Top 10 Unanswered Questions in El Camino A Breaking Bad Movie



Top 10 Unanswered Questions in El Camino A Breaking Bad Movie

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Michael Wynands
These are the top 10 unanswered questions we have after watching "El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie". This film, in many ways, made for the perfect epilogue, but only for Jesse Pinkman. For this list, we'll be looking at some of the major questions that fans still have about the world of "Breaking Bad" following the release of “El Camino”. We'll be including new questions that were specifically raised by this 2019 Netflix original movie, as well as more general ones we still have leftover from the core series.

Top 10 Unanswered Questions in El Camino

This film, in many ways, made for the perfect epilogue, but only for Jesse Pinkman. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Unanswered Questions in El Camino.

For this list, we’ll be looking at some of the major questions that fans still have about the world of Breaking Bad following the release of “El Camino”. We’ll be including new questions that were specifically raised by this 2019 Netflix original movie, as well as more general ones we still have leftover from the core series.

#10: What Badger and Skinny Pete Do Now

Jesse’s slacker best buds don’t get a ton of screen time in the film, but as usual, they make fairly big impression with the time they have. Last we’d seen them, Badger and Skinny Pete were still committing minor crimes and doing odd jobs for Walter White. When we catch up with the not so dynamic duo, it’s clear that not much has changed; they’re just chilling out playing video games, trading insults back and forth in a good-natured manner. Though they provide some of the film’s biggest laughs (and play a crucial role in helping Jesse on his quest for a new life, we wish we had a clearer picture of how they spend their days.

#9: The Fate of Ted Beneke

Walter White might’ve been the criminal mastermind in “Breaking Bad”, but he wasn’t the only seemingly average citizen breaking the law. In season 2, we learned that Skyler’s boss at Beneke Fabricators, Ted, was committing fraud to keep the company from going under. It was a wild ride for old Teddy Boy, and his reckless ways ultimately landed him in the hospital with a severe neck injury. Did he ever recover? Did he learn to be better with money? We may never know! But he’s not the only character whose fate El Camino refused to reveal. The end result of Donald Margolis’ suicide attempt remains a mystery, and we still have no clue if Huell ever left that safe house!

#8: The State of the Drug Trade

Let’s recap, shall we? While Breaking Bad told the epic story of the rise and fall of Walter White, aka “Heisenberg”, a number of criminal organizations and drug dealers got taken down along the way. Most notable among them are Tuco, Gus Fring, and the white supremacists. Following the massacre of the latter crew in the series finale, the state of New Mexico seemingly ran out of major players. Now… it’s safe to say that whenever a drug kingpin is arrested or killed, someone is sure to fill the gap. We can’t imagine that New Mexico simply “got clean” following the death of Walter White. As to who will step up to satisfy the meth needs of Albuquerque however, it’s anyone’s guess.

#7: What Are Walt Jr. and Holly up to Now?

El Camino kept its story tightly focused on the fate of Jesse Pinkman after escaping the white supremacist compound. Though this approach definitely served its central character well, many fans would have relished the opportunity to catch up with the family of Walter White. After all, Heisenberg was born from his desire to provide for his wife and children after his death. Last we saw Walt Jr. (aka Flynn), it was clear that he wanted nothing to do with his father. Since “El Camino” picks up right after the events of “Felina”, it’s not like much has changed, but it would have been cool to get a glimpse of his reaction to Walter’s death, and what life looks like for him and sister now.

#6: A Clearer Picture of Gus Fring's Backstory

With “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul”, creator Vince Gilligan has crafted a world populated by truly unforgettable characters. Even amongst steep competition however, Gustavo Fring undeniably stands out as one of the most unique and compelling players. In season 4, we learned that the enigmatic businessman and covert drug lord is a Chilean national with the links to the Pinochet government, who immigrated to the United States in 1989. But as for documentation or physical evidence of this past, it’s essentially non-existent. As such, his backstory remains among the most enduring mysteries of this television universe. “El Camino” offers no answers, but there’s still time for “Better Call Saul” to peel back the layers.

#5: What Exactly Happened with Walt and Gray Matter

Early on in the series, we learn that before he became a humble high school chemistry teacher, Walter White was living up to his potential as a founding partner of Gray Matter Technologies with his friend Elliot Schwartz. In the flashbacks to this time, Walt is a very different man; he seems genuinely happy and full of life. Walt was dating his lab assistant at the time, Gretchen, but she would go on to marry his partner Elliot after Walt left the company. In 2016, creator Vince Gilligan revealed that Walt broke things off with Gretchen because he felt inferior to her, but we’d still like to see exactly how things played out, specifically the family vacation he went on with her that ended the relationship.

#4: What Brock’s Life Looks like Now

As Jesse Pinkman learns the hard way, you can’t lead a life of crime and guarantee the safety of the people you care about. After losing his girlfriend Jane to a drug overdose (with a little help from Walter White of course), Pinkman eventually found love again with Andrea Cantillo. Unfortunately, their relationship ends in tragedy when, despite them having already broken up, she’s killed by the white supremacists as a show of force. Since Andrea was a single mother, this effectively orphaned her young son, Brock, with whom Jesse had grown close. Brock is referenced in the film, but we never actually see the young boy, or get a clear idea of what his life looks like now.

#3: Where Walt's Money Wound Up

Before his death, Walt took measures to make sure that Walt Jr. and Holly would be taken care of. But… given that his money was ill-gotten, there are many ways for the arrangements to have gone sideways, and so we would have liked to see them get the money from the “trust fund” set up by the Schwartzes. More importantly however, we REALLY want to know what happened to the large fortune that was taken from him by Jack, the leader of the white supremacists. When attempting to bargain for his life, Jack teases the location of the millions of dollars they’ve hidden away. Unfortunately, Jack takes the info to his grave, which is really too bad as Jesse really could’ve used it in El Camino.

#2: What Saul’s Up To

Thanks to the spin-off prequel series that Saul Goodman received, fans have gotten to know the criminally-inclined lawyer quite well. Now that we’ve had multiple seasons of Saul-centric stories however, his fate at the end of “Breaking Bad” has gained even more significance. Like Walt and Jesse, he sought the services of Ed Galbraith to help him go into hiding. Last we saw him, Saul was headed for Nebraska, but if we’ve learned anything from his prequel series, it’s that Saul seems incapable of keeping his nose clean. Is he really living the quiet life? We doubt it! But sadly El Camino didn’t us the chance to catch up with him. Here’s hoping that “Better Call Saul” eventually gives us a glimpse into his future.

#1: The Contents of Jesse's Letter to Brock

Focusing almost exclusively on Jesse’s life, “El Camino” left many a stone unturned in terms of lingering questions from the series. Be that as it may, it also added a new mystery to Vince Gilligan’s television universe in the form of a letter. When Jesse finally makes it to Alaska, he hands Ed Galbraith an envelope. The latter reads its contents, presumably to make sure that it doesn’t incriminate him or reveal Jesse’s whereabouts. Though we don’t see the letter itself, we do see that it’s addressed to Brock Cantillo. Is it a simple apology? Might Jesse be offering to take care of Brock financially in the future to assuage his guilt? The letter clearly means a lot to Jesse, but for now, all we can do is guess.