Top 10 Greatest Superhero Allies
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Top 10 Greatest Superhero Allies

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The Heroes aren't the only ones who are super! For this list we'll be looking at Superhero allies who are just as extraordinary as the hero. Who's your favorite ally? Let us know in the comments!

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Top 10 Superhero Allies as Extraordinary as the Hero

With great power comes great responsibility, and also allies. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Superhero Allies as Extraordinary as the Hero.

For this list, we’re looking at non-superpowered characters in superhero comic books and movie franchises who have proven themselves as valuable allies to the protagonists. Whether as a sidekick, love interest, supplier or motivator, we’re ranking them on loyalty, their impact on the heroes and the resulting number of lives saved.

#10: John Myers


John Myers is a rare phenomenon in the world of superheroes, having never appeared in a “Hellboy” comic book before or since his debut on the silver screen. A former FBI Agent, Myers is transferred to the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defence when he meets Hellboy and joins him in his quest to defeat the evil Rasputin. Myers is able to keep Liz Sherman from using her pyrokinetic abilities, and despite being the only human character in the group, it is his motivation that convinces Hellboy to destroy Rasputin.

#9: Erik Selvig


Another character to make his first appearance on the big screen – in this case, the Marvel Cinematic Universe – Dr. Erik Selvig, played by Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgard, is an astrophysicist and colleague of Jane Foster’s. Their research leads them into the center of a conflict between Thor and SHIELD, and Selvig, who studied Asgardian legends as a child, become an ally to the God of Thunder. He is recruited by SHIELD, but under Loki’s influence, he is brainwashed into freeing the Chitauri. When the good Doctor snaps out of it, he is the only one capable of figuring out how to close the breach, and the Avengers owe him a debt of gratitude.

#8: Moira MacTaggert


One of the only human members of the X-Men, Moira MacTaggert replaces superpowers with knowledge, becoming an expert on human mutation from an early age and actually winning a Nobel Prize for her work. Upon joining the X-Men, she took care of the mutants, adopting the abandoned Wolfsbane, treating Professor X’s bipolar son Legion and even attempting to alter Magneto’s evil genetics. She also appeared in the recent movies, uncovering Sebastian Shaw’s plot to wage nuclear war in “X:Men: First Class”, and she returned two films later to warn the team of the oncoming Apocalypse.

#7: Edna Mode

The Incredibles

Voiced by “Incredibles” director Brad Bird, Edna Mode is a gifted designer, but she doesn’t make suits for just anyone. Edna, otherwise known as E, designs specially crafted superhero suits, each one fitting the specific powers of its wearer. Despite her severe distaste for the fashion industry, labeling all supermodels as “stupid little stick figures with poofy lips who only think about themselves,” she represents a stereotypical fashion mogul, using her sharp wit and controversial opinions to talk down to real life superheroes twice her size. As sidekicks go, she closely resembles James Bond’s Q, always on hand to give the Incredibles family what they need, just as long as there are no capes involved.

#6: Ned Leeds


As Peter Parker’s best friend and the first civilian to know Spider-Man’s secret identity, Ned is the quintessential superhero ally. He’s Spidey’s “guy in the chair”, coaching Peter through the trials of having superpowers, while never missing a chance to comment on how awesome the hero gig can be. Resourceful, charming, and loyal as-can-be, Ned doesn't just shine as a sidekick to Spider-Man, but also a friend to Peter, which isn't always easy in the context of high school. Plus, he gets to ask all the questions we’ve always wanted to ask our favorite wall-crawling arachnid.

#5: April O’Neil

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

An ally to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, April O’Neil has had plenty of different roles over the years, but she always finds a way to help the mutants in a half shell. Making her debut as a computer programmer, she provided the sewer-dwelling turtles with some much-needed technology, before she lined up alongside the turtles, trained by none other than Splinter himself. Megan Fox’s Razzie-winning performance as O’Neil in the recent “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” reboot hasn’t exactly done justice to her crime-fighting comic counterpart, but she has at least become a vital part of the team.

#4: Pepper Potts

Iron Man

As if dealing with Tony Stark on a day-to-day basis wasn’t hard enough already, Virginia “Pepper” Potts has the added responsibilities of being romantically involved with a superhero and running his own company for him. Although they are rarely seen as a couple in the comics, Pepper and Tony’s relationship is a key factor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where Gwyneth Paltrow is more than a match for Robert Downey Jr.’s tongue in cheek wit. She is eventually appointed CEO of Stark Industries, proving herself as a powerful businesswoman, and it is because of her that Tony ever had the time and resources to become Iron Man.

#3: Peggy Carter

Captain America

She might be best known as Captain America’s love interest, but Peggy Carter was making scientific breakthroughs and kicking a whole lot of ass before she even met the star-spangled super soldier. Peggy was part of the first major organization to fight against HYDRA, and it was her success in the Strategic Science Reserve that led to the development of the super soldier serum. She was an experienced spy by the time she met candidate Steve Rogers, who initially looked to her for guidance and courage before his apparent death. When he resurfaced, Peggy, along with Howard Stark, had formed SHIELD, giving the new Captain America something to fight for.

#2: Phil Coulson

The Avengers

SHIELD Agent Phil Coulson made brief appearances in the original “Iron Man” and “Thor” movies, but not until “The Avengers” was he established as an important ally to the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Coulson became instantly relatable to superhero fanboys worldwide when he turned out to be one himself. But Coulson was more than just the comic relief, providing maybe the most heroic moment in the movie, as he stands up to God of Mischief, Loki. With his favorite superheroes all gone their separate ways, Coulson’s sacrifice brought them back together, because, for the first time, they had someone to Avenge.

Before we unveil our number one pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Lois Lane

Foggy Nelson


#1: James Gordon


He’s the Police Commissioner Gotham deserves, AND the one it needs. While Alfred provides the motivation and Lucius Fox delivers the tools for Batman to succeed, Commissioner Jim Gordon aids the Dark Knight in person and sacrifices the most to help him in his crusade. Gordon works against the entire police force to keep Batman safe, putting his career, family and his own life at risk on several occasions as the pair develop an unlikely mutual respect. Ultimately, Gordon’s desire to help Gotham City is what earns him Batman’s trust, as both realize that neither could truly protect the city without the other.