Top 10 Nicest Musicians Ever



Top 10 Nicest Musicians Ever

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Turns out the music industry is full of genuinely nice people. For this list, we'll be looking at the musicians with the friendliest reputations. Our countdown includes Alice Cooper, Taylor Swift, Bruce Springsteen, and more!

Top 10 Nicest Musical Artists Ever

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Nicest Musical Artists Ever.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the musicians with the friendliest reputations.

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#10: Jerry Garcia

The Grateful Dead doesn’t have fans so much as they have devotees. And the band showed plenty of appreciation for their fanbase, letting them record and share their famously unpredictable live shows. Garcia, the late frontman, was a perfect representative of the band’s kind nature. Melvin Seals, organist for the Jerry Garcia Band, described him as the kind of person who would “give you the shirt off their back.” This included Garcia having a chair Seals was fond of delivered right to his house for Christmas. Even as Garcia’s fame rose, he apparently never got caught up in materialism. We’re sad to know Jerry Garcia is gone, but grateful to know he was able to touch so many lives, then and now.

#9: Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper is a “shock rocker,” known for his provocative live shows. But the biggest shock may be his low-key lifestyle. Off stage, the singer, born Vincent Damon Furnier, enjoys playing golf and spending time with his wife of more than forty years, Sheryl. He’s also a born-again Christian who attends weekly Bible study. And if Cooper’s music and wild persona once incited panic in parents about his influence on impressionable kids, he’s since proven himself to be a positive role model. Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Teen Center, located in Phoenix and Mesa, Arizona, provides excellent support for youth, including free music lessons. Cooper’s stage shows might be full of blood, but his heart is full of love.

#8: Bruce Springsteen

His nickname might be “the Boss,” but rock legend Bruce Springsteen doesn’t act like he’s superior to his adoring fans in any way. Many of his songs are about working-class folk, and Springsteen has shown himself to be a man of the people, even when he’s selling out arenas. Springsteen packs more energy into his live shows than performers more than half his age, and his effort shows how much he appreciates his fans. He’s also not too big to play smaller venues. After appearing at Madison Square Garden with U2 in 2015, he performed at Wonder Bar in Asbury Park, New Jersey with his brother-in-law’s band. He may be “born to run,” but Bruce Springsteen won’t stray too far from his roots.

#7: Ludacris

You might not want to play Ludacris’s raunchy raps in polite company, but in his daily life, the Atlanta MC and actor appears to be nothing but a perfect gentleman. There have been multiple reports of the rapper, born Christopher Bridges, covering people’s grocery bills, including for a widowed woman. He also supports the youth with his non-profit organization, the Ludacris Foundation, which helps communities through things like hospital visits, food baskets, and various education programs, including healthy cooking and swimming lessons. Maybe he should think about changing his stage name to “Generis?”

#6: Paul McCartney

As one of the world’s greatest living songwriters, Sir Paul McCartney could easily be conceited and arrogant. But the Beatle is reportedly a very kind man, giving small tokens of appreciation that make a big impact. In a Reddit thread, user sharkplug said an unprompted McCartney told them to “have a great night” when leaving the hotel they were working at, but that’s of course certainly just one of many friendly interactions. He’s also supported many noble causes dedicated toward protecting the planet, such as Humane Society International and Artists Against Fracking. Maybe we’re amazed at how one man can do so much good in one lifetime.

#5: Taylor Swift

She might have some choice words for her exes, but when it comes to her fans, Taylor Swift is reportedly a total sweetheart. A Reddit user said they once met Swift at a Cleveland airport and that the superstar was “as sweet as she appears” and that they talked for a few minutes. She also knows how to turn cruel situations into kind ones. After an Internet prank resulted in a school for deaf peoplewinning a concert from Swift, she donated $10,000 to the school. There are plenty of other instances of Swift’s philanthropic nature, such as giving $1 million in 2020 to help Tennessee rebuild after extensive tornado damage. The “haters gonna hate,” but Swift is gonna keep giving.

#4: Beyoncé

With record sales exceeding 100 million units and more awards than any other female artist in history, Beyoncé Knowles is more than a pop star; she’s a veritable musical icon. And she uses her fame and fortune as a means of lifting others up. She gave her entire $4 million salary from the film “Cadillac Records” to non-profit rehab organization Phoenix House. She also started her own organization, BeyGOOD Houston to help her hometown during Hurricane Harvey in 2017, and gave $6 million to the National Alliance in Mental Health. Beyoncé’s impact is so great, that even other celebrities like Anna Kendrick get starstruck around her. But, evidently, her fame hasn’t diminished her heart in any way.

#3: “Weird Al” Yankovic

He’s famous for parodying popular songs, but “Weird Al” Yankovic knows how to poke fun while still being respectful. Before recording a song parody, Yankovic first makes sure to get the artist’s permission, even though he’s not legally required to. Lily Hirsch, author of “Weird Al Seriously,” described Yankovic as incredibly nice, and the late Kurt Cobain once wrote that he was “America's modern pop-rock genious [sic].” Yankovic is also willing to put his moral integrity ahead of financial gain, like when he turned down a beer sponsorship due to his young fanbase. He might be “Weird,” but that’s not all he is.

#2: Jon Bon Jovi

In troubled times, the singer of “Livin’ on a Prayer” gives us reason to keep the faith. Jon Bon Jovi is nearly as renowned for his charity work as he is for his music. His Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation is dedicated to fighting poverty, with initiatives like the JBJ Soul Kitchen, which allows patrons to pay what they’re able to. And he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty. During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the rock star volunteered to wash dishes at his restaurant, five days a week. To this selflessness, we have to say, “Bravo, Bon Jovi.”

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Devin Townsend
Chad Kroeger Described the Metal Singer as “The Most Wonderful Human Being Ever”

The Legendary Musician Was Also Incredibly Charitable

The U2 Frontman Is as Famed for His Philanthropy as He Is for His Music

Freddie Mercury
Despite His Dramatic Stage Presence, the Queen Frontman Was Known for Being Quite Down-To-Earth

#1: Dave Grohl

He’s been part of some of the biggest bands in rock history. But Dave Grohl has always come across as a guy you can just kick back and share some laughs with. The Nirvana drummer and Foo Fighters frontman has been called “the nicest guy in rock,” and it’s easy to see why, with actions like tipping servers $1,000, inviting fans up on stage, and supporting numerous charities, like the Elton John Aids Foundation and Teen Cancer America. Grohl once said, “the human element of making music is what's most important.” Based on these good deeds, Grohl is everything a musician - and human - should be.
Beyonce even gave up her Video of the Year spot so that Taylor Swift could finish her best Female Video speech that was rudely interrupted by Kanye West in 2008.