Top 10 Creepiest Mysteries of 2021



Top 10 Creepiest Mysteries of 2021

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Dylan Musselman
These creepy mysteries are not for the faint of heart. For this list, we'll be looking at the strangest events of 2021 that have more questions than answers. Our countdown includes The Murder of Luca Attanasio, The “Star Wars” Headdress, Gabby Petito, and more!

Top 10 Creepiest Mysteries of 2021

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Creepiest Mysteries of 2021.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the strangest events of 2021 that have more questions than answers.

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#10: The Murder of Luca Attanasio

Luca Attansio was the Italian ambassador to the Democratic Republic of the Congo from 2017 until his death in February 2021. While travelling with the World Food Program, Attansio and two others were ambushed in North Kivu Province and murdered. Prior to their trip, the road they were on was deemed safe for travel. Attansio’s wife suspected that the attack was from someone who knew him well and had betrayed him. In March, the attorney investigating his case, Mwilanya Asani William, was also ambushed and killed by unknown gunmen. Their identities remain unknown.

#9: Greater London John Doe

On April 7, 2020, this unidentified man died after being run over by a train. The conductor saw him lying flat on the tracks but was unable to stop. In 2021, the case was officially labeled a cold case since his identity and specifics about what happened remain a mystery. CCTV video surveillance captured footage of the man as he entered the Clapham North London Underground station alone. Whether he fell, jumped, or was pushed onto the tracks is unknown, but British Transport Police aren’t treating the incident as suspicious.

#8: The “Star Wars” Headdress

On January 1, 2021, two farmers in Veracruz discovered a six and a half foot tall limestone statue. Mexico's National Institute of Anthropology and History determined that the figure is more than 500 years old and could have been made by the Huastec people. It depicts a woman in robed clothing with an intricate headdress that has invited comparisons with Ahsoka Tano in the “Star Wars” franchise. Her fictional species has prominent sensory organs and appendages sprouting from their heads. Archeologists believe that the woman was likely a prominent female ruler in both the Huastec and Aztec cultures.

#7: Galveston County John Doe

This John Doe was found dead on Galveston’s Kahala beach in Texas on May 10, 2020. His body was in a state of decomposition with black shorts and Under Armor sandals strapped to his hands. Authorities think it was likely he tried to use them to help him swim. He didn’t have any ID, and after a year of trying to identify him, it was officially designated a cold case in 2021. An independent company performed DNA testing on the body but was only able to learn that he was of East African ancestry.

#6: Space Anomalies

You might think that hiding near the only source of light in the entire solar system would be a bad hiding spot, but maybe not. Over a year ago amatuer astronomers looking at the sun with the Helioviewer tool noticed “campfires”. Just this year, a black triangle was spotted orbiting the star, raising questions about what it could be, with some UFOlogists claiming it was an alien spacecraft. NASA simply labels sightings like these anomalies, calling this one in particular a data dropout, but others aren’t convinced.

#5: The Disappearance of Jackson Alexander Miller

On May 15, 2010, Jackson Miller disappeared somewhere in California. He vanished without any of his essentials like his wallet, car, or cell phone. Since he had a history of depression, it was thought he could have jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge. But a body was never discovered, and he was never heard from again. However, eleven years later in April 2021, a woman contacted officers and reported talking with a man at the store who told her his name was Jackson and he was a missing person. Could this be the same person?

#4: NASA Photographs

NASA has launched many missions since its inception, and they’re always sure to have cameras on board to study the solar system. This year some people watching a live feed of the International Space Station noticed ten strange orbs flying in an odd orbit around the ISS. Similar objects were spotted this year as well. It’s been theorized that these objects are Black Knight satellites, or ancient alien crafts sent here to observe humanity. NASA seems to fuel these theories, as they sometimes mysteriously shut off live feeds when these objects come into view.

#3: The Alex Murdaugh Case

The Murdaughs are a successful family of lawyers that go as far back as three generations. Alex Murdaugh has been plagued by a series of strange crimes. In 2018, his housekeeper passed away after allegedly falling down the staircase, and he’s currently facing charges on theft related to the settlement funds. In June 2021, his wife and son were found dead outside of their home, and the culprits have yet to be found. In September, Alex Murdaugh survived a gunshot wound on the side of the road, but it later came out that he had paid a man to do it. Could these all be connected?

#2: The Janikhel Incident

While out hunting, four teenagers went missing in early March 2021. Their graves were discovered a few weeks later on March 21st in Janikhel, Pakistan. Dubbed the “Janikhel Incident,” the event sparked a massive protest of more than 10,000 people demanding that the killers be identified and punished. They also wanted further crimes of a similar nature to be prevented. Protesters even brought the victims with them on the protest walk to the capital to leave a stronger impression. The protestors eventually made an agreement with the government and disbanded, but the perpetrators were never identified.

#1: Gabby Petito

The disappearance of this vanlife influencer in late August while on a trip with her fiance, Brian Laundrie, gained national attention. Investigators found her body and determined that she’d been strangled to death, but her fiance, who had been deemed a person of interest in the case, had meanwhile disappeared himself. After a manhunt, he, too, was found dead, in a Florida Nature Reserve, having apparently taken his own life. Plenty of questions remain. But the only two people who could have provided conclusive answers are now gone, and we may never know the full truth about what happened.
It's obvious what happened in the number one case. Brian strangled Gabby, and then after a few days on the run he killed himself. It's a sad story all around. Both of these people had a long life ahead of them.