Top 10 Best All of Us Are Dead Season 2 Fan Theories

Top 10 Best All of Us Are Dead Season 2 Fan Theories

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Nick Roffey
Fans' imaginations are running wild with "All of Us Are Dead" Season 2 theories! For this list, we're looking at the most tantalizing and persuasive speculation about the future of Netflix's zombie high school K-drama. Make you sure you've watched season 1, because there will be spoilers! Our list includes a weaponized virus, new kinds of zombies, a cure, Hyosan hybrids, and more!

Fans' imaginations are running wild with "All of Us Are Dead" Season 2 theories! For this list, we’re looking at the most tantalizing and persuasive speculation about the future of Netflix’s zombie high school K-drama. Make you sure you’ve watched season 1, because there will be spoilers! Our list includes a weaponized virus, new kinds of zombies, a cure, Hyosan hybrids, and more! What do you hope to see in a second season of “All of Us Are Dead”? Tell us in the comments!

#10: A New Outbreak

The first season ended with the zombie outbreak more or less under control. Hyosan and neighboring Yangdong had been overrun. But the military had blown up most of the zombies and sent in soldiers on foot to eliminate the rest. In the webtoon that the show is based on however, the virus had a different origin and eventually spread overseas. In the series finale, a Japanese fisherman is attacked by a strange worm that carries the virus, bringing the zombie apocalypse to Japan. In a similar vein, a second season of “All of Us Are Dead” could see a larger outbreak engulf South Korea, nearby countries, or even the entire world.

#9: Whistleblowers at Work

The survivors at Hyosan High spent much of the first season hoping that the army would come to their rescue. Instead, the military left them behind, then bombed the town. This was a decision that appalled several of the adult characters outside the blast zone. A second season could see them team up to investigate and expose the military’s actions and whatever they get up to next. We’d love to see Jae-Ik and Ho-Cheol team up again, and Assemblywoman Park Eun-Hee (pok oon-hee) become a champion of the people. But most of all, we want to see if streamer Orangibberish continues to miraculously survive against all the odds.

#8: A Weaponized Virus

In their quest for a cure, the military brings in infected subjects for research. One of them is Staff Sgt. Lee Jae-Jun, and another the halfbie Eun-Ji. Eventually, soldiers also bring in Mr. Lee’s wife and son. Experiments reveal that the zombies are vulnerable to sound, but not how to treat their condition. While this research had a benevolent aim in season one, what if the military decided to weaponize the virus in the follow up? It would make for a powerful biological WMD … with potentially disastrous consequences.

#7: New Kinds of Zombies

Science teacher Mr. Lee created the Jonas Virus to make his son more aggressive. But as with every mad scientist experiment, it had unintended side effects. One was … well, zombies, obviously. Another was half-zombies - nicknamed “halfbies” or “hambies”. A second season could also introduce other mutations. As Lee explained, the virus adapts, changing in unexpected ways. When Ji-Min is zombified, the unusual blistering on her skin seems to suggest something new. Min-Jae shares the same marks on his neck. Both are blown up, but if the virus adapts this fast, we might see other variations in the future.

#6: Mr. Lee Is a Hybrid

In the original webtoon, the virus’ origins remain mysterious, and seem to be linked to some sort of parasitic organism in the waters between Korea and Japan. The adaptation however has Mr. Lee engineer the virus for his bullied son, feeding into the central theme of the show: the cycle of violence in Hyosan High and society in general. Eventually, Mr. Lee himself falls victim to the monsters that he created. However, when he transforms, his demeanor is curiously calm and deliberate. This has led fans to suggest that he actually became a halfbie. Will he try to stop the zombies? Or to help them against humans?

#5: A Cure

While some research might focus on weaponing the virus, ultimately this could be fairly impractical. It would be difficult to ensure that an outbreak didn’t expand to become a global apocalypse. In any case, scientists would definitely continue to look for a cure. Although Mr. Lee gave up, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. If Mr. Lee became a halfbie, perhaps he himself could play a role in this research. If a cure is found, it could offer hope to zombies and their loved ones, as well as halfbies like Nam-ra.

#4: Revelations About the Virus

We don’t know much about how the Jonas Virus works. Mr. Lee created it by extracting and refining testosterone. It adapts, interacting with antibodies in some victims to create half-zombies. But what determines who becomes a zombie, and who becomes a halfbie? Is it genetic? Or is it related to certain thoughts and feelings? Some viewers have theorized that it comes down to overriding emotional drives at the moment of infection. For example, Eun-ji wanted to prevent Gwi-nam from posting a humiliating video of her online; Gwi-nam wanted to stop Cheong-san from incriminating him; and Nam-ra wanted to save Su-hyeok and her classmates. A second season would hopefully delve more into the nature of the virus.

#3: Hyosan Hybrids

The first season finale reveals that Nam-ra is still alive, having run off into zombie territory. In fact, she seems to be thriving, living her best life as a human-zombie hybrid. And she’s not alone. There are others like her, hiding out in their new habitat. Netizens speculate that a second season could focus on this group, and perhaps even see Nam-ra becoming their class president, so to speak. Director Lee Jae-kyoo’s statements support the idea that a new community of halfbies will feature in a second season. Speaking to The Korea Herald, he said: “If the first season can be seen as having presented humanity‘s survival, the next season can talk about the survival of zombies.”

#2: Caught in the Middle

Now that Nam-ra has her own group of halfbies, On-jo and her friends might face some difficult choices. Humans will likely be hostile towards the hybrids, given the deadly virus they carry and their penchant for, you know, eating human flesh. If the military seeks to wipe them out, On-jo’s group could get caught in the crossfire. And while On-jo might be determined to build an alliance, some of the others might have second thoughts and perhaps even split off. We might see Assemblywoman Park Eun-Hee using her political clout to help. But we expect it will ultimately be up to the students again to find their way out of a new mess.

#1: Cheong-san Is Alive

In the penultimate episode of season one, Cheong-san and Gwi-nam duked it out, with the school bully really committing to the commandment “an eye for an eye”. As the military bombed Hyosan High, Cheong-san dragged Gwi-nam down an elevator shaft. But … why? The explosion was about to kill Gwi-nam anyway. Did he think the fall would make sure? Was he using Gwi-nam to shield himself from the flames? Or was he trying to save Gwi-nam and end the cycle of violence at the school? Whatever the case, many fans believe that Cheong-san - and possibly Gwi-nam - are still alive, with Cheong-san having become a halfbie. Nam-ra couldn’t smell anyone there, but perhaps they were still regenerating - or long gone!