing synth sounds.

#5: “Break Free” (feat. Zedd)
“My Everything” (2014)

With this single, Ariana made the transition from pop-R&B songstress to bonafide dancefloor diva. With a message of coming into one’s own and embracing freedom, the tune is considered by some as an LGBTQ anthem. The EDM-influenced track features stabbing synths and a driving rhythm, while the singer shows off soaring vocals. This club hit peaked at number four on the “Billboard” Hot 100, making Grande the second-ever woman to have three top ten singles at the same time. With the space-age video embracing a futuristic theme, it was clear that the song marked an exciting departure.

#4: “God Is a Woman”
“Sweetener” (2018)

This single nabbed a Grammy nomination for Best Pop Solo Performance, and Grande’s vocal work is no doubt to thank. We always expect her to nail the high notes, but she has plenty more to show here. In addition to her quiet, rapid-fire rap-singing on this tune’s pre-chorus, the singer acts as her own choir at the song’s conclusion. Grande’s live versions of “God Is a Woman” were no less memorable. Who could forget her performance at the 2018 MTV VMAs? The star imagined an all-female version of the Last Supper, and concluded the number by bringing out her own family. Epic doesn’t even begin to cover it.

#3: “POV”
“Positions” (2020)

We love Ariana on a dance track — but boy, can she bring a ballad to life. Some critics named this R&B-tinged tearjerker as their favorite off of “Positions,” and we don’t blame them. Amidst airy textures and gorgeous harmonies, Grande sings about wanting to rediscover herself through her partner’s eyes. Although the single didn’t get the standard music video treatment, it was complemented with a lyric and dance clip. The sparse visual showcases some serious chemistry between its two leads. We don’t get to see Ari herself, but the song’s theme of unconditional and life-altering love comes through clearly.

#2: “Into You”
“Dangerous Woman” (2016)

Fingersnaps and a soft, understated vocal introduce us to this absolute banger from “Dangerous Woman.” The anticipation builds as Grande sings about her desire for her lover. By the time the chugging synths arrive, we’re already on the dance floor. The album’s second single was acclaimed by critics, and there’s no wondering why. With an earworm of a melody and co-production by hitmaker Max Martin, it’s practically unforgettable by design. Peaking at number 13, it didn’t crack the “Billboard” Hot 100 top ten. But it didn’t need to: with bonafide fan-favorite status, it will go down as one of Grande’s hardest-hitting tunes.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

“Bang Bang” (with Jessie J & Nicki Minaj), “My Everything” [Deluxe Edition] (2014)
This Trio Really Did ‘Let Us Have It’

“Right There” (feat. Big Sean), “Yours Truly” (2013)
Grande’s First Collaboration with One of Her Most Famous Exes

“Focus,” “Dangerous Woman” [Japanese Edition] (2016)
This Tune Was Scrapped as a Lead Single, But That Doesn’t Mean It’s Forgettable

“Be Alright,” “Dangerous Woman” (2016)
This Deep House-Influenced Song Made for an Uplifting Promo Single

“Baby I,” “Yours Truly” (2013)
Legendary Songwriter Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds Helped Pen This R&B-Inspired Tune

#1: “Thank U, Next”
“Thank U, Next” (2019)

Some songs make a splash, and some even dominate the charts. But others seem to affect the culture in a particularly special way. Suffice it to say, this surprise-released lead single falls into the latter category. Celebs usually try to keep their romantic lives private, but Ari flipped the script. She addressed not one, but several, breakups with high-profile figures all in one song. Most refreshingly, the tune wasn’t at all a diss track, but demonstrated gratitude and maturity instead. Plus, the video for the much-memed song referenced some iconic teen movie moments. If there’s one way to win us over, this is it.

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