Top 10 Shocking Deaths In All of Us Are Dead

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Nick Roffey
They weren't kidding with the title! For this list, we'll be looking at the most shocking demises on Netflix's zombie high school K-drama "All of Us Are Dead". Beware, spoilers ahead! Which of these moments is seared into your memory? Tell us in the comments!
"All of Us Are Dead" has some absolutely brutal kills that can please any Horror fan. For this list, we’ll be looking at the most violent, gruesome, or emotionally impactful deaths on Netflix’s zombie high school K-drama. Beware, spoilers ahead! Our countdown includes Yong-nam, Gyeong-su, I-Sak, Ha-lim, and more! Which of these moments is seared into your memory? Tell us in the comments!

#10: Hyeon-ju

While Hyeon-ju was one Hyosan High’s bullies, her demise was nonetheless brutal. When science teacher Mr. Lee discovers that she’s infected, he ties her up and gags her. Like Mr. Lee’s son Jin-su, she seems to turn in stages - moving back and forth between moments of lucid horror and zombification. After she’s sedated, the process slows, but only until she wakes up in hospital. It’s here that she goes full zombie, breaking her own back! The sight of her scrambling across the floor after the hospital staff is the stuff of nightmares.

#9: Cheong-san's Mother

Parents don’t have a lot of luck in “All of Us Are Dead”. Hee-su is a new mother for just a few minutes before she turns. On-jo’s dad So-ju sacrifices himself for his daughter. But the one we feel sorriest for is Cheong-san's mom. A sweet and kind woman who dotes on her son, she makes her way to the school to find him. Once there, she’s reassured to spot Cheong-san’s best friend - until he attacks her. Watching zombies tear into her as she tries to crawl away is truly harrowing. As if that wasn’t enough, as a zombie she’s beaten up by the survivors, then blown up in the bomb that hits Hyosan High.

#8: Yong-nam

While some deaths in this list are tragic, others just seem excruciatingly painful. Before the zombie outbreak, the Dean of Hyosan High Jung Yong-nam turned a blind eye to bullying among the students. That included Gwi-nam’s torment of Eun-ji. It’s pretty fitting, then, that he falls prey to the cycle of violence that engulfs the school. The way he goes out though looks … really rough. After he tries to brain Eun-ji, she stops eating goldfish for long enough to turn the tables. As he screams in agony, she rips open his stomach and eats his guts!

#7: Woo-jin

The zombie apocalypse brings out both the best and worst in people. Some, like Gwi-nam, sacrifice those around them to survive. Others, like Woo-jin, put their lives on the line for those they love. When the survivors reach Yangdong, they discover that the town is already overrun. As a zombie lunges for Woo-jin’s sister Ha-ri, he throws himself in front of her, only to get bitten himself. Ha-ri cries over her brother as he turns. She can’t bear to see him killed, so Nam-ra steps in - snapping his neck. After the survivors have already been through so much, it’s an especially devastating loss.

#6: Ha-lim

Hapless Ha-lim doesn’t get much screen time. But her brief appearance sure is memorable - largely thanks to the way she goes out. While hiding in the girl’s bathroom, Ha-lim starts to feel dizzy. Mi-jin is quick to react, ignoring Ha-lim’s pleas and trapping her inside the stall. As the still human Ha-lim peers over, Mi-jin knocks her back down. The crunch of her head hitting the pipe is sickening. But there’s worse to come, as Mi-jin uses a broken mop handle to spear the zombified girl through the head! An arrow through the neck from Ha-ri finishes the job.

#5: Joon-yeong

When the survivors decide to build a mobile barricade, they bicker over the design. Mi-jin insults and hits Joon-yeong, but he stands firm and vows to take responsibility. Unfortunately, it turns out that the barricade isn’t quite high enough. While trying to save Mi-jin, Joon-yeong is bitten. Sitting on the floor, he realizes it’s all over for him. In one last brave act, he clambers over the barricade to help his friends to safety. As Min-jin screams and holds his hand, the zombies sink their teeth into his flesh. This one really hurt.

#4: I-Sak

Poor I-sak. Bubbly, bright, and loyal, she seemed destined to make it through at least the first half of the series. Instead, she was infected in just the second episode! Her horrified realization was painful to watch, as it slowly sank in that she was about to transform into a savage, mindless zombie. At first, she sought refuge in denial and disbelief. But once she turned, a bloodthirsty monster rose in her place. Not only did I-sak get zombified, she was also pushed out of a window. That’s pretty brutal.

#3: Cheong-san & Gwi-nam

The idea of “an eye for an eye” is given a very literal spin by these rivals. After Cheong-san stabs him in the eye, Gwi-nam is hurled into a horde of zombies. He wakes up as a half-zombie. The two fight a final time just as the military prepares to bomb Hyosan High. Pinned down, Cheong-san gets his own eye gouged out. But as the bomb hits, he grabs onto Gwi-nam and throws them both down an elevator shaft. Engulfed in flames, their charred bodies plummet towards the concrete below. Both these deaths were brutal, and Cheong-san’s was an emotional gut punch.

#2: Gyeong-su

This death was easily one of the most heart-wrenching. After Na-yeon accuses Gyeong-su of being infected, he waits in the recording studio to prove that he isn’t going to turn. So, just to prove herself right, Na-yeon infects him with zombie blood! His realization is as slow and painful to watch as I-sak’s. As he tries to leave, to spare the others, we see the effects of the virus through his eyes, as his own friends seem to mock him. It adds another layer of horror onto his tragic fate. On top of all that, he falls from a window, and is blown up by the same bomb that takes out many of the others.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are some honorable mentions.


Abandoning Her Friend, She Jumps Out of the Frying Pan & Into the Fire


The School Nurse Bites Off a Chunk of His Face


He Lets Himself Get Eaten to Save His Friends

#1: Jin-su

The virus’ first victim suffers a truly undeserved fate. The science teacher’s son Jin-su stands at the center of the cycle of violence in Hyosan High - but through no fault of his own. Bullied by Myung-hwan and his cronies, he falls into despair, prompting his own father to infect him with an experimental virus. Even as he begins to transform into a monster though, he’s beaten to a pulp by Gwi-nam and thrown off a building! He survives … only to be bashed by dear old dad and stuffed into a suitcase! Geez …