The 10 HARDEST Kingdom Hearts Bosses

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Don't let the cute Disney aesthetic fool you; "Kingdom Hearts" has some tough boss battles. For this list, we'll be looking at the hardest boss encounters across the "Kingdom Hearts" trilogy. Our list includes Ansem from "Kingdom Hearts" (2002), the Grim Reaper from "Kingdom Hearts II" (2005), Dark Inferno from "Kingdom Hearts III" (2019), and more!
Script written by Aaron Brown

Don’t let the cute Disney aesthetic fool you; "Kingdom Hearts" has some tough boss battles. For this list, we'll be looking at the hardest boss encounters across the "Kingdom Hearts" trilogy. Our list includes Ansem from "Kingdom Hearts" (2002), the Grim Reaper from "Kingdom Hearts II" (2005), Dark Inferno from "Kingdom Hearts III" (2019), and more! What was the most challenging fight you faced in the Kingdom Hearts games? Unlock your heart and let us know down in the comments.


“Kingdom Hearts III (2019)

The Gummi Ship returned in Kingdom Hearts 3 in a big way and even allowed for free roam exploration in Gummi Space as well as space combat. But wait, there’s more: should you upgrade your Gummi Ship to the top speed of 200, you can enter a green whirlwind and once on the other side, come ship to ship with the Schwazgeist. The Schwazgeist has multiple health bars as well as rotating shields that can completely nullify your attacks. If you manage to survive its barrage of missiles and laser beam attacks, you might think the fight is finished, but nothing’s over till it’s over. The Schwarzgeist returns as a smaller, more nimble ship that will easily dodge your attacks in between rushing your Gummi Ship and laying down suppressive fire. Finally putting down this lightning fast satellite will test all your skills as a Gummi pilot.


“Kingdom Hearts II” (2005)

A fight not available in the original release, this battle was restored in Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix. As Sora’s Nobody, Roxas has access to many of the same abilities and attacks as Sora, which in addition to this being a one on one fight, makes him quite the evenly matched opponent. Roxas enters the fight with dual keyblades and quickly puts them to use in keeping Sora on the constant defensive. Once you manage to do enough damage, Roxas becomes increasingly desperate and aggressive, unleashing a barrage of laser attacks that sweep the battlefield and are difficult for Sora to dodge. The best strategy is to not let up and continue with your own aggressive tactics, preventing Roxas from unleashing any additional attacks.

The Grim Reaper

“Kingdom Hearts II” (2005)

First encountered when the trio heads to the world of The Pirates of the Caribbean to rescue Jack Sparrow, your first encounter with the Grim Reaper isn’t much of a challenge as his attacks are easy to dodge and he’s more inclined to go on the defensive and teleport away from damage. The second encounter however is where the true battle begins. The Grim Reaper absorbs the Aztec Gold and becomes impervious to your attacks. Only by following the button prompts to steal back the gold and return it to the treasure chest do you have any chance of finishing this fight. With Jack’s assistance and a few of his explosives, you can speed up the rate the Grim Reaper drops his booty and send him back to the briny depths. Pillage and plunder, pirates, and the victory shall be yours.


“Kingdom Hearts III” (2019)

Everything in Kingdom Hearts has been leading up to this. As if fighting numerous members of Organization XIII back to back wasn’t enough of a challenge, Xehanort himself finally steps into the ring and proves why he is the head of Organization XIII. In an unprecedented 6 different phases, Xehanort teleports Sora, Donald and Goofy within his own heart to lay down the gauntlet. While the first couple stages are fairly straightforward Kingdom Hearts boss battle fare, the 3rd phase limits the player’s abilities by forcing the showdown underwater. The challenges only ramp up in difficulty from there as Xehanort unleashes a barrage of teleportation and light based attacks, constantly keeping Sora on the back foot. Unleash your final attack with Donald and Goofy at your side and finally put an end to Xehanort once and for all.

