Top 10 Anime That Caused Huge Backlash
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Top 10 Anime That Caused Huge Backlash

VOICE OVER: Ashley Bowman WRITTEN BY: Alex Crilly-Mckean
Bring on the outrage! Join Ashley as he counts down our picks for the anime that got huge push back from certain parties due to their content, including the likes of "Redo of Healer", "Uzaki-chan", "Mushoku Tensei", and more!
Scritp written by Alex Crilly-Mckean

Top 10 Anime That Caused Huge Backlash

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we are counting down our picks for the Top 10 Anime That Caused Huge Backlash.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the series that sent the internet into an uproar, unjustifiably or not. We’re making sure to shine a light on some more recent examples, so if you’re wondering where the likes of Goblin Slayer and Shield Hero are, be sure to go check out our previous video on the Top 10 Anime That Caused Major Outrage.

Did you get swept up in the controversy or did it pass you by? Let us know in the comments!

#10: “Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans” (2015-17)

For once, it’s not westerners raising hell because of something an anime did, it’s concerned Japanese parents! Though not for the reason you might be expecting. Apparently, the Japanese Broadcasting Ethics and Program Improvement Organization was flooded with complaints at how Mikazuki gunned down corrupt prison guards who had left him and his fellow orphans for dead. To us, it might have made for a great example of Mika’s character and mindset, but to Japanese parents, they were worried their kids would emulate this display of aggression.

#9: “Ex-Arm” (2021)

We’ve never seen a disaster of an anime that filled us with this much joy. From the moment the trailer was revealed, audiences were left in both confusion and hysterics, because it looked awful. The CGI? The character models? Dreadful. Then it aired, and wouldn’t you know it, it exceeded all expectations with just how bad it was, what with its horrendous fight scenes and drastically conflicting art styles. How does something this bad even make it to air?

#8: “Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid S” (2021)

This sequel isn’t even out yet and it’s already got plenty of people riled up. Why? Well, in what’s becoming something of a trend when it comes to online outrage, the reveal of a new dragon character with an insane bust size has caused plenty of Twitter users to lose their rag. The main complaint stemming from how she’s got a chest the size of the moon but also appears to be on the younger side. In spite of the studio’s insistence that she’s of the same age as Tohru, many aren’t having it for some reason.

#7: “Interspecies Reviewers” (2020)

Much like a dying star, this series shone too brightly. Providing pure, hilarious, smutty joy to all…before every broadcasting network shut it down. Which was a damn shame because so many fans loved how charming the lewdness was. Turns out that while content such as Testament of Sister New Devil is a-okay, a parade of monster boobs and was a step too far. Oh well, we’ll just remember it fondly as the cult classic it's destined to become.

#6: “My Hero Academia” (2016-)

Five seasons in and this shounen powerhouse continues to delight countless fans with its take on the superhero genre and abundance of lovable caped crusaders. Unless your name happens to be Endeavor, of course. The new No.1 has been ironically starting fires on the internet, splitting the fanbase down the middle. Due to the abuse he inflicted on his family, some despise him with a passion and abhor the narrative’s attempt to redeem him in any capacity, while others seem more willing to forgive. We haven’t seen the end of this yet, and it's likely to get a lot worse as the anime plays catch up.

#5: Nissin Commercial

It may not be a series, but it certainly left a lot of poeple fuming. You see, the folks behind Cup Noodle stitched together an anime ad with tennis superstar Naomi Osaka front and centre. It was pretty cool, especially on account of it being drawn in the style of The Prince of Tennis. No harm done, right? Wrong. Nissin made a major faux par when they animated Osaka’s character with light skin, when she is in fact half-Haitian, half-Japanese. Naturally, this led many to accuse the company of whitewashing, prompting them to apologise and remove it.

#4: “Redo of Healer” (2021)

The fact this thing even got an adaptation in the first place is shocking enough, then again maybe the powers that be figured any sort of publicity was worth it. Why is it so infamous? Well, it takes a typical revenge story and smothers it with every kind of violation imaginable. The main character? Abused to the point of insanity before he’s given the chance to travel back in time and take his vengeance on those who wronged him. Which he does via a lot, and we mean a LOTe. This thing is built on shock-value, but unlike its contemporaries it lacks the charm or substance to justify it.

#3: “Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out” (2020)

Really internet? Uzaki? The sassy waifu who never failed to make us laugh, she’s the one you have a problem with? Apparently due to her small height combined with her titanic assets, many accused the anime of sexualising a minor. Of course, this is completely wrong, since it has been established on several occasions that she’s twenty years old and a college student, who happens to be a bit on the shorter side. Thankfully something good did come from this, as all the attention landed the show a second season.

#2: “The Promised Neverland” Season Two (2021)

Talk about a fall from grace! The original season was utterly splendid in the way that it delivered its tension-filled tale about a group of orphans trying to escape their gruesome fate. It was honestly hypnotising, and stayed true to the original source material. The same cannot be said of its sequel. The changes were barely noticeable at first, until Yugo and the entirety of the Goldy Pond arc were revealed to be missing. From there, it’s just nosedived. By this point there are so many arcs missing it's clear they are trying to wrap everything up in one season, and fans are not happy about it!

#1: “Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation” (2021)

You have to feel sorry for those who dropped or haven’t had a chance to watch the grandaddy of the isekai genre, because so far this thing is nothing short of magnificent. It does, however, have a main character who is an unapologetic pervert. To the point where Chinese video sharing website Bilibili dropped it like a hot mess. While these days protagonists appear to be backing away from that kind of personality trait, in the property’s defence, it is intrinsically tied to the story, demonstrating how Rudeus is slowly bettering himself as a character.