Top 10 Phoebe Buffay Looks We Would Totally Rock Today
Trivia Top 10 Phoebe Buffay Looks We Would Totally Rock Today



Top 10 Phoebe Buffay Looks We Would Totally Rock Today

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We would totally rock these Phoebe Buffay looks today. Our countdown includes little green dress, yellow maxi dress, checkered maxi dress, and more!

Top 10 Phoebe Buffay Looks We Would Totally Rock Today

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Phoebe Buffay looks we would totally rock today.

For this list, we’ll be looking at Phoebe Buffay’s best fashion moments throughout “Friends” that would be just as stylish and on trend if they were worn today.

If you think Phoebe’s looks are still super trendy today, let us know in the comments!

#10: Purple T-shirt with Long Orange Skirt
"The One with the Sonogram at the End"

This look makes an appearance in the second episode of the series, and needless to say Phoebe starts off the show with a bang. Although Phoebe doesn’t have a very big role in this particular episode since it’s centered more around Rachel’s broken engagement and Ross’ expecting ex-wife, she still stands out in this fun and flirty ensemble. Phoebe’s wavy hair - which we frequently see in early seasons - goes perfectly with the laid-back ensemble. The flattering t-shirt, long, strappy sandals, and colorful floral skirt are still totally in style.

#9: Checkered Maxi Dress
"The One with the Thumb"

In the third episode of “Friends,” Phoebe is seen rocking some killer looks - like the little blue dress over a white shirt, and the cute vest she wears with a fringe purse. But, it’s the first outfit she wears in this episode that really floors us. The checkered pattern and buttons down the front are a very trendy look that shout ‘90s grunge - but it’s also one that’s coming back in a big way. Her layered necklaces add a fun touch to the outfit, and we can also see Phoebe carrying a jean shirt in the scene, which would have been the ideal piece to layer with the look.

#8: Pink & White Tweed Dress
"The One with Phoebe's Husband"

In this episode, Phoebe is going to meet up with her husband, who she married under the impression that he was gay, and to help him get a green card. Despite all of this, she still decides to put on her best threads when she goes to see him following his earlier, unexpected visit. She sports an adorable dress with a hairstyle and accessories that give off major 1960s vibes. Looks, like this retro one, were trendy in the ‘90s, and they’re coming back now in the 2020s as well. This outfit is a fun change for Phoebe, as it is a more classy, clean look that she knocks out of the park.

#7: Little Green Dress
"The One with the Chicken Pox"

As Phoebe suffers through her time with Ryan while they both have a bad case of the chicken pox, she somehow still manages to look completely put together and in fashion. Throughout the episode, we see her sporting her iconic scrunchies and layered jewelry, but it’s her outfit in the last scene that steals the show. As she is saying goodbye to Ryan, who looks dashing in his navy uniform, we can’t take our eyes off of Phoebe’s green dress. The dress has a flattering hemline, buttons down the chest and fun florals. She pairs it with white sneakers for a more casual look - a fashion trick that is used all the time these days.

#6: Yellow Maxi Dress
"The One Where No One's Ready"

During this infamous episode where no one’s ready to go to Ross’ event at the museum, Phoebe is the only one, other than Ross, who is ready to go. Because of this, we get to see Phoebe wearing this gorgeous maxi dress throughout the entire episode, which she styles with a cute updo and a statement flower necklace. Maxi dresses are a staple in any woman’s wardrobe as of late, and they’re popular because they can be dressed down for a casual look, or dressed up, like Phoebe. The bright color of the dress is super fitting for Phoebe, and we were crushed to see the dress get ruined by hummus. Not to fear though, as Phoebe is the only one who could pull off a Christmas bow as an accessory.

#5: White Outfit with Boho Vest
“The One with the Flashback”

We all knew that Monica and Phoebe were roommates before Rachel moved in, but we never got to see what that looked like until this fun flashback episode, which is full of great fashion moments. While Phoebe tries to hide the fact that she’s moving her stuff out of the apartment from Monica, she sports this adorable, free-spirited attire, which is classic “Phoebe.” She paired this flowy, white skirt with a bohemian vest, and even though she wore this in the mid-90s, she still looks like she could have been on her way to Coachella right here in the 21st century.

#4: Black Dress with White Polka Dots
"The One with the Lesbian Wedding"

While Phoebe spends the majority of this episode with the spirit of one of her clients taking control of her body after said client suddenly dies during a massage, this doesn’t stop her from looking super stylish and put together. As she attends Carol and Susan’s wedding, she is dressed up in a midi-length black dress with white polka-dots, and who could forget those stunning white boots that tie the whole outfit together? While not a typical look for Phoebe, as she usually gravitates more towards boho clothing, this dress is super flattering on her and this look, particularly the length of the dress, is still very on trend today.

#3: “Stop Eating Hot” Black Dress
"The One with the Donor"

Speaking of outfits that Phoebe does not typically wear, we don’t blame Joey for stopping in his tracks when she walks in wearing this number - and we know it takes a lot for him to stop eating. After Phoebe and Mike break up, she learns that she is going to be seeing him at a party and knows that she needs to wear something jaw-dropping. This long, black dress with a plunging neckline and open back definitely fits the bill, as it is gorgeous and timeless. Phoebe’s slick, simple hairstyle keeps the focus solely on this revealing outfit, and her simple and classy jewelry tie the glamorous look together.

#2: Red & White Patterned Outfit
"The One with the Thumb"

In the third episode of the series, we get to see Phoebe in her first major storyline on the show, and with that comes some of her best looks. She lucks her way into quite a bit of good karma, and in this scene she is complaining because her bank has accidentally put $500 extra dollars in her account. It’s hard to feel bad for her, especially when she looks this good. She wears a cute, long, red number with white polka-dots and florals. In classic Phoebe fashion, she wears a peace sign necklace, numerous rings, and a laid-back hairstyle that gives the whole look a very casual vibe. This episode may have first aired in 1994, but this look is definitely back in style.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Long Black Dress with Off-White Long-Sleeved Shirt
"Joey and the Tijuana Trip"

Velvet T-Shirt Dress
"The One with the Race Car Bed"

Turtleneck with Striped Overall Dress
“The One with Two Parts, Part 1”

Thanksgiving Football Outfit
"The One with the Football"

Mona Lisa Dress
"The One with Russ"

#1: Denim Shirt with Long Blue, Floral Skirt
"The One with the Fake Monica"

In this season one episode, Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe go to a tap dance class to try and find the woman who has stolen Monica’s credit card. All of them are sporting some adorable and memorable looks. Phoebe’s mostly blue outfit in this episode, with a long floral skirt, a denim button-up tied at her waist and awhite t-shirt underneath, stands out as her best. These threads would not be out of place at all if we were to wear this today, as they are both super cute and flattering - not to mention that they also encompass Phoebe’s iconic hippie-esque style perfectly.