Top 10 Most Outrageous Pawn Stars Items



Top 10 Most Outrageous Pawn Stars Items

VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Nathan Sharp
You won't find the most outrageous Pawn Stars items on eBay or Amazon.
So, people just… own this stuff? Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Outrageous Pawn Stars Items.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most ridiculous, weirdest, and downright bizarre items that have been seen on Pawn Stars.

#10: Dinosaur Eggs
“Everybody Do the Dinosaur”

You hear the words “dinosaur eggs,” and you automatically assume that they are worth big money! The seller certainly thought so, as she offered to sell them to Corey for $20,000. Unfortunately, that is not the case, and the dinosaur expert put a quick stop to her big ambitions. He identified them as belonging to a duck-billed dinosaur called the Dendrolithus. However, he also states that these are far more common than you would think, as there are “tens of thousands [of them] on the international market.” As such, each egg is only worth between $300 and $600. Corey ended up buying the eggs for a measly $500, a far cry from the initial $20,000 offer!

#9: A Grammy Award
“Bumpy Ride”

This Grammy award has quite the storied history. It was originally given to Ronald Dunbar and General Johnson back in 1971 for their song “Patches,” which won the award for Best R&B Song. It then made its way to someone who needed legal counsel, who gave it to their lawyer as a form of payment. The lawyer then brought it into the shop, where it was purchased for $2,350. It’s definitely an odd number, but just think – Rick’s original offer was only $1,500! The lawyer certainly knew how to negotiate, and he got himself an extra $850 in the process! Now let that be a lesson to all you sellers out there…

#8: Elephant Waste

Oh, the things that will come into a pawn shop. In this episode, a confident man wielding a specialized carrying case walked into the shop, tickling the curiosities of Chumlee and the old man. Unfortunately, what was inside said case was a disappointing load of crap. Literally. It was a can of elephant waste suitably named “Zoodoo,” albeit beautifully labelled! The seller asked for a ridiculous $10,000, believing the item to be a rare novelty. Or he was trolling. Probably the latter. Luckily, Old Man didn’t bite, although Chumlee personally purchased the can for $20. It would certainly make for an interesting conversation starter…

#7: Exploding Dye Pack
“Corey’s Big Burn”

A man who is definitely not a professional bank robber walked into the shop with a novelty item – an exploding pack of $10 bills. As he and the professional explain, these fake stacks are snuck into a bag of real money during a robbery and are meant to explode upon leaving the bank, coating both the criminal and the money in a colorful dye. This not only exposes the criminal in public, but it also renders the money totally useless. While Rick initially questioned the legality of purchasing and owning such an item, he eventually got the OK and purchased the stack for $175.

#6: A (Stolen) Submarine
“Sub for Sale”

You gotta be careful with big purchases like this, because there’s always the chance that it has been stolen. Unfortunately for Rick, that was the case for this one-man submarine. Rick states that a miniature sub in good condition can bring in up to $10,000. However, the sub brought to Rick needed some TLC, and he purchased it for $3,000. A lawyer in California was watching the episode when he recognized the sub, as it rightfully belonged to his wealthy client. Turns out, the sub had been stolen from him five years earlier (although not by the seller, whom police claim had no knowledge that it had been stolen). Much to Rick’s probable disappointment, the sub was reclaimed and returned to its rightful owner.

#5: An Old Blood Transfusion Kit

It must be exciting to work at a pawn shop. Sometimes people walk in with some old baseball cards or something. Other times they walk in with old blood transfusion kits. No biggie. This kit includes a traveling case, clear glass jars, and rubber tubes. The owner states that she “doesn’t need it any longer” (which kind of scares us) and asks for a weirdly specific $211 for the whole kit. Chumlee offers her $100 instead, but works his way up to $125 after getting a particularly scary and threatening stare-down from the customer. Ah, we’re sure this woman is lovely and certainly not a vampire…

#4: The “Wayne’s World” Car
“Party On, Pawn”

The Mirthmobile itself made an appearance on an episode of “Pawn Stars,” when Rick travelled to Orlando to see the iconic car in person. The car is a 1976 AMC Pacer, which Rick calls “one of the ugliest cars ever made.” Fair enough. The baby blue color and added flames certainly don’t help. The car still had the original camera mounts installed, although it did not run, and it needed a lot of body work to look like it did in the movie. Due to the car’s rough condition, Rick purchased it for $9,500. Luckily, the car was eventually restored to its former glory and sold at an auction for $37,400 in 2016.

#3: Electrotherapy Kit
“Weird Science”

Honestly, where does someone even get their hands on a vintage electrotherapy kit? The woman in question had what is called a Master Violet Ray #11, an old medical appliance that used electrotherapy to treat things like headaches, acne, constipation and male pattern baldness. Of course, it was all nonsense. Wait, you mean electricity DOESN’T cure acne? Oh, come on! Violet rays were first developed in the late 1890s and eventually prohibited in the United States in the 50s because they were both entirely useless and incredibly dangerous. After testing it out on themselves, because of course they did, Rick and Chum paid $75 for the device.

#2: Liquid Pistol
“Field Trip”

So, it turns out that you can use liquid to fire a gun. Who knew? Craig Gottlieb of Gottlieb Military Antiques was brought in to review a gun, and what he found was simply incredible. He claims that the gun is unbelievably rare and that it used liquid carbonic acid to fire. According to Craig, the carbonic acid would instantly expand into gas, which in turn generated enough pressure to fire the pellet. Despite him praising nearly every aspect of the gun and proclaiming time and again just how rare of a collectible it is, Craig only priced the weapon at $3,000. Talk about a disappointment! Rather surprisingly, Rick bought the gun for $2,500.

Before we look at the most outrageous “Pawn Stars” item, here are a few honorable mentions.

Slash’s Driver’s License
“Sweet Pawn of Mine”

Autographed David Hasselhoff Buoy
“Riders on the Pawn”

Antique Duck Press
“Silence of the Lambo”

19th Century Tonsillotome
“Rick ‘n’ Roll”

Vintage Waffle Iron
“Weird Science”

#1: Saddam Hussein’s Fingerprints
“Silence of the Lambo”

We all have an interest in the macabre, even if we don’t want to admit it. Rick even remarks that he doesn’t like purchasing things related to evil people, but he admits that there is a market for this type of memorabilia. As such, he showed an interest in Saddam Hussein’s fingerprints. The seller states that he was involved in the arrest of Hussein, and the fingerprints were allegedly given to him as a gift. Now that is arguably the weirdest gift anyone has ever been given. Was a nice watch too much to ask for? Rick had no idea how to value the fingerprints and offered the seller $1,500. The seller thought it could fetch up to $10,000 at auction and ended up walking.