Ice Titan

“Kingdom Hearts” (2002)

A coliseum boss fight in the original Kingdom Hearts, the Ice Titan certainly makes an entrance. Being the Ice Titan, naturally most of his attacks are ice based and the player needs to be quick to deflect the ice shards back at the Titan or risk becoming overwhelmed. It’s easy enough to avoid his shockwave attacks by hiding in the stands of the coliseum but even a couple of his ice attacks can whittle Sora’s health down to dangerous levels should he catch you off guard. Bring the Titan to his knees and do as much damage as you can as quickly as you can before he recovers, and do your best to avoid his Ice Blast attack. Rinse and repeat and you’ll melt this Titan in no time.

Anti Aqua

“Kingdom Hearts III” (2019)

As a fan favorite character and main protagonist of Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, facing a corrupted Aqua is more emotional than many other battles Sora has fought up to this point. Lost in the sea of the Dark Margin, Aqua returns and blames everyone for her transformation and corruption and is looking for revenge. Sora must take on not only Aqua but also copies of her while she teleports around the arena disappearing before Sora can land any attack. Like most bosses in Kingdom Hearts, once her health begins to get low she can unleash more powerful ultimate attacks that are more difficult to avoid. Defeating Anti Aqua cures her of her corruption and reunites her with her old friends.


“Kingdom Hearts” (2002)

The final battle in the original Kingdom Hearts, Ansem sets up what would become the staple for final boss fights within the series. Ansem, along with his Guardian, lull the player into a false sense of security at the start of the fight, only attacking with energy discs and simply taking all the damage Sora and team can dish out. The second phase is where Ansem truly unleashes all of his power. Isolating Sora from Donald and Goofy, Sora must avoid the Guardian before he is able to latch onto Sora if the player isn’t quick enough and hold him in place for Ansem’s attacks. For the final phase, Donald and Goofy rejoin the fight and Ansem and his Guardian fuse into something more akin to an end game boss from a Final Fantasy title. Hold nothing back and close the door on this boss for good.

Dark Inferno “Kingdom Hearts III (2019)

The first secret boss on our list, this is one that should probably have remained hidden. Besides his absolutely MASSIVE health bars and the fact that this is a one on one fight, the Dark Inferno will unleash an unrelenting barrage of attacks, leaving very few windows for a counterattack. You better hope you’ve gotten good at blocking because it’s one of the only ways you’re going to survive. Choose your moments and don’t be afraid to spam your magic and summon attacks for those brief moments of invulnerability. The Dark Inferno has multiple powerup moves during the fight that strengthen its attacks and also grant it new abilities you might not be prepared for. Don’t get cocky once Dark Inferno’s health is almost depleted because one wrong move can force you to start this fight all over again.

Sephiroth “Kingdom Hearts” (2002)

It’s good to know that no matter the franchise, Sephiroth is an absolute nightmare. While he does appear in Kingdom Hearts 2 as well, we’re going to focus on the optional encounter in the coliseum in Kingdom Hearts for this list. Arguably the biggest challenge in the game, Sephiroth is a fight that you don’t have a chance of winning if you enter without all of your stats maxed out, and even then your victory hangs on a wing and a prayer. Sephiroth’s speed and range of attack can do massive damage and are difficult to avoid, and he’s not above calling forth walls of flame should Sora get too close. Oh, and he also has an attack called “Heartless Angel” that will completely drain Sora’s MP and leave you with only 1 health point just in case you thought the fight was too easy.

Lingering Will

“Kingdom Hearts II” (2005)

The ultimate secret boss fight, the Lingering Will is an optional boss only available in Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Remix, and he presents such a challenge that entire wiki pages have been dedicated to him. From the start of the fight, the Lingering Will gives no heed and will immediately begin its barrage of attacks. Sora needs to make good use of his float ability and avoid not only the Lingering Will but also his drones that will hunt you relentlessly. The Lingering Will hits hard and fast, and while it does have an ultimate attack, this can actually be deflected back, giving you a small window to do as much damage as possible before the living suit of armor recovers. Stay on the move and unleash all your strongest attacks as fast as you can and whatever you do, don’t rely on Donald to heal you.