The Best Kingdom Hearts Cameos!

The Best Kingdom Hearts Cameos!

VOICE OVER: Riccardo Tucci WRITTEN BY: Trevor J Fonvergne
Kingdom Hearts is a game series all about crossovers. Some of the characters play major roles in the story or as party members while others just get short appearances and subtle nods. Join MojoPlays as we go over our favorite Kingdom Hearts crossover cameos.

Kingdom Hearts Cameos

When you’re making a game that combines both the worlds of Square-Enix and Disney, you’ve gotta squeeze every character you can get out of it. Welcome to MojoPlays and today we’ll be looking at our favourite character cameos from across the “Kingdom Hearts” series.

Zack Fair
“Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep” (2010)

Zack Fair was the mentor of “Final Fantasy VII” protagonist Cloud Strife, who died before the events of the game. As such, it’s fitting that he makes an appearance in “Birth by Sleep,” a prequel taking place ten years before the original “Kingdom Hearts”. He appears in Olympus Coliseum, and true to his character, wants to train with Phil to become a hero. Naturally, Hades takes advantage of the darkness within him in a plot to stop a young Hercules, but he’s able to overcome it with the help of our heroes. Though he fails to become a hero, he takes it in stride, always the serious yet playful mercenary we remember.

Vivi Ornitier
“Kingdom Hearts II” (2006)

Vivi is a favourite among “Final Fantasy IX” fans, and remains its only character to date to crossover into the series. He appears as a member of Seifer’s gang in Twilight Town, and exhibits all of his trademark shyness. The game has fun with his cameo though, as an imposter Vivi appears as a surprisingly challenging opponent. Later, while venturing through the tunnels, Roxas comes into contact with Vivi replicas, which he must defeat. As it turns out, they were all made of data. Not even the cameo characters can escape getting caught up the strange plot of this series.

“Kingdom Hearts II” (2006)

Before he got his own world in “Birth by Sleep,” everyone’s favourite alien troublemaker was wreaking havoc around Radiant Garden. He appears in two blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments while Sora revisits Radiant Garden. Firstly, he sneaks into Ansem’s computer room while Sora is trying to find the locations of Riku and Kairi, landing on the keyblade and indirectly transporting the trio into the computer. Later he appears as a bit less of a nuisance, helping the heroes in the Battle of the 1000 Heartless. After viewing both of these scenes, he becomes a summon that Sora can call on to help fight, but we usually called him up just to watch that cute intro.

Neku, Joshua, Shiki, Beat & Rhyme

“Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance” (2012)

It was truly pleasant surprises to see the cast of “The World Ends with You” pop up in the Kingdom Hearts universe, as they’re the first non-original characters that weren’t from Disney or “Final Fantasy.” Since they were also designed by Tetsuya Nomura, though, they fit right in. Here, they show up in Traverse Town, playing a “game” similar to the one that they play in their source material. They become caught up in Riku and Sora’s Mark of Mastery exam as they search for one another, all the while explaining gameplay mechanics to the player. Though the five of them are confined to one world, each one gets a chance to show off their personalities, even if they’re a little more gloomy than what Sora is used to.

Tidus & Wakka
“Kingdom Hearts” (2002)

Right of the heels of “Final Fantasy X,” it was no surprise that both Tidus and Wakka would appear early into the first game of the series. Young teen versions of the blitzball players appear first during the tutorial, asking questions, which will shape how Sora experiences his journey. Later, they appear in Sora’s homeworld of Destiny Islands, where you can fight them for experience. Along with Selphie of “Final Fantasy VIII,” they form a rough-and-tough trio of islanders that will give you your first real challenge of the game, if you’re up to it.

Multiple Games

Merlin may be a legendary figure in Arthurian legend, but Disney’s “The Sword in the Stone,” doesn’t quite conjure up as much excitement as “Alice in Wonderland” or “Aladdin.” To circumvent this issue, Merlin appears in a handful of games to present a helping hand with his immense magical prowess. He plays a similar role as Yen Sid, but his bumbling personality gives his scenes much more levity. From teaching Sora magic and summons in the first game to opening the door to Timeless River in the second to always carrying around his handy “Winnie the Pooh” book, he’s an ally that fits right in, even without his homeworld.


“Kingdom Hearts” (2002)

Remember that time in 2003 when your curiosity got the best of you, so you decided to check out the Platinum Match at the Olympus Coliseum? Remember the villain from “Final Fantasy VII” handing your ass to you in twenty seconds flat? We do. Sephiroth appears as a notoriously difficult optional boss that can be fought after finishing Hollow Bastion. Though he gets more of a story arc in the sequel, the shock of seeing him in the first game is what lands him here. Easily the toughest boss in the game, he keeps you on your toes, and he’s just as gracefully badass as we ever could have hoped.