10 Awesome Details in Super Nintendo World

VOICE OVER: Riccardo Tucci WRITTEN BY: Nick Spake
Super Nintendo World puts you right into your favorite Nintendo video games! For this video, we're looking at the coolest details from the park that Nintendo fans will appreciate! Our list includes Power-Up Bands & Interactivity, Nintendo Switch Compatibility, Yoshi's Adventure, Bowser Jr. Shadow Showdown, Mario Kart: Koopa's Challenge and more!
Script written by Nick Spake

10 Awesome Details in Super Nintendo World

Welcome to MojoPlays, and today we’re looking at 10 Awesome Details in Super Nintendo World.

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The Mushroom Kingdom Come to Life

There isn’t a Nintendo fan who hasn’t fantasized about visiting the Mushroom Kingdom. Super Nintendo World immediately immerses visitors as they enter via a giant green warp pipe tunnel. This takes guests into Princess Peach’s Castle, complete with several nods to “Mario 64.” Don’t try jumping into the paintings, though. Beyond the castle lobby is a two-floored courtyard right out of a classic “Mario” level. From the Piranha Plants, to the Goombas, to the flag atop a hill, the attention to detail is breathtaking. In addition to Peach’s Castle, Bower’s fortress is on full display as well. As is the case with the best theme parks, exploration is half the fun. For anyone who’s ever wished upon a Power Star, your dream just came true.

Power-Up Bands & Interactivity

With the rise of smartphones, interactivity has become more commonplace in theme parks. Super Nintendo World takes gamification to the next level, which makes sense given the park’s roots. Coming in six varieties, Power-Ups Bands allow guests to interact with elements such as question blocks. These colorful wristbands can also be used to partake in special activities and collect virtual treasures. The more digital coins, stamps, and keys you wrack up, the more secrets you’ll unlock. The bands keep track of what you do inside the park and can be synced with the official mobile app, which includes mini-games and a map. These innovations add to the illusion that you’re not simply wandering around a park, but living out one of your favorite games.

Nintendo Switch Compatibility

The Power-Up Bands aren’t free giveaways, but they are reasonably priced at an additional $32 U.S. Sweetening the deal, their functions aren’t restricted to the park. These physical keys serve as amiibo, meaning they’ll work with your Nintendo Switch at home. Just touch the band to your controller and boom, it’s Mario time! We would’ve been satisfied with simply keeping our bands as souvenirs, but the console connectivity is definitely a neat bonus. You’ll also be able to transfer data from the park’s app to your Switch. And since the Switch is a portable console, you can bring it into the park to interact with certain elements. Sadly, those who are still committed to the Wii U and 3DS won’t enjoy the same luxuries.

Meet & Greets With Beloved Characters

No trip to Disneyland would be complete with a photo op with Mickey Mouse and company. Super Nintendo World offers a similar meet and greet experience with four characters occupying the park. Upon entering, catch Princess Peach in a gazebo by her castle. Mario and Luigi can be found near the Yoshi’s Adventure ride. Showing just how sophisticated mascot suits have become, these costumes feature mouths that move, eyes that blink, and prerecorded catchphrases. Toad is there as well, although his suite lacks some of the aforementioned features. You apparently can’t get up close and personal with Toad either, but feel free to snap a selfie.

Shopping (Gold Coins Not Accepted)

The Power-Up Band isn’t the only memento you’re bound to leave with. At the 1UP Factory, guests will find an assortment of “Mario” merch, including clothing, plushies, and - perhaps coolest of all - Tokotoko Mario. Pushing a red shell forward, Mario walks just as he does in the games. To truly feel like you’re part of the Mushroom Kingdom, guests are welcome to wear the hats, gloves, and other clothes they buy. There’s more shopping to be done at Mario Motors towards the exit of “Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge.” As you might have guessed, this gift shop is loaded with “Mario Kart” goodies, from collectible Tomica toys to stuffed blue shells. Cookies and candies are also for sale, although you’ll want to save room for later.

Dash & Dine

Time to see if Peach’s cake lives up to the hype. It’s just one of the many mouthwatering items on the menu at Kinopio’s Cafe. Before digging into dessert, though, chow down on the Super Mushroom Pizza Bowl, Mario’s Bacon Cheeseburger, or Fire Flower Spaghetti & Meatballs. This is one restaurant where you won’t mind waiting, as the inside is lined with “Mario”-themed decorations and digital screens offering a glimpse into Chef Toad’s kitchen. The only downside is that the Mushroom bowls aren’t available for purchase. This isn’t the park’s only eatery. At Pit Stop Popcorn, you can pick up popcorn buckets modeled after Mario Kart and the Super Star. For guests on the go, Yoshi’s Snack Island offers Green Shell Calzones and yogurt lassis.

Yoshi’s Adventure

Speaking of Yoshi, every gamer’s favorite dinosaur takes center stage in one of the park’s two rides. This five-minute attraction is aimed at the younger crowd, which is appropriate given the kid-friendly aesthetic of “Yoshi’s Island” and “Yoshi’s Story.” Of course, if you grew up playing those classic side-scrollers, you’ll probably adore Yoshi’s Adventure even more than the kids in attendance. Hopping aboard a Yoshi, you’ll set out on an adventure to track down different colored eggs. At the end, guests reunite with Captain Toad, who’s located in the rare Golden Egg. Along the way, the ride offers some of the best views in the park. There’s so much to see that the ride’s slow pace is welcome, allowing you to take everything in.

Bowser Jr. Shadow Showdown

Boss battles are a staple of video games and Super Nintendo World gives guests the opportunity to go up against Bowser Jr. As is the case with most games, though, you can’t just rush in and confront the boss. You’ll need to collect three keys using the Power-Up Band to access Bowser Jr.’s lair. Once you’re inside, it’s up to you and your friends to retrieve the Golden Mushroom. Bowser Jr. will hit you with everything he’s got throughout this augmented reality experience. So, swat away the Bomb-ombs, duck at the sight of Bullet Bills, and be on the lookout for power-ups inside blocks. It may take more steps than some other attractions, but it’ll prove rewarding for any true gamer.

Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge

The moment Super Nintendo World was announced, we all thought the same thing: “There’s going to be a ‘Mario Kart’ ride, right?” Yes, there is, and it’s every bit as awesome as we envisioned. Bowser’s Castle serves as the main hub for this dark ride, which incorporates augmented reality headsets and practical sets for an exhilarating experience. Again, this attraction succeeds in making long lines tolerable with its charming architecture. Boarding a kart with four seats, you’ll race under the sea, through lava, and across the Rainbow Road. It just isn’t “Mario Kart” without items, however. Using the AR goggles, you can throw shells. You might not be able to take the kart off track, but items can be collected using the steering wheel.

The Underground Level

Super Nintendo World is full of little secrets, including hidden Pikmin on the ledges. While there’s no telling what other Easter eggs are waiting to be discovered, Shigeru Miyamoto did tease one so-called “secret.” Accessible once you’ve collected three keys, the Underground Level is a maze reminiscent of World 1-2. Interactivity is once again a key component with the Power-Up Band being used to activate symbols on the walls. For completionists, there are plenty of 8-bit sprites on the walls to unlock. Making your way through the level, you’ll begin to wonder if everything is getting bigger or if you’ve ingested a Mini Mushroom. Either way, be careful around the towering Bomb-omb. You wouldn’t want it to go off.