Top 20 Best Spider-Man Costumes
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Top 20 Best Spider-Man Costumes

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Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we're counting down our picks for the top 20 best Spider-Man costumes. For this list, we'll be looking at the best suits worn by wall-crawlers across all media. Our picks will include outfits that other spider-people like Miles Morales have used over the years. Our countdown includes the Spider-Gwen Suit, the Spider-Man Noir Suit, the Symbiote Suit, the MCU's Iron Spider, and more!
Script written by Andrew Tejada

#20: The MCU’s Iron Spider

When you’re going up against Thanos, it’s generally a good idea to bring along some extra padding. The average Spidey-suit isn’t exactly gonna cut it when the Mad Titan is coming for you. Thankfully, Peter got a major upgrade in “Avengers Infinity War '' that helped him keep up with cosmic threats and look really awesome doing it. Not only did this suit feature more armor and an oxygen supply, but it also had robotic spider-limbs. Those accessories have definitely come in handy numerous times since the hero got them. This live-action spin on a classic comic suit was a great addition to Holland’s wardrobe.

#19: All New, All Different Spider-Man 2099

In the distant future of 2099, Miguel O’Hara has taken up the mantle of Spider-Man. After a few adventures in his home time period and the present, he decided to mix up his old look. In 2015, this webhead donned this all new, all different and awesome suit. The new duds had a mix of red, white and black to help it stand out from the original 2099 outfit. This futuristic ensemble also has its fair share of bells and whistles. Outside of having thrusters in the boots that help him glide more easily, he also has a variety of scanners to help him track targets. He’s completely ready for threats at any time with this forward-thinking suit.

#18: Stealth Suit

Spider-Man’s abilities make him pretty good at sneaking around. But he occasionally needs an extra edge for really tense adventures. For such occasions, Peter put his scientific genius to good use and whipped up this sleek stealth suit. The suit can bend light around it and make the wearer invisible. That feature is pretty essential since the outfit has some extremely hard-to-miss glowing panels. While they’re cool and eye-catching, it’s hilarious to see them complete a supposedly stealthy suit. This design flaw is balanced out by the costume’s useful ability to deflect sound. Since this x factor grants him immunity to sonic attacks, it was extremely handy when Spidey was fighting the Hobgoblin.

#17: Kaine’s Scarlet Spider Suit

Kaine is a broody clone of Peter Parker that prefers to walk his own dark path. While he’s had several looks, his most distinctive outfit is the red and black costume he wore as The Scarlet Spider. It was popular enough for other characters to wear over the years. Originally Spidey’s stealth suit, this snappy number was given a new color scheme that looks fairly simple at first glance. But the suit’s simple color layout gives it a sleek, iconic appearance that suits Kaine’s character to a T. The suit can also turn invisible to give its wearer a distinct advantage when stealth is required. This eye-catching outfit definitely helped distinguish Kaine from his genetic counterparts.

#16: Spider-Armor MK 1

Despite the fact that this Spider-Armor appeared only once in the comics, its unique aesthetic stuck with fans for decades. It was first worn in 1993’s “Web of Spider-Man #100” when Peter needed to fight a villainous team known as the New Enforcers. This bulletproof silver-plated suit was extremely effective in battle. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long and wasn’t immediately duplicated for regular use. Since its demise, versions of the suit have appeared in everything from “Spider-Man: The Animated Series” to a handful of video games. Fans just can’t get enough of this metallic outfit.

#15: Spider-Gwen

While it would've been pretty easy to have this character just wear a variant of Spidey’s classic blue and red outfit, Marvel instead chose to give her a look of her own. This Fan favorite alternate version of Gwen Stacy got bitten by a radioactive spider that could have given Peter his powers. The young heroine then chose to don a hooded white and black suit with pink lining and swing across Manhattan as Spider-Woman. Her distinctive and eye-catching suit does a ton to give her a unique look among the increasingly large legion of webheads. No matter what medium she appears in, we’re always drawn to Gwen’s incredible costume.

