Top 10 Pawn Stars Items With The Craziest Histories



Top 10 Pawn Stars Items With The Craziest Histories

VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Richard Bush
You can't put a price on the craziest histories behind Pawn Stars items. For this list, we're looking at the items with the weirdest backstories or historical significance that have found their way into the Las Vegas' famed Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. Our countdown includes the “Wayne's World” car, a Super Mario statue, a (stolen) submarine, and more!
Want to hear something wild? Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Craziest Histories Behind Pawn Stars Items.

For this list, we’re looking at the items with the weirdest backstories or historical significance that have found their way into the Las Vegas' famed Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. As they always say, you never know what is going to come through that door!

#10: O.J. Simpson’s White Ford Bronco
"If the Pawn Don't Fit"

As Rick mentions, everyone alive in 1994 remembers where they were when the infamous low-speed O.J Simpson chase took place. The televised pursuit saw the former NFL star fleeing from police in the back of his friend’s white Ford Bronco, a lukewarm pursuit that lasted around 90 minutes. Rick couldn’t believe it when the SUV rolled into this shop - and he even got a chance to take it for a spin. But with the owner asking a cool $1.3 million for it, Rick decided to pass. It’s a shame they didn’t buy it along with that O.J. Simpson statue that Flavor Flav brought in that time. They’d have made quite the multi-buy purchase.

#9: The “Wayne’s World” Car
"Party On, Pawn"

Party time, excellent . . . Anyone into SNL or pop culture in general will know of “Wayne’s World” and the huge following it had in the ‘90s, and still to this day. The 1976 AMC Pacer aka The Mirthmobile, featured in the movie, was seriously memorable, with flame decals and the fact that it featured in the iconic “Bohemian Rhapsody” singalong scene. When Rick was in Orlando, he contacted the owner, who had himself bought the car from a museum. He offered to sell the battered Pacer to Rick for $15,000 - but they eventually settled on $9,500. And Rick spent a lot more to have it restored. Schwing!

#8: Saddam Hussein’s Fingerprints
“Silence of the Lambo”

As a rule of . . . thumb, Rick doesn’t usually buy things that belonged to really bad people, but seeing as though Saddam Hussein’s capture was something the USA celebrated, he decided to take a second look at this one. A guy who was involved in the arrest of Hussein came into the store with a certified copy of Hussein’s fingerprints, which were taken from when he was captured back in 2003. According to the owner of them, they were given to him as a gift, and he was looking to collect $10,000 for them, Rick offered $1,500 and ultimately they couldn’t make a deal.

#7: Super Mario Statue
"80's Pawn"

As iconic mascots go, Super Mario is one of the most revered. And as a result, it’s understandable why the pawn stars would want to get their hands on anything Mario-related. When a guy brought a huge statue of the legendary gaming figure into the store, Chumlee was smitten with it. Apparently, its owner Cesar won the statue after he beat his friend, who owned an arcade, in a game of Mario Kart. What a prize, right? The guy said he would have been happy with $100, but ended up getting $550 for it. That’s a lot of coins to someone like Mario!

#6: Liquid-Powered Pistol
"Field Trip"

The guys have seen all sorts of weird weapons come into the shop - but this one was stranger than most. Having an antiques expert drop in to advise on the gun’s backstory, it was revealed that it was a pistol that used liquid, thought up by an inventor. But it didn’t use water, nope, it used liquid carbonic acid, which would expand into a gas and allow the pistol to fire pellets. And this thing was rare - with only 500 made and expert Craig Gottlieb stating that he’d only ever seen three in his lifetime. Unfortunately for its owner, it was only valued at $3,000 - and Rick took it off his hands for $2,500.

#5: Rolling Stones Promo Record
"Napoleon Bonapawn"

Before everything went online, it used to be that musical artists would hand in demos and promotional tracks to radio stations, back in the days of vinyl. And that’s where the story on the next item originates. Back in the 60s, the “Rolling Stones” were looking to sell themselves to radio stations - and thus a promo record was created. The owner was asking for $4,000, but after one of Rick’s friends came in to examine it, they found that it was actually a reproduction of said promotional record. Nevertheless, they managed to strike a deal, with Rick taking it off his hands for $65.

#4: First Issue of Playboy Magazine
"Coolest Collectibles"

Regardless of whether you indulge in “Playboy” magazine, you can’t deny its popularity all over the world. And its legacy started all the way back in 1953 when the first issue, featuring Marilyn Monroe, was released. At the time, she was a rising movie star, but her appearance in the issue of “Playboy” - which came about after a photographer sold her nude photos to the magazine - boosted her profile overnight. The owner of the magazine was given it by his father, who bought it back in the day - and although the owner was hoping for $2,000, he made a deal with Rick for $1,400.

#3: Bridgewater Corkscrew Set
"Prohibition Pawn"

Prohibition was a miserable time in America for pretty much everyone, so when it came to an end in the 1930s, there were celebrations everywhere. But before that, people were bitter . . . and funny. Hence this specially-made Bridgewater corkscrew, made to resemble Andrew Volstead, the guy responsible for getting the prohibition act passed. The set contains a corkscrew, wine stopper and a shot glass - and also a miniature coffin box. The guy who brought it in walked away with $325, and the shop got themselves a unique piece of history.

#2: A (Stolen) Submarine
"Sub for Sale"

This next item is a bit different, and not because of its history - like where and when it was made - but because of who owned it, and who didn’t. A one-man submarine appeared on the show in the usual format: the owner showed up, and Rick made a deal. But after purchasing it for $3,000, Rick later found out that it was stolen. A lawyer, who was watching the show, claimed that it belonged to a client of his, and that it had previously been stolen. Apparently, owner Lynette knew nothing about this. Eventually the police reclaimed the submarine, and it was returned to its rightful owner, leaving Rick with a . . . sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach.

#1: JFK’s Cigar Box
"Close, But No Cigar"

When it comes to the USA’s most memorable and iconic presidents, John F. Kennedy is certainly up there. And anything JFK-related that comes into the pawn shop is always of instant interest. We were considering the JFK Luncheon Invitation for our number one pick, but instead we went for his cigar box. Used by Kennedy and placed on his desk in the Oval Office, it was handed down by Kennedy’s former secretary and later purchased by owner Erik. JFK loved himself a cigar, so the item is pretty special. Special enough to warrant a price tag of $60,000 in fact, which is what was paid. Have a cigar, Rick!