Top 10 Times Rick and Morty Committed Murder



Top 10 Times Rick and Morty Committed Murder

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All the times Rick and Morty committed murder had us wondering who's the true villain on this show? For this list, we're not just looking at Rick and Morty kills, but rather the times they killed in cold blood, by accident or started a fight that lead to over-the-top bloodshed. Our countdown includes Krombopulos Michael, King Jellybean, Fart, and more!
Only shows on Interdimensional Cable have a higher body count than Rick and Morty. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Times Rick and Morty Committed Murder.

For this list, we’re not just looking at Rick and Morty kills, but rather the times they killed in cold blood, by accident or started a fight that lead to over-the-top bloodshed. Yup, these are times where the ritual duo were the bad guys.

#10: The Zigerions
“M. Night Shaym-Aliens!”

After putting him and Jerry through a series of simulations, the Zigerions seemingly trick Rick into giving up his recipe for concentrated dark matter. After seemingly getting what they want, the Zigerions let Rick and Jerry go free, but in the end it’s Rick who gets the last laugh. The aliens break out the party supplies while mixing Rick’s recipe and Prince Nebulon thanks his crew for their hard work and dedication, even going so far as to remind the audience that these are just working class joes with families. As he adds the last ingredient, the concoction creates a massive explosion, killing everyone onboard.

#9: Krombopulos Michael
“Mortynight Run”

This show is no stranger to abrupt deaths, although Krombopulos Michael’s demise is among the most surprising, not to mention hilarious. Part of this is because he seems like such an unstoppable force. On a mission to assassinate Fart, this Gromflomite exemplifies the stealthy skills of Ethan Hunt or Solid Snake. Meanwhile Morty has stolen Rick’s car and goes after Krombopulos Michael in an effort to stop him and save Fart’s life. In doing so Morty accidentally kills KM, unintentionally ending one life to save another and depriving Rick of his best customer.

#8: Do as the Crystal Guides
“Edge of Tomorty: Rick Die Rickpeat”

The Season 4 premiere is insanely violent, even by “Rick and Morty” standards. Of course, this is to be expected when the plot is driven by a death crystal. As Morty gives himself to the crystal, he begins to go “Akira” on society. After sending one psychotic bully up into the stratospheric, Morty swiftly deals with two others. He leaves the authorities in pieces and the carnage climaxes once the army shows up. Using Rick’s weapons, Morty is able to rip apart the soldiers’ DNA, turning them into piles of mush. According to the judge at Morty’s trial, he reduced a total of thirteen men to ash. We also know for a fact one of the bullies is dead, because in the post credit scene his face is on a milk cartoon in the fridge.

#7: The Miniverse & Teenyverse
“The Ricks Must Be Crazy”

In order to power his car, Rick creates a microverse in his car battery, a miniature universe in which the inhabitants unknowingly work as slaves. When the car won’t start, Rick learns that a scientist inside his microverse has created his OWN microverse, a universe inside a universe inside a universe. Rick doesn’t hesitate to destroy the second microverse, sorry, “miniverse”, which in turn obliterates all life within it. Rick even implies that he was willing to, and absolutely would have destroyed his original microverse, if the citizens within didn’t behave and continue to generate power for him. Dark.

#6: Keep Summer Safe
“The Ricks Must Be Crazy”

The same episode as our previous entry; while Rick and Morty are in the battery, the ship is given instructions to protect Summer. When a threatening-looking man becomes aggressive towards Summer, the car uses its defenses to slice the guy into little cubes. Summer prevents the cruiser from taking another life, but that doesn’t stop it from paralyzing the guy’s buddy. Granted, you could argue that the car is the one with dirty hands, that is to say if cars had hands. It was Rick who built the cruiser and gave it this directive, however. You can’t charge a car with a crime (we think?), but in any case, we’re placing the blame for this man’s demise on Rick.

#5: King Jellybean
“Meeseeks and Destroy”

Of all the surprise villains on this show, few caught us off-guard quite like Mr. Jellybean. Not only does he come off as friendly at first, but he’s literally a talking jellybean. How do you get more wholesome than that? Well, things rapidly go from sweet to sour, as Mr. Jellybean gets touchy with Morty in a bathroom. A traumatized Morty narrowly escapes by bashing a toilet seat over his head… or whatever you call the top of a jellybean. This merely wounds Mr. Jellybean, who’s revealed to be king of the fairy tale village. Experiencing empathy in a rare moment, Rick pieces together what the jellybean did to his grandson and, while existing through a portal, blasts the king into a green, gooey mess. A well deserved fate.

#4: Fart
“Mortynight Run”

Another surprise villain, this sentient cloud of gas is on Krombopulos Michael’s hit list. Along with the assassin, various others get caught in the crossfire as Morty tries to save this gaseous entity, who Rick ever so eloquently dubs Fart. Yet, Morty also becomes Fart’s undoing. Forming a strong bond with Fart, Morty is shocked to learn that his laidback friend is plotting to wipe out all carbon-based life in the universe. Tearing up, Morty is given no choice but to blast Fart into oblivion mid-song. While Morty prevents any further casualties, this doesn’t take away from his guilt or heartache. Not only does Morty lose a friend, but the moral code he abided by is forever thrown into question.

#3: Most of The Vindicators
“Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender”

In a not-so-subtle parody of the Avengers, the Vindicators recruit Rick for a dangerous mission. Unfortunately for the Vindicators, they piss off Rick, who proceeds to get blackout drunk and traps the entire team in an elaborate series of “Saw” like traps. Vance Maximus is the first to go, getting ground up like hamburger meat when he tries to escape. Crocubot meets an equally gruesome fate, getting crushed in another trap. Eventually, the remaining Vindicators turn on each other with Supernova as the last one standing. In the end, “Drunk Rick” isn’t the only one with blood and ants on his hands. Yet, he still acted as a deadly catalyst, bringing out the evil in superheroes.

#2: The Embassy Director & Guards
“Pickle Rick”

As a pickle, Rick is as deadly as John Wick and John McClane combined. It isn’t long until things escalate from exterminating insects and vermin to taking human lives. Pickle Rick gets on the wrong side of some East-European agents when he accidentally infiltrates their compound. He thus devises a few intricate boobytraps with one agent getting a trophy through the eye, two more falling into a pencil pit, and several others getting a taste of Rick’s impromptu laser gun. The most epic downfall is saved for the Agency Director. Receiving a lift from Jaguar, Pickle Rick flicks a cigarette from a helicopter, triggering an explosion that smokes the director. The Director definitely deserved what he got, but we’re not convinced his guards deserved their gruesome fates.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Most of the World
“Rick Potion #9”

The Council of Ricks
“The Rickshank Rickdemption”

Memory Parasites
“Total Rickall”

Campaign Manager Morty
“The Ricklantis Mixup”

Toxic Rick
“Rest and Ricklaxation”

#1: The Lighthouse Keeper
“Look Who's Purging Now”

Upon arriving on a planet that annually partakes in the Purge, Rick is naturally on board for a little mayhem. By the end of the night, though, it’s Morty who ends up showing his dark side. Morty is initially against purging, even befriending a local pacifist who’s nice enough to let them use his lighthouse as a beacon. The catch is that Morty has to listen to his “tale”, a god awful movie script. When Morty attempts to give him some constructive criticism, the would-be screenwriter flips out and demands they leave his home. Robbed of what little patience he had left, Morty gets into the Purge spirit and shoves him down a flight of stairs, resulting in a fatal neck break, and Morty just taunts his corpse.

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