#14: Insomniac Spider-Man Suit

This update to Spidey’s classic duds was designed by Insomniac Games for their 2018 Playstation 4 smash hit. The company added some new white accents to the uniform on his hands and feet. Most notably, Peter now rocks two large white spider symbols on his back and chest. But these new updates still incorporate the classic red webbing pattern and the traditional spidey blue. While Insomniac took a pretty big risk by augmenting Spider-Man’s iconic outfit, it absolutely works. They gave us a shiny new Spidey suit to swing around a digital version of New York while punching the occasional villain along the way.

#13: Ben Reilly’s Scarlet Spider Costume

Not every iconic spider-suit can be a slick, streamlined technological marvel packed with amazing gadgets. Sometimes it’s enough for an outfit to look as ridiculously cool as this one does. Worn by Peter’s clone Ben Reilly, this homemade suit uses the same red and blue color scheme seen in the classic Spidey costume. However, it trades in the usual spandex for a tattered hoodie over a red bodysuit without the classic webs. Reilly also made some updates to Spidey’s web shooters that allow him to fire paralyzing darts at his enemies. It looks like Ben definitely kept Peter’s fashion sense when he was cloned.

#12: Future Foundation Suit

While Spider-Man definitely spends a lot of time as a lone hero, he isn’t above joining a team when the occasion calls for it. At one point, he joined the Future Foundation. This was a group formed by Reed Richards in order to train the next generation of super-geniuses. While on duty with this group, Spidey donned a white and black number based on the team’s official uniform. The suit was also able to invert these colors to be mostly black. As an added bonus, it doesn’t need to be cleaned regularly. We love a suit that’s slick, practical for multiple applications and saves you money at the dry cleaners.

#11: Superior Spider-Man

After transferring his mind into Spider-Man’s body, the formerly villainous Doc Ock took over as the webslinger for a short time. Despite a turn to the heroic side of things, the former villain retained his enormous ego and became determined to surpass Peter as Spider-Man. The first step in this kind of noble endeavor was upgrading Peter’s suit. Doc Ock naturally outfitted the suit with robotic arms and other technological innovations. He also made the blue parts of the suit black to help give it a more modern edge and some subtly sinister vibes. When Ock’s time as the webslinger eventually came to an end, Peter sadly put this suit back in the closet.

#10: Spider-Man’s First Stark Suit

When it came time for Spider-Man to make his triumphant arrival in the MCU, he needed to look his absolute best. Thankfully, Tony was there to provide him with the perfect costume in “Captain America: Civil War”. The outfit retains much of the classic Spider-Man look with some black lines to give the suit a more rugged feel. But most importantly, the costume features eyepieces capable of contracting and expanding. This feature gave Tom Holland’s Peter the ability to emote more underneath the mask than any other live-action Spider-Man that had come before. Stark’s innovative suit ensured that this version of the webhead made a spectacular entrance.

#9: Spider-Man Noir

In the alternate “Noir” comic book universe, Spider-Man has an all-black arsenal of equipment. Since this reality takes place during the Great Depression and borrows from the noir film style, Spidey wears a fedora, trench-coat and carries a gun. He also sports protective goggles while patrolling the streets of a grim world that has less color and more violence. This definitely ranks among the most unique costumes a Spider-Man has ever worn. It bears almost no resemblance to the original in design or function. But given the dark nature of the reality this Peter lives in, we can definitely understand the need for a completely different kind of suit.

#8: The Ultimate Miles Morales Spider-Man Suit

A groundbreaking Spider-Man came along with a now iconic suit. After the African-American and Hispanic Miles Morales gets extraordinary powers, he starts his journey to become Spider-Man. Whether he lives in a world where Peter Parker is around or not, he usually dons a red and black outfit. The emphasis on those two colors instantly sets his suit far apart from the traditional Spider-Man color scheme. It’s also symbolic of how much of a departure it was to see a wall crawler’s stories through modern and diverse eyes. As Miles rapidly rose in popularity, his suit became a beacon of representation.

