The Best Friends Blooper of Every Season



The Best Friends Blooper of Every Season

VOICE OVER: Emily Brayton WRITTEN BY: Tiffany Dai
Every season of "Friends" has a classic blooper. Our countdown includes Joey's fall, "Pivot!," Nurse Phoebe, and more!

The Best Friends Bloopers of Every Season

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Best Friends Blooper of Every Season.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the funniest blunders from each season of this beloved sitcom. The show kept us laughing for ten years, so we hope these outtakes have you doubled over too.

Did we mention any bloopers you haven’t seen before? Let us know in the comments below.

Season 1: Rachel & the Monkey
“The One Where The Monkey Gets Away”

If there’s one thing the cast didn’t like about working on the show, it was the monkey. According to one of the trainers, two monkeys played Marcel: one took over for more dynamic moments, and the other worked in calmer, less active scenes. In an early episode where Rachel is babysitting Marcel for Ross, she’s trying to explain what’s happening in the soap opera on TV. It’s pretty obvious which monkey had the part for this scene, as Marcel definitely wasn’t interested in what Rachel had to say. In this charming blooper, Jennifer Aniston tries to keep things under control as the monkey starts jumping back and forth on the couch and even dips its paw into the bowl of popcorn on the table.

Season 2: Joey’s Fall
“The One Where Dr. Ramoray Dies”

When they reminisced about it in the reunion, it’s clear that this blooper was memorable for the whole gang. The beginning of this scene was supposed to be simple: Joey runs into the coffee shop to show Phoebe his interview in “Soap Opera Digest.” However, when Matt LeBlanc trips and falls hard in his first take, he has a tricky time getting over the blunder. His next few takes are ruined when he looks at his mark and knocks over a chair, which leaves the cast and crew in stitches. You can even see executive producer Marta Kauffman rolling with laughter off-camera. When he’s finally able to enter the scene without a hitch, Matthew Perry decides to rush in for the last laugh.

Season 3: “That WAS Less!”
“The One with the Morning After”

When Ross and Rachel split up in the middle of the third season, the rest of the gang are trapped in Monica’s bedroom listening to the painful break-up. It all starts when Monica and Phoebe try to wax their legs, and their screams of pain travel across the hall. Joey and Chandler rush in with makeshift weapons, thinking that the girls are being attacked. This outtake shows Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry being told to redo the scene with less exaggeration, which leads to Perry protesting “That WAS less!” As a response to this piece of criticism, the guys decide to enter the next take with complete apathy. With a blooper like this, we can see exactly how Perry brings Chandler’s sarcastic sense of humor to life.

Season 4: "What Do I Smell?"
“The One with Rachel's Crush”

When there’s the opportunity to cut in with an off-color joke, it’s just a matter of time before someone goes for it. At this point in Season Four, the unforgettable apartment swap has already happened. Monica is trying to cope with the fact that she’s not the hostess anymore, but still tries to coax the gang across the hall with a fresh batch of cookies. When Phoebe notices and says “What do I smell?”, Matt LeBlanc’s ad-lib sends everyone into fits of laughter. Despite their best efforts, the cast struggles to make it through the next few takes of the scene because LeBlanc’s improvised line was just too funny to forget.

Season 5: "Pivot!"
“The One with the Cop”

When Ross insisted on moving into his new apartment without professional help, we were gifted with this hilarious scene. In the writers’ room, there was some hesitation about whether or not the simple act of moving a couch up a flight of stairs could work in the sitcom. The take that was used in the final cut of the episode was already hilarious enough, and it’s hard to believe that the cast and crew were able to get through the scene without bursting into laughter. These bloopers show just how difficult it was for Aniston, Perry, and Schwimmer to make it through the bit.

Season 6: "It Tastes Like Feet!"
“The One Where Ross Got High”

For Season Six, Lisa Kudrow’s contagious laugh was definitely a top contender, but we can’t forget about the chaos caused by Rachel’s Thanksgiving dessert. In this episode, Ross has to choke down his entire portion so Rachel won’t find out how terrible her dessert turned out. As Joey and Ross eat this beef and custard disaster, every line of this scene is interrupted by their giggles. David Schwimmer starts laughing when there’s too much of the trifle on his plate, but in the next take, he still manages to deliver his next line before losing it. In classic Joey fashion, Matt LeBlanc keeps eating and it takes a while for him to notice that his co-star has already ruined the take.

Season 7: Ross Plays the Bagpipes
“The One with Joey's New Brain”

In preparation for Chandler and Monica’s wedding, Ross put together a little performance. When he presents his rendition of Kool & The Gang’s “Celebration” on the bagpipes, the camera captures the group’s polite reaction to his new musical talent. The take that ended up in the episode captured some of the cast’s stifled giggles, with Jennifer Aniston hiding her face to conceal her laughter. In the outtake, everyone starts to fall apart when Phoebe sings along to Ross’s sweet music. Even David Schwimmer has to stop playing because the scene is just too absurdly funny.

Season 8: Rachel Tries to Step on Videotape
“The One with the Videotape”

After Monica and Chandler’s wedding, the gang finds out that Rachel is pregnant -- with Ross’s baby. As if this wasn’t dramatic enough, an argument ensues over who initiated the hook-up and Ross blurts out that he has the whole thing on videotape. When Rachel is about to destroy the tape, the rest of the group tries to stop her by shouting a bunch of nonsense. Inevitably, the actors start to lose it over these exaggerated silly sounds. With every outtake of this scene, their gibberish gets more and more ridiculous, so we can definitely see why it was hard to record a usable take.

Season 9: Nurse Phoebe
“The One Where Rachel Goes Back to Work”

For Season Nine, this ping pong blunder with Courteney Cox was a front-runner, but we couldn’t leave out this adorable moment with Lisa Kudrow’s contagious laughter. With some bloopers, life imitates art. Thanks to Joey, Phoebe gets a part as an extra on “Days of Our Lives” when she’s short on money. After she keeps ruining every take, Joey decides to give her a serious pep talk to help her out. Just as Phoebe has trouble carrying the tray across the operating room, Lisa Kudrow struggles to keep a straight face in this scene. Her giggles are simply infectious, and the other actors in the scene can’t help but join in.

Season 10: A Little Double Take
“The One with the Cake”

As it did during Danny Devito’s guest appearance in this season, a flubbed line always gets a laugh with a live audience. When it gives the cast the chance to tease each other, we get to see how long they can carry on a joke. At Emma’s first birthday party, the gang isn’t allowed to leave early for their other plans because the birthday girl won’t wake up. As Courteney Cox delivers her line, she looks straight into the camera by mistake. Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc purposefully ruin the next few takes by staring into the camera, and we’re reminded of just how much fun the actors had on the sitcom in its decade-long run.