Top 10 Things ONLY Friends Fans Understand



Top 10 Things ONLY Friends Fans Understand

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There are some things only "Friends" fans understand. Our countdown includes what a "transponster" is, the importance of "pivot," the mystery of unagi, and more!

Top 10 Things Only Friends Fans Understand

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Things Only Friends Fans Understand.

For this list, we’re calling all lobsters, transponsters and holiday armadillos to talk about the ways this iconic TV show has changed our lives, whether it’s a quotable line we insert into everyday conversation or a word that has taken on new meaning.

Are you guys ready? We do have one question for you before we start: were Ross and Rachel on a break or no? Let us know below!

#10: How to Play “Bamboozled”

Honestly, Bamboozled lowkey sounds like a lot of fun, doesn’t it? Who doesn’t want to get the ‘gimme card’ to take all your opponent’s points? Or earn a bonus by answering a trivia question while hopping? What about challenging yourself to hold your breath for a round? Whoever invented this game was pure genius, and it was absolutely hilarious to watch Joey, Chandler and Ross get more and more into it. Although the game rules are still very much ambiguous, you don’t want to mess it up by getting bamboozled. And don’t forget to yank the Golden Monkey’s tail or you’ll never get to Paradise Pond!

#9: The Masterpiece That Is “Smelly Cat”

If you don’t know all the words to “Smelly Cat,” are you really a “Friends” stan? It’s considered one of the most memorable things from the show, and once you hear the tune, it’ll definitely get stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Even though we’ve longed to karaoke “66 Colors of My Bedroom,” “Sticky Shoes,” or even “Crazy Underwear” (not that we know the words), “Smelly Cat” is truly the pinnacle of Phoebe Buffay’s lyrical genius. Lisa Kudrow even got to “teach” the one and only Taylor Swift how to sing it! Charlie Puth also had a go at playing it on the piano. And who could forget the official “Smelly Cat” music video?!

#8: What a “Transponster” Is

You know that dull, mundane office job that some people have? Well, according to Rachel, that position is what’s called a ‘transponster’. That’s what she thought Chandler’s job was, anyway. Of course, ‘transponster’ isn’t really a word, but the trivia contest moment from “The One with the Embryos” became so popular that the word is now frequently used to describe a boring office job. We don’t really care about the WENUS or the, ahem, ANUS, but then again, we’re not in the statistical analysis and data reconfiguration… game like a certain Miss Chanandler Bong.

#7: “Doing” Chandler

Sure, Chandler’s friends and coworkers make fun of his unique, sarcastic way of speaking, but seriously, could he BE more iconic? Didn’t think so. To the untrained eye - i.e. those poor souls who have never seen a moment of “Friends” - this just looks like a run of the mill, albeit weird, choice of emphasizing a sentence. But, when “Friends” fans see those words, they just can’t help saying them the way the Chan-Chan Man would. The funny thing about this saying is that it’s mocked more than it’s actually said. Chandler only said it a couple of times, but Joey’s impression in “The One Where No One’s Ready” cemented it in everyone’s memory. This is what Chandler’s been known by ever since, and to be honest, it’s not such a bad catchphrase at all!

#6: The Importance of “Pivot” defines a “pivot” as “a fixed point supporting something that turns or balances.” But Ross uses the word as basically something he’ll keep shouting until Chandler completely loses it. So if you carry a large piece of furniture up a narrow apartment building staircase, or really manoeuver anything, with a “Friends” fan, don’t be surprised if they too shout “pivot” while giving you directions. Fun fact: a real-life mathematician revealed Ross shouldn’t have put so much emphasis on pivoting than focusing on the tilt. Of course, if he had done that, then we would’ve never gotten this iconic pivot moment in the first place!

#5: The Joseph Francis Tribbiani School of Food

If there’s one fun fact that everyone knows from “Friends,” it’s that Joey's great love is food, and he’s very protective of it. Whether it was looking for a sandwich we would take a bullet for, ordering a Joey special - two pizzas - or trying our best to bring ourselves to recreate and enjoy Rachel’s trifle, Joey has forever changed how we look at food. Joey is also very vocal about the etiquette rules of sharing. You might want to think twice if you decide to swipe some fries from your “Friends” obsessed pal’s plate - it’s probably the worst thing you could possibly do to them. But you can always depend on them to have a handy pocket fork should you need some floor-cheesecake taken off your hands… or floor.

#4: When Someone Calls You Their “Lobster”

This is by far one of the most confusing “Friends” moments for the uninitiated. If someone calls you their lobster, believe it or not, it’s a term of endearment - at least, according to Phoebe. It’s one of the highest compliments you could give to someone to tell them you really love them. It’s a love that lasts forever. Soulmates may come and go, but lobsters will hold each other’s claws forever. So, to a “Friends” fan, being someone’s lobster is one of the most romantic things ever. Just don’t tell them that lobsters don’t actually mate for life...

#3: The Mystery of Unagi

Here’s another word that has a completely different meaning if you’re a “Friends” fan. Unagi is a Japanese word for a freshwater eel and often associated with sushi. According to Ross though, unagi is a state of total awareness. It’s when you’re ready for any danger coming your way. Ross went as far as to scare Phoebe and Rachel to prove that they don’t have unagi. But of course, his theory is put to the test and Pheebs and Rach managed to scare the crap out of him. It’s an iconic “Friends” moment that had many fans striving to reach that state of total awareness. Or, more likely, made them crave sushi.

#2: Being “On a Break”

This is by far one of the most controversial “Friends” moments: were Ross and Rachel on a break or not? Seriously, you could get into some very heated arguments with a “Friends” fan if you stand with Ross. Bring up what “taking a break” means and prepare for a full-on TED talk, likely complete with a PowerPoint presentation; there’s your warning. Though Ross and Rachel’s breakup following this break - and Ross sleeping with someone else - is one of the show’s saddest moments, the statement became a hysterical recurring gag for the rest of the sitcom’s run. Ross even tried to teach the phrase to his son Ben in order to get more people on his side. Nice try, Ross-a-Tron.

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#1: You Never Stop Watching It

Let’s face it - “Friends” fans can rewatch all seasons more than once and still laugh at the scenes like it’s their first time watching them. They still get shocked when Ross says Rachel, they still LOL at one liners, they still cry when Rachel gets off the plane. Once the gang leaves the apartment for the last time and we see one last shot of the iconic door frame, really the only way to solve the gaping hole in our hearts is to go right back to the pilot. There have even been Tweets calling “Friends” fans out for being in a state of always watching the show. And it’s… absolutely true. On rewatch #5, you may think the Joey/Rachel relationship wasn’t so bad, then by #10, you have finally learned “The Routine.” But no matter how many times it’s been, you know that “Friends” will always be “there for you.”