#7: The Human Spider

When Tobey Maguire wanted to make money at a wrestling match, he decided to make himself an outfit to hide his identity. Since he was in a bit of a rush, he threw together this fun precursor to his classic suit. Peter rocks a simple red sweatshirt with a spider emblazoned on the chest. And just like many of us at home, he completes the outfit with some blue sweatpants. Although the announcer didn’t accept Peter’s “Human Spider” moniker, it’s a great nickname for this suit. The name seems fitting for this prototype version of the outfit. While it definitely looks a little cheap, we can’t help but love Peter’s wonderfully terrible attempt to look like a cool wrestler.

#6: Andrew Garfield’s “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” Costume

While the suit worn in the first “Amazing Spider-Man” divides fans to this day, the one in the sequel is unanimously better than what came before. The designers enlarged the eyes, raised the web pattern, and streamlined the overall look. Its texture and bright colors look absolutely gorgeous while Garfield’s Peter zips across the skyline. Every time we look at this suit, it feels like we’re watching a comic book costume fully come to life. This three dimensional suit perfectly complemented the movie medium and gave Garfield’s Peter a look fans will never forget.

#5: Iron Spider Armor

This set of armor resembles Iron Man’s suit in many ways. It’s got a red and gold color scheme and contains many of the technological advancements that Iron Man possesses. Peter gains sensory pads, powerful optic lenses and bulletproof plating. The armor also features giant mechanical arms that aid with movement and manipulation. While we still like the MCU version, this original Iron Spider armor still deserves its own spot because of how influential it was. It’s also a great representation of what happens when you mashup the best design ideas from two superhero icons.

#4: Classic 1960’s Suit

There was no way we could make a list of excellent outfits without mentioning the suit Spider-Man wore in his first few stories.In a time where you were likely to see superheroes wear subtle outfits or capes, Spidey’s costume blew everything else out of the water. Steve Ditko’s design was flashy, sleek, and colorful. And the costume is so recognizable and memorable that it hasn’t required too many extreme changes over the years. It has the incredible ability to translate well to virtually every other medium Spider-Man appears in. While the armpits in the webbings don’t always make the cut, the foundation of the costume has endured for over 50 years.

#3: Spider-Man 2099 Original Suit

Miguel O’Hara’s original costume instantly made us eager to see more of this futuristic hero in action. His take on a Spider-Man costume put him in darker shades of blue and red than fans were accustomed to. As if that wasn’t distinct enough, O’Hara also sported a stunning insignia on his chest that looked like it was a cross between a skull and a spider. He also had sharp red tendrils adorning his arms that culminated in elbow spines. And did we also mention that O’Hara was fond of wearing a cape that resembles a tattered spider’s web? Along with looking incredibly cool, the costume is nearly indestructible. We’re glad that no one could ruin this radical and brilliantly designed suit easily.

#2: Symbiote Suit

Shortly after an alien parasite falls to Earth and bonds with Spider-Man, we are treated to this unforgettable suit. Spidey’s symbiote costume is all black except for the eyes and emblem. This gives him a much more menacing look when he approaches criminals. And since the symbiote tends to amplify his bad characteristics, the sinister design fits him well. This extremely popular costume looks spectacular in every form of media where Peter puts it on. And the black and white design eventually led to the equally awesome Venom suits. Although we know the symbiote suit is usually a sign of dark times for Peter, we still get excited every time it appears.

#1: Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man Suit

When Spider-Man made his big screen debut in 2002, people were understandably amazed by his appearance. Audiences were stunned by what is arguably one of the greatest super-suit to ever be made for the big screen. It adhered to the classic look while adding newer stylistic elements and a distinct texture that you could feel through the screen. Probably the most notable update to the original look is the raised web pattern that features a silver hue. Over Maguire’s history of appearances as Peter, his costume didn’t need many changes. The initial design of his iconic live-action suit will simply never go out of style.